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Since 1934, Danner Manufacturing has been selling water pumps, air pumps, and products such as water filters, air filters, swimming pool pumps, pond pumps, fountain pumps, and spa pumps. Danner Manufacturing carries brands including Pondmaster, Hampton Water Gardens, ProLine, Supreme Hydroponics, Aq ... Read More ua-Supreme, Supreme, The Fountain Pump, Cover-Care, Click and Grow, Dynamaster, and Magnetic-Drive. Pondmaster, the most popular brand, offers a variety of pumps including fountain pumps, magnetically driven pumps, waterfall pumps, air pumps, and pump accessories such as lining underlays, all-purpose nets, pond deicers, water lighting systems, and filters. Danner's featured pump is the Danner Pond Skimmer Pump 11.5-foot Shut Off 2550 GPH. The pump has a continuous-duty design for moving large volumes of water silently and efficiently. The Danner Pond Skimmer Pump works well through filtration systems, waterfalls, streams, or fountains. The small size easily fits into any skimmer.

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Danner Manufacturing, Inc.
160 Oval Dr.
Islandia, NY 11749-1489
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