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This amazing 3 stage knife sharpening tool makes it easier to sharpen straight-edge and ceramic knives quickly and effectively (no... serrated knives)These specially designed sharpening slots gives you the power to sharpen and hone dull knives in no time... read more


Battery powered, this electric knife sharpener is the perfect solution for at-home sharpening and refreshing of your ceramic and s...teel kitchen knives. Ideal for Kyocera Ceramic knives, the diamond grinding stone can take up to .5mm nicks off a blade, achieving a 35-degree angle. A convenient knife guide slot and assist roller allow for a user-friendly and controlled sharpening of the blade. This sharpener can be used on ceramic or metal knives. It’s easy to clean since cover and grinding stone unit is separate. ( Not recommended for the following Kyocera knives: KT-075-HIP-D, KT-200-HIP-D, FK-125N WH, or BK FK-181 WH or BK ). read more

Miu France

MIU France was established in 1985.-- For over 15 years, the MIU team has been manufacturing kitchenware products for the gourmet ...kitchenware industry.-Our team has extensive knowledge and know-how on new product design, market demand, mass production... read more

$65.00 $49.99

Plastic and ceramic construction. Diamond roller for basic grinding. Ceramic roller for fine honing. Silicone nubs prevent slippin...g during use. Hand guard ensures safe use. Wipe clean. Restore every knife in your drawer or block to like-new sharpness with the Miyabi Handheld Knife Sharpener. This two-stage sharpener uses a diamond rough-grinding roller to remove nicks and other signs of wear, and a ceramic fine-sharpening roller to perfectly hone edges. Silicone nubs on the bottom of the sharpener prevent slipping to ensure safety. read more

$65.00 $49.99

Plastic and ceramic construction. Diamond roller for basic grinding. Ceramic roller for fine honing. Silicone nubs prevent slippin...g during use. Hand guard ensures safe use. Wipe clean. Restore every knife in your drawer or block to like-new sharpness with the Miyabi Handheld Knife Sharpener. This two-stage sharpener uses a diamond rough-grinding roller to remove nicks and other signs of wear, and a ceramic fine-sharpening roller to perfectly hone edges. Silicone nubs on the bottom of the sharpener prevent slipping to ensure safety. read more


The interlocking ceramic abrasive wheels of this knife sharpener sharpen both sides of the knife blade at the same time to a facto...ry machined edge. The manual feature includes ceramic stones for final edge honing for straight and serrated blades. read more


This battery-operated electric knife sharpener allows you to refresh and resharpen the cutting edge of dull Kyocera ceramic knives.... Features an industrial diamond grinding stone, convenient knife guide slot and assist roller for easy operation. read more

M.C. Cutlery

When it comes to sharpening and keeping a knife sharp, M. C. Cutlery is the brand you trust. Manufactured in Germany using only th...e highest quality materials, the M. C. Cutlery name is trusted by professionals world-wide. read more


A super-efficient easy to use knife sharpener featuring a durable diamond wheel that will refresh the sharpness of steel knives an...d Kyocera ceramic knives. The #1000 grit diamond wheel is the strength of the knife sharpener, providing excellent wear resistance and consistent results every time. This sharpener can be used on ceramic or metal knives. Care & use: hold the sharpener on a flat level surface-put the knife blade in the slot and lightly pull backwards only several times for the best results-rinse thoroughly after each use. Note: not for use on serrated blades. read more


Description: 3-stage knife sharpener keeps your entire steel razor sharp for daily use. Ergonomic design and non-slip base make it... comfortable and safe to use. Works efficiently with ideal rod angles. 3-in-1 Sharpening Mechanism Diamond grinding wheel... read more

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation

Features :Powerful Diamond Grinding WheelQuick and simple solution for sharpening both Kyocera ceramic and steel knivesUser-friend...ly knife guide and roller assist for precision controlled sharpeningGrinding dust is completely contained within the... read more

Cooks Standard
$34.49 $31.04

Keep your favorite knives sharp with this Cooks Standard professional ceramic knife sharpener. The rod is long enough to give you ...proper surface area for all of your blades and is made of high quality alumina ceramic. Blade material: Ceramic Blade... read more


The blade sharpener for Sharp is a compact, professional grade motorized sharpening stone. It can sharpen any kind of blades inclu...ding knives, scissors, garden shears and more. Simply turn it on and slide the blade through. read more

Cooks Standard
$34.49 $31.04

Keep your favorite knives sharp with this Cooks Standard professional ceramic knife sharpener. The rod is long enough to give you ...proper surface area for all of your blades and is made of high quality alumina ceramic. Blade material: Ceramic Blade... read more

$39.95 $38.61

Kyocera’s battery powered diamond wheel knife sharpener is the perfect solution for quick, powerful and easy at-home sharpening of... both Kyocera ceramic and steel knives. The diamond grinding wheel can remove ceramic chips up to .5mm deep refreshing a dull ceramic blade back to a smooth sharp edge. A convenient user-friendly knife guide slot, as well as an assist roller system provides precision controlled sharpening of the blade. Grinding dust is contained in a safety covered grinding compartment. For right handed use only. read more

$21.98 $9.99

2 Stages handle household knife sharpener Unique sharpening two-stage wheel designConvenient tool back and forth grinding

Mac Knife USA

Product Feature: LB Only hones and does not sharpen Ceramic honing rods are a very hard material and have a much finer grit which ...obtains faster and better results Produces a fine edge Hand wash is recommended Not dishwasher safe Apporximately... read more

$48.05 $47.98

Being used in family and restaurant kitchens all over the world, the Westmark knife sharpener has been a favorite among many. Thes...e customers rave about Westmark's knife sharpener because of its high quality construction. You can call this tool a knife sharpener, knife sharpeners, sharpen knife, ceramic knife sharpener or kitchen knife sharpener, the point is this tool gets the job done! Features: Outstanding surface finish . Excellent stability of profiles and edges . Great wear resistance . Extreme hardness (almost diamante-hard) . Sharp, even grinding pattern . About the brand: highest quality with trend and tradition Westmark of Germany is well known for its quality craftsmanship of kitchen gadgets. Westmark has been making reliable kitchen products for over 50 years. As a specialized and reliable partner Westmark offers a wide range of practical and uncomplicated kitchen products designed to make cooking and life in the kitchen easier. For traditional reasons, Westmark produces most of their products in elspe, Germany. read more


Keep your culinary edge with the Kyocera knife sharpener. The diamond wheel grinding stone can take up to 0.5mm nicks off your cer...amic blades. And, the convenient knife-guide slot and assist roller allow for a user-friendly and controlled sharpening, achieving a 35 degree angle. Plus, it's a snap to clean. From Kyocera. read more


Product features: 1.Applicable to kitchen knives of various materials and ceramic knives. 2.For ceramic knives,best results and fa...st. 3.Diamond and ceramic material guarantee high sfficiencry and fine sharpening result. 4.Accurate angle guide and... read more


Keep your ceramic and metal knives razor-sharp with this easy-to-use sharpener that combines the ease of electrical sharpening wit...h manual honing for perfect results every time. The three-stage diamond sharpening process sharpens the edge to perfection with minimal metal removal, further helping extend the life of fine knives. Unit also features flexible spring guides to provide accurate control of the sharpening angle, for the thickest or thinnest knife blades, ensuring ultra-sharp edges quickly and easily. read more

Chef's Choice
$252.00 $165.99

CCE1216 Features Revolutionary sharpener for both ceramic and steel knives Astonishingly sharp edges for kitchen, household, fish ...filet, pocket and serrated knives - ceramic or metal blades 3 Stages: Advanced diamond abrasive technology sharpens knives... read more

$5.95 $5.65

Product Info Features: -Crossed black Tungsten blades provide coarseedge sharpening-Crossed white ceramic rods deliver razor sharp... fine edge sharpening angles.TheSiliSlick Portable Knife Sharpener is the ultimate knife sharpening tool for any knife owner. It is small and portable, easily fitting in the palm of your hand. The two crossed slots on either side provide specific sharpening gradients depending on the state of the blade. On the sides, slotted handles allow you to hold the sharpener firmly in place, and rubber covers on the top and bottom give you the option of placing it down on a surface for more precise blade maintenance.A few strokes through the Tungsten cross will prime a dull blade for further use. Start with that if your blade needs serious sharpening. The ceramic cross on the other side is perfect for fine tuning and maintenance of sharp blades, and will finish the job the Tungsten cross started to finish with a razor sharp edge.Get yours today to keep yourSiliSlick knives sharp and efficient! read more

$25.88 $25.83

It is a ceramic bit sharpening tool. It is designed to gently sharpen stainless steel knives. It is also used to restore the norma...l cutting capacity of the knives. read more


ZWEISSEN is all about precision professional quality kitchen tools designed for home use and delivered at great value. The ZWEISSE...N Ceramica is a high-tech take on the traditional stainless-steel rod sharpener, using the finest abrasives available to sharpen and re-align blades to their maximum potential. The shaft is coated with 1000 grit ceramic, which has an extra-fine texture and high hardness rating- these qualities make the Ceramica perfect for blades that feature a fine edge (such as German or Asian knives). Inside the ceramic skin is a steel core, which makes for a strong, sturdy construction that will last longer than hollow-core ceramic sharpeners. The sharpening surface is a full 12" long, making it ideal for knives of any size. Ceramic sharpeners are regarded as superior to diamond coated steel because of their high grit and fine surface. The ceramic cut is a cleaner process, with the final edge more refined than that rougher steel finish. This is especially true for new blades that don't require aggressive sharpening surfaces to restore their edge. Do note that the Ceramica is intended for stainless steel knives. Finally, you will notice that the textured handle makes Ceramica easy and safe to hold, and the base has a hook for easy storage when not in use. Additionally, a steel plate at the top of the handle acts as a handguard should the blade you're sharpening slip. The ZWEISSEN Ceramica is a professional tool for home kitchen use. You will certainly notice the difference in both sharpness and lifespan of your knives! read more

IMPCU Deglon

Features :Aperture: 5.25-inch - Diameter: 7.25-inch - Height: 5.25-inchLED Light Bulb120 volt lightsInterior Wet|Title 24 Installa...tionRecessed hardware for baby's protectionToddler conversion rail includedNon-toxic finishRocking recliner that manual... read more


Sharp N Easy, 2-Step Ceramic Knife Sharpener, Innovative Tool That Everyone Can Use, Ceramic Rods Are Dark For Coarse & White For ...Fine, Exactly What You Need To Care For & Maintain Your Blades, 2 Stages Allow For The Proper Angle Every Time By Having... read more


This Sabatier 8-Inch Ceramic Sharpener is excellent for metal-based knifes, scissors and other cutting tools. The industrial stren...gth of ceramic creates one of the best preventative maintenance tools possible to keep your knives sharp. It is unbreakable, wear-resistant, lightweight, nonporous and will never rust. The ergonomic handle is designed to provide a secure grip. read more

$13.98 $9.91

The most versatile of the pull-thru knife sharpeners available from KitchenIQ is the Carbide / Ceramic Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener. ...This sharpener uses pre-set carbide blades and crossed ceramic stones to bring your knife's blade to razor sharpness. The triangular shaped ceramic stones can be used on either straight or serrated edges. Like the other pull-thru sharpeners, it has an ergonomically designed, soft grip and non-slip rubber feet for comfort and steadiness when sharpening. This unit works best when trying to sharpen very dull or damaged blades to razor sharpness, but can also be used to maintain the edge on already sharp knives. read more

$42.99 $23.96

. Hones and realigns cutting edge. Removable rubber cap to protect a support surface from scratch as well as to reduce chipping an...d nicking when drops. Soft grip handle for comfort. Oversized hand guard for safety. Loop on the handle for hanging. read more

$7.88 $6.04

Features Small portable use only 2.5 inches Sharpen any blade. Great for kitchen knives, hunting knives, lawnmowers. Vituaully any... blade! Extremely easy to use! Take them anywhere! read more

$89.95 $69.95

Maintain the razor edge of your Global knives with this efficient manual sharpener from Japan. Its coarse and fine wheels hone the... blade to razor sharpness in stages, while a water slurry keeps the blade and wheels clean during operation. Manual... read more

$99.99 $99.93

50141 Features: -Electric sharpener.-Interlocking ceramic wheels sharpen both sides of the blade at once.-Triangular shaped cerami...c stones provide final edge honing.-Carbide blades for setting the initial edge of the knife.-Rubber hand grip.-Non slip rubber feet.-Clean out slot under machine. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 4.51'' H x 8.72'' W x 6.13'' D. read more


Specially shaped ceramic stones for a razor-sharp finish.Reversible and replaceable for extended sharpening life.Tapered round dia...mond-coated rod for sharpening serrated and standard edges.Compact, lightweight, durable, an integrated lanyard hole makes... read more


Designed for use with Kai wide and reversed-scallop serrated knives, the Kai Serrated Knife Sharpener keeps your knives sharp and ...ready for use with the ease of pull-through design. Simply pull the knife through the slot, and it sharpens. read more


Keep your kitchen cutting tools sharp and on point with the 107H Ceramic Knife Sharpener from SHARPAL. Lightweight and wear-resist...ant, this impressive tool features a high-grade ceramic construction for a long-lasting performance. read more

$89.50 $74.61

For quick edge touch-ups and restoring factory edges. Features slip-resistant, easy-to-clean polyproplene handles with protective ...finger guard. Designed to remove steel from the blade to restore a super-sharp feather edge to the knife. Utensils Type:... read more


Kyocera has used its ceramics expertise to create the perfect steel knife sharpener. The Kyocera Steel Knife Sharpener features a ...highly efficient ceramic grinding wheel for honing non-serrated steel blades to perfection. This patented ceramic rotary stone offers the greatest wear resistance available on the market, providing a consistent razor-sharp edge every time. Kyocera’s durable ceramic is second only to diamonds in hardness, and will refresh metal cutlery for improved cutting performance. The Kyocera Steel Knife Sharpener is designed for right- or left-hand use and includes a guide slot to keep the knife fixed at the optimum angle. To remove the dust residue produced during the sharpening, simply rinse the wheel underneath running water. read more

$18.95 $11.37

The Spyderco Ceramic Knife Sharpening Triangle File is great for jewelers, gunsmiths and dental professionals who require and easy... way to make sure their tools remain sharp and in perfect working order. This Knife Sharpener from the product experts at... read more

MIU France
$49.39 $39.79

MIU France has been in development for three years with Japanese engineers to produce the only knife sharpener designed specifical...ly for ceramic knives. The MIU France ceramic knife sharpener has a diamond sharpening wheel set at an angle for sharpening all ceramic knives. Although this sharpener can sharpen your steel knives, for best results we recommend this sharpener be used mostly for sharpening your ceramic knives. The ergonomically designed handle provides comfort and stability while the safety cover keeps dust contained. Item #94035 read more


Norpro's red 2-step ceramic knife sharpener. Easily rough grind, then fine grind blades for ultimate sharpness. Available in red.

Kitchen IQ

Interlocking ceramic wheels sharpen both sides of the blade simultaneouslyTriangular shaped ceramic stones for final edge honingCa...rbide blades for setting the initial edgeVersatile sharpens asian, european and american double beveled straight edge... read more

Cooks Standard

What's in box: Cooks Standard Professional Ceramic Knife Sharpener 12-inch/30cm,This professional sharpening rod is made of high q...uality ceramic consist of Alumina, which is much harder than regular steel, so, ceramic is wear resistant, light in weight and will never rust. read more


Introducing, the first electric sharpener to feature Extra Fine Interlocking alumina ceramic wheels that provide superior edge pro...ducing capabilities while removing minimal material from the knife's edge. Compared to diamond, or synthetic abrasives, ceramics product a smoother and sharper edge while removing little metal, extending the life of the knife. This means that the electric sharpening feature can be used for even light touch-ups of an already sharp knife. The unit's features include interlocking ceramic wheels for fast and precise sharpening of both sides of the knife blade at the same time, and two manual finishing slots. One manual slot offers carbide blades to use for setting the initial edge on the knife to match sharpening angle of the ceramic wheels. The other manual slot consists of triangular shaped ceramic stones that are designed to follow the shape of a serrated knife and ensure consistent sharpening. The stones can also be used to polish a freshly ground edge on straight knives. The unit assures equal treatment of both sides of the knife blade and incorporates a retractable scissors sharpener. read more

Ultimate Survival Technologies
$30.99 $4.34

The Ultimate Survival Technologies Ceramic Knife Sharpener makes it easy to make sure all your blades have a keen edge. It works i...n two stages, with a coarse side to repair damage to a knife or to create a rough edge, as well as a ceramic side to... read more

McGowan Manufacturing

MCG1008 Features The broad head wrench includes double the thumb grip Overlapping high quality ceramic stones for easy sharpening ...Sharpens both sides of the cutting edges simultaneous Gives hollow ground, super sharp and smooth edge Available with... read more

$235.00 $179.95

Special Offer: Receive a $25 Willliams Sonoma Gift Card with your purchase of Chef'sChoice(R) products.Print Coupon Keep all of yo...ur ceramic and steel knives in factory-sharp condition with one sharpener. The electric Chef'sChoice 700 includes a slot... read more

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