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Steaming is a fast and easy way to cook delicious vegetables while retaining their color and nutrients. Steamers come in a variety of types and styles. Decide if you want to control the cooking duration or set a timer to do it for you. Vegetables can easily become soggy and overcooked when steaming; a timed method is a surefire way to have crisp-cooked vegetables with your meals.

Types of Pots & Steamers

Types of Pots & Steamers

A steamer is a relatively fast cooking method. Food is placed in a steamer basket, set over boiling water, and covered. Steam from the boiling water cooks the food -- usually vegetables -- while helping to retain color and nutrients. Electric and microwave steamers come with cooking guides so the steam time can be set and the machine does the rest. A steamer basket is just as easy but requires the cook to pay attention to cooking time for perfectly steamed foods.

Steamer Baskets

A stainless-steel steamer basket fits into a bigger vessel and keeps moisture in with a lid that fits the pot. Very little water is required to steam foods. Some basket styles have adjustable sides to fit a variety of pot sizes. The steam time needs to be monitored for perfect vegetable doneness with this type.

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$30.00 $19.99

Revere 2-qt. Stainless Steel Steamer Basket. Steaming vegetables is the next best thing to serving them fresh. When you steam vegg...ies in this beautiful Revere steamer basket, they retain much of their nutritional value. They also cook quickly and are never mushy like their boiled counterparts. 8.6-in. x 3.0-in. x 8.5-in. 2-qt. capacity Copper Confidence Core tri-ply encapsulated base - quicker and more even heating helps start cooking up to 50% faster read more


Iron & Steamer - The Ragalta PureLife 4 QT Asparagus Pot with Steamer Basket is a wonderful addition for today's versatile kitchen...s. Highest-quality stainless steel construction for durability and fast cleaning. Steel-wire insert basket that holds stalks upright and drains quickly. Its Heavy gauge, stay cool handles and knobs are ergonomically designed for easy handling and stability.*Shipped by the manufacturer.Features:* Tempered glass lid that allow easy viewing while cooking* Vent that allows release of excess steam to keep glass clear* Sandwiched bottom with thick aluminum disc for even heat distribution and no hot spots* Induction Compatible read more

$35.00 $19.99

Dimensions: 7 diam. x 6H in.. Eco-friendly bamboo construction. Hand wash recommended. Cook foods without losing any flavor. Steam... different foods at the same time with a layered design. Weaved design spreads the steam out evenly. The BergHOFF Bamboo Steamer makes steaming your foods amazingly simple. This sleek steamer is crafted of eco-friendly bamboo that ensures your food is thoroughly cooked without losing its sumptuous flavor. The layered design lets you steam an assortment of foods at once, and the weaved texture helps to spread the steam evenly throughout for delicious results. read more

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$39.89 $27.99

This aluminum steamer basket is use for seafood, vegetables or deep fried turkey. It is healthier alternative to vegetables cooked... in oil or butter. Provides more vital nutrients than their conventionally-cooked counterparts, meaning healthier food. Designed to fit inside our aluminum stock pots. Thickness is 1-1/2-mm. Measures 12-3/8-inch diameter by 9-4/9-inch height. Comes with 32-quart capacity. read more

Bamboo Steamers

Generally tiered to accommodate steaming more than one kind of food at a time, this style of steamer is a cooking fundamental in Asian cuisine. Like a steamer basket, it is placed in a cooking vessel with very little water. Because this steamer has a lid, any style of cooking vessel large enough for the steamer to sit in can be used.

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Cookware -Make a whole meal in one pot with our Ceramic Clay Pot with Bamboo Steamer. Cook rice in the high-heat ceramic pot and vegetables, dumplings or meat right on top in the bamboo steamer. It's a versatile and affordable option for preparing a variety of dishes directly on the stovetop and serving in the same pot. Material: , Color:. Also could be used forbaking,bake,bakeware,baking tools,kitchen,kitchen items,kitchen tools,baking pot,donabe steamer,japanese donabe,japanese pot,flameware,stew pot,ceramic pot,ceramic donabe. By Cost Plus World Market.492906 read more

Cost Plus World Market

Cookware -Our classic 10" Bamboo Steamer is a healthy way to heat up your vegetables, pork buns or tender fish while retaining ess...ential vitamins and nutrients. Easy to use and simple to clean, you can create delicious dishes in one steamy step. The lid and slotted bottom work together to keep steam trapped and free-flowing, while the bamboo helps to absorb excess moisture and retains heat. Material: , Color:Natural. Also could be used fordumpling steamer, dumpling steamers, potsticker steamer, potsticker steamers, Asian Cooking, Asian Food, Bamboo, Bamboo Steamer, Electric Steamer, Rice, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Traditional Steamer, Vegetable Cooking. By Cost Plus World Market.424298 read more

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Two part bamboo steamer is the perfect way to enjoy an exotic cuisine Steamer set includes 18 charming dining pieces Diner set fea...tures a striking splash of color Includes: Four 4-inch noodle bowls Four sets of chopsticks Four place mats Four chopstick... read more

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Cookware -Our classic 10" Bamboo Steamer is a healthy way to heat up your vegetables, pork buns or tender fish while retaining ess...ential vitamins and nutrients. Easy to use and simple to clean, you can create delicious dishes in one steamy step. The... read more


Electric steamers manage the steam time for you. These steamers, which look like crock pots, come with a removable pot or bowl for holding the vegetables. Some three-tier steamers include warmers for keeping freshly steamed veggies warm while the rest of the meal is prepared.


Most microwave steamers are plastic, shaped like a cake pan, and include a lid for steaming.

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

Before buying a steamer, think about how often you plan to use it. If you serve cooked fresh vegetables daily, a quality steamer that will last for several years is a good investment. If steaming is a method you use rarely, a less expensive option such as a steamer basket is sufficient. An electric or microwave steamer does have the advantage of freeing up cooktop space.


Many steamer baskets are designed to expand and collapse to fit pots of varying sizes, while others are designed to fit a specific pot. Bamboo steamers come in a couple of sizes and have the advantage of multiple tiers for steaming more than one food type at once. Electric and microwave steamers are fixed in size.


If storage space is limited, consider the simple collapsible basket. Steamers of other varieties are fixed in size, so more storage space is needed.

Material Type

Most basket steamers that fit in a pot for use on the stove top are made of stainless steel or bamboo. Although a stainless-steel basket will look the same use after use, a bamboo steamer will darken with age. Microwave steamers are plastic. Electric steamers come in a variety of material types but commonly have plastic inserts for steaming.

Steaming Process

Cook times and water amounts vary based on size, quantity, and type of food. Look for cooking guides with each product.

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$150.00 $99.99

Versatile and oversized for maximum output, this high-performance pot with professional-grade construction features a durable, hea...vy-gauge stainless steel interior and extra-thick aluminum core that extends from the bottom all the way up the sides for... read more

$150.00 $99.95

A unique modern shape combines a hard-anodized, heavy-gauge aluminum exterior and nonstick interior for even heat conductivity and... easy cleanup. Domed, tempered glass lid has stainless steel rim and ergonomic, stay-cool stainless handle. Versatile... read more

$299.99 $249.99

Designed to be the perfect pot for cooking pasta, blanching vegetables or making stock, this set, handcrafted in Italy, includes a...ll the essentials. The stainless steel pot provides optimal heat distribution, while the colander insert has two sizes of... read more

$150.00 $99.95

A unique contemporary shape in hard-anodized, heavy-gauge aluminum for precision even heating. Versatile saucepan with nonstick fi...nish and steamer basket insert cooks on the stovetop or in the oven, then cleans easily in the dishwasher. Triple-layered... read more

$120.00 $59.95

This stainless cookware is perfect for everyday use with traditional electric or gas ranges, as well as induction cooktops. View a...ll All Clad products All Clad and other Wedding Registry offers \u2022 18/10 stainless steel \u2022 Cast stainless steel... read more

$140.00 $59.99

Cook up hearty servings of pasta or steamed entrees with this large-capacity pasta pot with strainer insert set. Made of stainless... steel, the pot has an aluminum base for even heating with no hot spots and the colander insert makes straining pasta and... read more

Le Creuset
$305.00 $229.95

Now experience the heritage and quality of Le Creuset in new hi-tech, tri-ply cookware that conducts heat so evenly and energy-eff...iciently that only low to medium heat is needed for most cooking. Premium quality stainless steel sandwiches a "total"... read more

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$162.99 $146.69

This commercial quality heavy duty 100 quart stainless steel stock pot is extra large and the stainless steel steamer tray stands ...2.25 inches high so you can steam your favorite seafood or make dozens of tamales. The extra large capacity will also allow home brewers make gallons of their favorite beer recipe. Materials: Stainless steel Surface: Shiny Handle attachment: Double riveted Capacity: 100 quarts Dimensions: 18 inches high x 21 inches in diameter Care instructions: Hand wash Oven-safe to 400-degrees F Includes stainless steel steamer tray and lid Size: Over 12 Quarts. Color: Silver. read more

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Time to shine! Brilliant stainless steel lights up your stovetop and provides a non-reactive, encapsulated impact-bonded base that... heats quickly & evenly for purely professional results, plus with the included glass lid, pasta & steamer inserts, this... read more

$150.00 $79.99

Boil the perfect pot of pasta--an all-around favorite that just got better! Cuisinart's Pasta/Steamer Set includes a 12-quart stoc...k pot with tight fitting cover, convenient self-draining pasta insert and steamer basket for added versatility--use it to... read more

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