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A rotisserie oven cooks meat and poultry slowly for tender and juicy results. Meat is put on a spit and rotates throughout the cooking process; fats and grease fall into a drip tray. From whole chickens to prime rib to seafood, even kabobs, a rotisserie with the right accessories can prepare a variety of mouth-watering foods.

Types of Rotisseries

Types of Rotisseries

A rotisserie looks a bit like a toaster oven, but it’s big enough to cook a whole chicken or turkey. A space-saving variation has the meat placed on a vertical spit rather than a horizontal one. With either kind of rotisserie, the consistent heat and rotating action cause meats to self-baste, which only adds to the delicious flavor.


This design has a spit placed through the food and set horizontally over the heat source. Balance is important for proper rotation.

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These rotisseries are easy to use because the food doesn’t have to be balanced. Food is placed on a vertical spit in front of the heat source. Beyond large meat cuts, vertical rotisseries also work well for smaller items like kabobs.

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

Before buying a rotisserie oven, evaluate how you anticipate using the product. It can take up a lot of counter space, so having one might be impractical if it’s not used a couple of times each week. Buy a sturdy, well-constructed appliance for long-term satisfaction. Factor in easy-cleaning features and interior parts that are dishwasher-safe. Consider the size of meats the rotisserie can tolerate, the extra accessories that come with the model, and the ability to adjust the temperature for varying meat sizes.


Some can handle only a single chicken, while others are big enough to handle multiple chickens or large roasts. Choose one based on how much you cook at a time.


Most ovens are designed to cook with convection or radiant heat. With some, the heat flows around the meat instead of the meat rotating in front of stationary heat.

Temperature controls

Rotisseries that let you set the temperature by degrees give you greater flexibility to accommodate for varying meat and poultry sizes. That way, you’re not limited to using the cook times in the machine’s recipe booklet, and you’ll expand your range of rotisserie-cooked meals.


Some models have a single spit, while others offer multiple spits. Multiple spits make it easier to cook smaller meat cuts at the same time, so opt for this if you plan to cook more than single birds and large roasts.


Some models have a timer. This feature is helpful if you cook the same foods often and know exactly how long they take to reach a specific doneness.


In addition to a basic spit, look for accessories such as skewers for kabobs, a roasting rack, and an all-purpose basket for enclosing delicate seafood like salmon or halibut. These tools will broaden your rotisserie repertoire.

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