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A good set of knives is like a good tool set for the kitchen. You'll want the basic knives and a few extras for everyday use. Knives are the backbone of food prep, so be sure yours are sharp and easily accessible for a productive time of slicing and dicing.

Types of Kitchen Knives

Types of Kitchen Knives

Knowing your knife choices is important before buying. Do an inventory of all your knives to determine what you're missing and where you need to fill in. Each knife has a role in your cutlery set, so here's a brief tutorial.

Paring Knife

Typically the smallest knife in a collection, a paring knife has a 3- to 4-inch blade. It's ideal for peeling and coring foods such as apples.

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Home Essentials
$84.86 $65.35

Ideal for peeling or cutting fruit and vegetables, this 2-piece Stainless Steel Paring Knife Set is a kitchen necessity! Easy to design features super sharp blades with durable plastic handles. Each knife measures approximately 6.5" long. Comes in... read more

Rada Cutlery

The All Star Paring Gift Set includes all our paring knives. This includes: The Granny Paring, Peeling Paring, Regular Paring, Ser...rated Regular Paring, Heavy Duty Paring and the Super Pare. You will find that you can cut, peel and slice with this... read more

IVO Cutlery

IVOC1017 Features Beautiful Cork handles with very soft grip German steel and advanced technological methodology are combined with... a century of pride in the art of knife manufacturing at IVO Cutlery, resulting in superior cutting tools for each and... read more

Tomato Knife

Ideal for slicing juicy, ripe tomatoes, this serrated utility knife can also be used for cutting other soft fruits.

shop Tomato Knife
$24.49 $23.00

Deglon's 8-inch offset tomato knife is simply marvelous. In the 1930's jean Deglon created halfround teeth and his famous bread kn...ife. An idea which started a trend. Thanks to a specific machining process, this knife's blade offers an extraordinary quality of cut and efficiency that is acknowledged throughout the world. It features superior balance, a high quality cutting edge, a black wood handle that's attached to the tang with 2 rivets. It has a long life cutting edge and it's dishwasher safe. Made in thiers, france, the cradle of the french knife making industry. Deglon started making their knives in thiers in 1921 and they're still there. The art of the master cutlery maker has been handed down from one Deglon generation to the next. Their products are meticulously designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail and precision. Deglon's utensils are useful, practical, sturdy and innovative. At Deglon, every knife is created with the utmost attention to functionality and detail; Deglon makes precise, beautiful, and reliable tools. They stand behind all of their products. Each knife comes with a life time guarantee against any fault of fabrication (within the bounds of a normal use of the tool). read more


Lightweight, seamless and perfectly balanced, this premium knife boasts an elegant, one-piece design made of ice-tempered CROMOVA ...18 stainless steel. Cutlery also features a thin, razor-sharp blade that keeps its edge well and is easy to maintain. read more


The Wusthof Classic 5-Inch Tomato Knife is forged from a single piece of high-carbon, German stainless steel. Fully balanced and p...recision ground for cutting ease, its seamless triple-riveted handle features a full tang. read more

Chef's Knife

The most intimidating of a knife set, a chef's knife is an all-purpose tool for slicing and dicing. Chef's knives come in blade lengths ranging from 6 to 12 inches.

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Chef's Choice

CCE1002 Features For straight edge and serrated blades 3-stage sharpener precision angle control 100pct diamond abrasives in Stage...s 1 and 2 Unique stropping and polishing Stage 3, for hairsplitting sharpness EdgeSelect allows choice of optimum edges... read more

Chef's Choice

CCE1002 Features For straight edge and serrated blades 3-stage sharpener precision angle control 100pct diamond abrasives in Stage...s 1 and 2 Unique stropping and polishing Stage 3, for hairsplitting sharpness EdgeSelect allows choice of optimum edges... read more

Chef's Choice
$178.99 $178.49

Featuring an elegant design with three sharpening stages and precision knife guides, it will easily sharpen virtually all kitchen,... household, fish fillet and pocket knives-ceramic or metal. The Model 700 is the ultimate, affordable, in home solution for sharpening ceramic knives with a precision that equals the highest quality factory edges! Using advanced diamond abrasive technology and precision guides, it will remove most chipped edges and restore a professional and superior factory grade edge that is razor sharp. How It Works: Incorporating multi-stages, highly precise angle controls and the advanced Diamond Hone technology that has made Chef's Choice sharpeners world renowned and the choice of leading chefs worldwide, the Model 700 sharpener creates an arch-shaped edge that is widely recognized for astonishing sharpness and durability. This arch-edge structure is known to be stronger and longer lasting than hollow ground or conventional "V" type edges. To sharpen steel knives of any alloy, Stages 1 and 3 are used. To sharpen ceramic knives, Stages 2 and 3 are used. The initial stages are specifically designed to sharpen and hone the edge while the subsequent stage polishes the edge for a super sharp, precision edge geometry that is longer-lasting. read more

Chef's Choice
$248.29 $140.04

The Chef's Choice 120 Diamond Hone Edge Select Plus Black Knife Sharpener is a three-stage diamond abrasive sharpener with commerc...ial grade power and customizable Trizor-Plus edge technology. The 120 grinds and sharpens a dual-bevel, arch-shaped edge... read more

Serrated or Bread Knife

Featuring a serrated blade, this knife is designed to easily cut through the hard crust of European-style bread without squashing the loaf.

shop Serrated or Bread Knife

Electric Knife with Bread Knife: Precise cut 7.75" carving blade slices meat for perfectly cut thin, medium or thick slices Long 7....75" bread blade delicately cuts through bread for even slices without deforming or flattening the bread Lightweight and... read more

A Cut Above Cutlery

ACUT1003 Features Slice soft bread, hard rolls, bagels, cake and more with ease with the 8” bread knife Comfortable and balanced i...n your hand, the precision engineered handle helps to reduces fatigue in the kitchen Full tang high quality 3Cr13... read more

Chef Works

The Dragon Series of knives are handcrafted in Seki, Japan by Yaxell, one of the leading knife manufacturers since 1932. The blade...s are constructed of one-piece High-Grade American BD1N Nitrogen Steel by Carpenter Technologies, hardened to HRC63. The... read more



Boning Knife

A boning knife is best suited for cutting around and removing the bone in a cut of meat.

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Pfeilring Germany
$48.67 $46.24

Pfeilring's classic pro series features polypropylene triple-riveted handles with a full tang and are perfectly balanced for great... handling Ÿthe boning knifes distinctive tapered tip makes it easy to separate meat from bone without puncturing the flesh unnecessarily , ŸŸŸŸ- Precision-forged from high carbon German steel. Ÿ- Skillfully honed cutting edge . - ŸMade in Solingen, Germany - the city of blades. Ÿ- Corrosion-resistant . Ÿ- Hand wash recommended . read more

Mac Knife
$48.25 $42.95

This boning knife has an oversized handle that allows standard grip or reverse grip. The blade's shape allows you to easily work a...round bones. Comes with sheath. read more

Mac Knife
$115.08 $114.95

This is a traditional Japanese-style boning knife/cleaver is best used for chicken or fish. The thick blade allows to cut through ...joints or small fish bones. Mac knives are Known as some of the sharpest knives, They have razor-like edges for effortless slicing, they are hard so they stay sharp longer, One slice with MAC knives and you will experience for yourself a new definition of sharpness, nicely balanced and are a good value. read more

Mac Knife
$49.95 $48.22

The handle shape on this knife maximizes grip when working in slippery conditions. The oversized handle allows standard and revers...e grip. read more

Santoku Knife

A santoku knife is a Japanese-style knife with a thinner blade than a chef's knife and cuts easily through some of the denser vegetables. A key feature is the blade's Granton edge pattern (scalloped) that adds to its style and helps release thin slices after cutting.

shop Santoku Knife

Perfect for the most discerning home or professional chef, HomeToolz™ signature black ceramic cutlery will never rust, inhibits ba...cteria growth, and does not transfer metal irons to fruits and vegetables during use. read more


This superior cutlery is hand-forged from premium quality high carbon, no-stain German steel, and features a sleek, ergonomically ...contoured grip handle. The full tang design provides better balance and superior strength. read more


Enjoy the versatility of Santoku knives with this stainless steel knife. The ergonomic handle helps you stay safe while prepping f...ood quickly, and the large blade offers plenty of weight to make chopping fast. Scalloping along both sides helps keep... read more


Enjoy the versatility of Santoku knives with this stainless steel knife. The ergonomic handle helps you stay safe while prepping f...ood quickly, and the large blade offers plenty of weight to make chopping fast. Scalloping along both sides helps keep... read more

Steak Knife

A set of steak knives rounds out the list of essential kitchen knives. If you typically entertain more than six people, then a set of a dozen steak knives will be useful.

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World Tableware

Beef steak knife is 10 inches long. Steak knife features polypropylene black handle. Plastic handled steak knife features rounded ...tip. Steak knife comes in a case of 1 dozen. read more

French Home

This French Home set of four Laguiole steak knives with rosewood handles have superb cutting blades that cut through steak with The knives feature fully tanged blades which are substantially thicker than other Laguiole knives on the market. The... read more


With a choice of either blue or green, these ergonomic rounded handle steak knives from Miu come full tang for a comfortable, bala...nced grip. French-inspired, these well constructed sharp serrated blades are smooth for cutting and durable for everyday... read more

$349.00 $199.95

From one of the most respected names in cutlery, these classic steak knives feature strong, long-lasting blades that will hold edge and maintain their shape. High-impact synthetic handles are comfortable to hold and more durable and sanitary than wood. Since 1814, this family business has manufactured their fine cutlery in two state-of-the-art facilities in Solingen, Germany. This set of four steak knives is packaged in a handsome presentation/storage box. Mail-In Rebate Spend $250 or more on Wusthof products and mail in this certificate to receive a Crate and Barrel Gift Card for $25. Ends December 31. Wusthof and other Wedding Registry offers View all Wusthof products • Forged of high-carbon steel • Blades have a 14-degree edge angle • Triple-riveted polypropylene handles • Hand wash • Presentation/storage box included • Made in Germany read more

Other Knives

Cake knives, bread knives, carving knives, and additional paring knives are all valuable additions to think about for your kitchen, depending on how much you use your basics.

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

When buying kitchen knives, think about how much you use your knives and whether you have a favorite. If you have one knife you go back to, that likely means you need more of the same in varying sizes. If you're planning to make a significant investment in knives, you'll want to be sure to maintain them with proper cleaning, storage, and sharpening.


Buying a cutlery set with the basics is a good starting point. Once you're familiar with all the knives in the set, adding to it with different sizes or types of knives is a good idea. Buying knives a la carte is a great way to shop and will expose you to how each product performs, so next time you buy you can stick with a brand that works well for you.


High-carbon stainless-steel blades are a must when choosing knives. The quality of steel will go up with price.


Knife blades are made using one of two methods: stamping or forging. Stamped blades are punched from a sheet of steel, while forged knives are made using a technique of heating a thick steel piece and pounding it with a hammer into shape.


Choose knives that feel balanced and comfortable in your hand. Beveled, curved, or rounded handles all have a different feel, so make sure you hold a knife before buying so it's well suited for your grip.


The overall construction of the knife will dictate its durability. If the blade is full tang, extending from the tip to the end of the handle, it increases the overall durability of the knife.


Many cutlery sets come with a wood block for storing the knives in the set. As you buy individual knives, a blade guard to protect it and you from mishaps is an important item to add to your purchase. Guards are available in rubberized, plastic, and polypropylene materials.


The price of a knife generally reflects what you are getting. Because the process of forging is more involved and the edge of the knife will typically hold longer, forged knives are generally more expensive than stamped knives. The material of the handle is usually reflected in the price as well.

Kitchen on sale

$409.49 $144.75

Coaster Butcher Block Kitchen Island: Solid rubber wood butcher block work surface 3 drawers Stemware rack Open storage Wine bottl...e holder read more

Better Homes and Gardens
$17.91 $17.16

The Better Homes and Gardens 6" utility knife is a multi-purpose tool appropriate for many kitchen tasks. This knife is crafted of... stain-proof, high-carbon German steel for more skillful all-around cutting. The steel has been ice hardened to hold its edge longer and provides durable extended performance when it counts most. The contoured handle on this tool makes it comfortable to hold for extended periods of use. While the Better Homes and Gardens multi-purpose knife is dishwasher safe, it is recommended that you hand wash and immediately dry the knife to preserve its finish over years of hard use. If you are looking for a good all around kitchen companion for cooking, this item fits the bill. read more

Better Homes and Gardens
$129.96 $129.10

Better Homes and Gardens 14-Piece Forged Cutlery Block Set:1-Pc. 4" Chef's Paring Knife: All-purpose knife for peeling fruits and ...vegetables or paring, slicing, dicing and chopping smaller foods6-Pc. 5" Steak Knives: Commonly used at the table for dining1-Pc. 6" Utility Knife: Multi-purpose knife appropriate for many kitchen tasks1-Pc. 7" Santoku Knife: Ideal for chopping, dicing and slicing1-Pc. 8" Chef's Knife: Commonly used for cleaning, mincing and chopping1-Pc. 8" Slicer: Delivers perfect and even slices of poultry, beef or ham1-Pc. Sharpening Steel: Used to hone the knife edges1-Pc. Kitchen Shears: Great for snipping herbs and other kitchen tasks1-Pc. 13-Slot hardwood counter block: Provides safe and attractive storage for items within the Forged Cutlery SetStain-free, high-carbon German steel for superior cutting performanceIce-hardened and fully tapered blades provide unrivaled strength and durabilityFull-tang, forged construction delivers exceptional balanceContoured polycarbonate handles deliver a firm and comfortable gripDishwasher-safe. However, to preserve the beauty and cutting performance of the Kitchen Knives Set, hand washing is recommended.Lifetime WarrantyForged Cutlery Set model number: 80008/533 read more

Better Homes and Gardens
$23.30 $22.78

The Better Homes and Gardens 7" Santoku Knife is ideal for chopping, dicing, slicing and mincing. This knife is crafted of stain-p...roof, high-carbon German steel for more skillful all-around cutting. It knife features full-tang forged construction for great balance and has a contoured textured handle for a comfortable slip resistant grip. The Granton edge flutes make paper thin slices and prevents food from sticking to the blade. The curved blade on the high-carbon steel knife helps the rocking motion used for chopping, and the wide blade works well for scooping sliced food off a cutting board and for crushing garlic. While this full-tang knife is dishwasher-safe, it is recommended that you hand wash and immediately dry the knife to preserve its finish. read more

Bowery Hill
$1,220.48 $756.45

A Black Square Kitchen Island that is your kitchen storage and food preparation center essential for gourmet food preparation.Butc...her block top2 basket pull out drawersSlat easy access storage base shelf4 utensil hooks, and adjustable glidesIncludes... read more

RQ Home
$79.99 $62.99

RQHM1018 Features Questech metal is a patented metal composite invented by Roger Questel. It has been used to decorate kitchen and... baths for over 20 years. Coated with Q-Seal , a patented scratch-resistant, antibacterial and maintenance free coating.... read more

Catskill Craftsmen
$959.49 $538.49

Classic Catskill Design with Butcher Block TopLarge DrawerSpice Rack and Towel BarLocking CastersAdjustable Interior ShelvesNickel... Plated HardwareSolid Wood Doors, Drawer Parts, Braces, Top and LegsWarp-Resistant Hardwood Veneer Side and Back... read more

Unique Bargains
$38.99 $19.17

3 STAGE Sharpening: Instant correct sharpening angle when you place your knife. Ceramic Slot for ceramic cutters. Coarse Slot for ...dull steel cutter. Fine Slot hones ALL blades to razor sharp EASY and FAST: Just 3 to 4 pulls through the sharpener is all... read more

$1,179.49 $699.00

This Crosley Furniture Butcher Block Top Kitchen Island is a wonderful choice for people who need extra counter space in their kit...chens. This cart also provides an ample amount of extra storage. Constructed of solid hardwood and wood veneers, this... read more

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