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Get into the groove of grilling year-round with the proper tools. You don’t need to be a master chef to be a great griller. And with the right tools, many tasks that go along with grilling are easier. Keep your grilling area clean, prepped, and ready with the right tools for making your backyard barbecue fun.

Types of Grilling Tools

Types of Grilling Tools

When it comes to grilling accessories, you can get carried away. If you love to grill and have a place to store the accessories, go beyond the basics. However, if storage space for your grilling tools is limited, the essentials listed here will keep you fired up and ready for delicious grilled meals.

Stainless-steel tongs

Tongs with extra-long handles help keep your hands away from the flames and let you lift and rotate meats and vegetables with ease.

shop Stainless-steel tongs
$16.70 $15.99

The Superiority of Cuisipro's Patented Push and Pull Locking Mechanism Tongs are one of the most useful tools in the kitchen. They... are essential for picking heavy or light foods without getting your hands dirty or burnt. Tongs are more precise and versatile than your kitchen spatula. However, storing them has always been a problem. Tongs naturally take up a lot of drawer space due to their design. Locking systems in tongs are essential to making them more manageable and storable. For over 10 years, Cuisipro's patented Push and Pull locking mechanism has been revered for its durability and ease-of-use. The heart of Cuisipro's patented locking system is the Pull Mechanism. This Pull Mechanism easily pushes in to unlock the tong and effortlessly pulls out to lock. It's made of durable and sturdy commercial-quality stainless steel. The Pull Mechanisms will last for many years of intensive use. Features Cuisipro's patented locking mechanism makes using tongs a breeze. Easy-to-use: Its simple operation can be performed using just 1 hand; Push to open and pull to lock, it's that easy. Durable: The main locking mechanism is made of 1 solid piece of commercial-quality stainless steel so it is strong and durable. Cleaning: Dishwasher safe Warranty: Every Cuisipro product is backed by a 25 year warranty Cuisipro Locking Tongs Collections include: Wide Variety � a tong for every job Design - able to handle both cooking and serving tasks with ease, available in multiple colors, sizes &materials Construction � commercial-quality stainless steel with non-stick silicone or nylon ends, also available in full stainless steel read more

$5.99 $5.37

Functional Design For Easy Grip And Release, Wide Clam Shell Head Makes It Simple To Grab Even Big Chunks Of Food. Quality Steel Construction, Dishwasher Safe, Can Be A Great Addition To Any Kitchen And Will Be Very Handy For Party Feasts. Package Includes 2 Stainless Steel Tongs. read more


Professional quality tongs Soft comfort grip Gravity action locking mechanism Stainless steel construction 16in Set Includes: 1 Pi...ece Type: BBQ Accessories Material: Stainless Steel read more


Griller's must have tool Soft comfort grip Locking mechanism Easy to clean Stainless Steel 15in L X 2in W X 1.5in H Set Includes: ...1 Piece Type: BBQ Accessories Material: Stainless Steel read more

Outdoor grilling spatula

A grilling spatula has a long handle and a thin-blade turner, and it's designed for use in high temperatures.

shop Outdoor grilling spatula
Grill Daddy

Dimensions: 21.5L x 4.5W x 3.25Hin.. Plastic and stainless steel construction. Rotating heat shield. High temperature hand protect...ion. Premium dishwasher safe steel. Handle stores a meat thermometer. If you've ever wondered why one hand smells like smoke each time you barbeque, it's because you didn't have the Grill Daddy Heat Shield Spatula to keep it protected. This spatula solves that problem, with a rotating heat shield that keeps your hand cool while you flip, squish, and move your fine grillables around over the fire. A meat thermometer is also hidden in the handle, so you can get the perfect cook on everything except your hands. read more

Charcoal Companion

Whether you're cooking them on the grill or on the griddle, grilled cheese sandwiches are a family favorite. This specially-design...ed spatula will help you cook your sandwiches evenly, making flipping a whole sandwich at once as easy as a flick of the wrist! The wide-angled spatula head slides underneath a whole sandwich. The short, strong handle gives you enough leverage for an easy flip. CARE: Not dishwasher safe. Do not soak; do not use abrasive scrubbers. Wait until spatula is cool before cleaning with water and mild dishwashing soap. Periodically apply mineral oil to wooden parts to moisturize. read more

Mr. Bar-B-Q
$17.93 $16.99

Mr. Bar-B-Q Stainless Steel Oversized Spatula. Extra Wide Turner Head. Angled front to pick up food easily. Perfect for pizza.

Barbecue gloves or mitts

Heat- and fire-resistant gloves designed for grilling are often made of leather or cotton, and they may have a rubberized exterior for easy grabbing.

shop Barbecue gloves or mitts

Have You Been Searching for the Perfect Pair of Heat, Oil, Steam and Odor Resistant, Waterproof Oven Mitts? Look no further! You'v...e found a set of two silicone kitchen oven mitts with cotton padded interior for extra comfort while protecting your... read more


With your Cuisinart 3 Piece Grilling Tool Set with Grill Glove you can rule your grill with a stainless steel tong. This set inclu...des all the essential tools for serving up your favorite burgers, steaks, and kabobs. The handles are extra-long and... read more


Arm yourself with the tools you need for a great grilling experience with this three-piece set that includes a grill fork, tongs, ...and a chef's spatula. The set comes with a heat-resistant glove for extra safety. Set Includes: 3 Piece Type: BBQ Tool... read more


Tool Set with Grill Glove: Includes: *One chef's spatula, measures 17.25" L x 3.25" W x 1.25" H *One pair of grill tongs *One gril...l fork Features: *Three piece tool set *Features comfort-grip handles *Bonus protective grill glove *Made of TPE and stainless steel read more

Brass brush

A grill brush with brass bristles will help to scrape off burned meat and other residue on the cooking grates. Use the brush for cleaning the grill rack in between each use. A notched scraper on the end is an added bonus for hard-to-clean grates.

shop Brass brush
Grill Daddy
$15.99 $7.75

Grill Daddy GA12375 replacement scraper brush keeps your grill looking like new. It fits Grill Daddy, Grill Daddy Pro and Grill Da...ddy Platinum. Specially designed stainless steel bristles let you scrape grills clean in minutes. Safe to use on steel, iron and porcelain grills and made of FDA approved materials. Dishwasher safe and removable for easy cleaning. Contains brush and screws. Clamshell packaging protects the parts. read more

Grill Daddy

Grill Daddy GD78293 replacement crud buster keeps your grill looking like new. It fits Grill Daddy, Grill Daddy Pro and Grill Dadd...y Platinum. Specially designed stainless steel bristles let you clean crud from grill parts and grates like a pro. Safe to use on steel, iron and porcelain grills and made of FDA approved materials. Dishwasher safe and removable for easy cleaning. Contains brush and screws. Clamshell packaging protects the parts. read more


Whether you’re oiling pans, spreading BBQ sauces, buttering corn or brushing pastry, you’ll find this basting set indispensabl...e. The BPA-free silicone brush sits conveniently in a drip-proof docking system, so there’s no need to worry about creating a mess on the countertop. Simply fill the glass container, and squeeze the brush to draw liquid up into the handle. Sized perfectly to sit alongside your stove, this handy tool is a health-conscious, waste-minimizing alternative to disposable oil misters. read more

Cost Plus World Market
$7.99 $4.79

Bbq And Grilling -Designed to clean all areas of the barbecue efficiently, our unique grill brush features dual-sided stainless st...eel bristles and a top wire brush for deep grid cleaning. Material: , Color:. Also could be used forbbq,grill,barbecue,barbequing,grilling,grilling accessories,bbq accessories,campgear,cookware,cooking,barbecue accessories,tailgating, entertaining,barbecue tools,bbq tools,grilling on the go,bbq tools,barbecue tools,grilling tools,grilling utensils,accessories,kitchen,kitchen items, barbecue utensils,barbecue cleaner,grill cleaner,grilling brush,barbecue brush. By Cost Plus World Market.491717 read more

Silicone basting brush

A basting brush made of silicone withstands high temperatures, is safe to use with various meats, and is easy to clean.

Grilling thermometer

A grilling thermometer will take the guesswork out of judging the doneness of grilled meats and allow for juicy, flavorful meats to go from grill to table.

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

If you’re just getting started with a new grill and accessories, buying a grilling tool kit is a good idea. That way you will have the essentials and can add other elements as your grilling acumen grows. If you are partial to a particular brand or set of tools, most offer add-ons to their basic collections. Decide if the tools will be stored outside hanging on the grill or enclosed in a case or cabinet, or if you’ll bring them inside after each use. If you’re keeping tools outside, be sure the handle material (such as wood or stainless steel) will endure the weather elements to keep them lasting a long time.

Grilling tool kits

Shop around to learn what’s available in a grilling tool kit in your price range. Know that some grilling tools can be cheap, flimsy, and inadequate for flipping a big hunk of meat. While being economical, also evaluate the purchase in terms of what looks and feels substantial enough to last through a few grilling seasons.


Wood, stainless steel, and rubber are common material options for grilling-tool handles. If you have the opportunity, try holding a couple of tool options to see which grip is most comfortable. Also factor in weather elements and what will endure changing conditions if left outside.


Grilling tools can be huge and intentionally oversized for grilling. The size of your grill and average weight of the meats you grill will determine how big or small your tools should be.

Kitchen on sale

Groupon Goods
$29.99 $12.99

Celebrate loves ones and their passion for BBQ with individual personalized tools or a complete set

$29.99 $19.99

It's not just for lunch…grill anything from omelettes to French toast, even light dinners. Evenly grills two items at a time. Dual... indicator lights prevent over or under cooking. Nonstick cooking plates eliminate the need for added butter or oil. Looks... read more

Tools of the Trade
$34.99 $16.99

Perfect for paninis or searing a succulent steak, this 11 grill pan from Tools of the Trade gives you hard-anodized durability and... lasting non-stick performance. read more

Cooks Tools™
$26.00 $10.40

"Cooks Tools MONSTER Grill Brush. When you're a Grill Master, you'll probably need a MONSTER Grill Brush to clean up the mess! Thi...s grill brush features a scraper and a leverage handle to help with the toughest of messes." read more

Cooks Tools™
$30.00 $11.99

"Cooks Tools Nonstick Adjustable Corn Grilling Basket. Enhance the natural flavors of fresh corn in this easy non-stick grill Just place any size ear of corn in the basket and use the removable handle to place the basket on the grill." read more

Grill Dozer
$22.99 $18.82

Integrated pump system. 3-sided, wedge-shaped brush head. Ergonomic thumb-activated spray trigger. Replaceable brush heads. Dimens...ions: 18L x 5W x 2.5H in.. Scour away the grease and grime from your grill with the Grill Dozer Steam Cleaning Grill... read more

World Market
$7.99 $4.79

Bbq And Grilling -Designed to clean all areas of the barbecue efficiently, our unique grill brush features dual-sided stainless st...eel bristles and a top wire brush for deep grid cleaning. Material: , Color:. Also could be used... read more

World Market
$4.99 $2.99

Bbq And Grilling -Our durable stainless steel skewers are a grilling essential for making satay, kebabs and more directly on the b...arbecue. Grab this affordable set for backyard dinners, camping trips and tailgating. Material: , Color:. Also could be... read more

World Market
$14.99 $8.99

Bbq And Grilling -Master the grill with our extra-large slotted spatula, the perfect backyard BBQ utensil with the surface area to... handle everything from half-pound burgers to large steaks. It's a necessity if you're cooking for a crowd, when... read more

World Market
$5.99 $3.59

Bbq And Grilling -Our exclusive flat skewers are the practical tools for cooking kabobs. They won't roll around on the grill as ca...n happen with round skewers and can be turned easily, allowing for even cooking every time. Material: , Color:. Also could... read more

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