Mops and Brooms Buying Guide

Mops and brooms are two essential cleaning supplies for removing dust, dirt, and other debris from your home. Use this buying guide to help you choose the best mops and brooms for your home's floors.

Types of Mops and Brooms

Types of Mops and Brooms

You can make cleaning a lot easier by selecting the right type of mop or broom for the job. Keep in mind that brooms push dirt and mops collect it. Before heading to the store, think about the type of surface or surfaces you'll be caring for and how much and how large the debris is that you may be sweeping or mopping. Here are the most common types of brooms and mops you can consider.

Wet Mops

This type of mop is used with water to clean up spills. String wet mops are usually made of cotton or cotton blends and feature cut ends (generally less expensive and great for spills) or looped ends (which have a bigger surface area so they can cover more space with each swipe). Sponge mops may be more convenient if you have a small area to clean, because they don't require a separate wringer (most feature a lever and rollers or a metal plate that squeezes water out of the mop).

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Brand New Wet mop. Heavy duty. 4 ply. 100 percent cotton yarn. Looped end with .50 tail band. Resin frame. 1 thick steel handle. 5... grip with swivel hanger tip. Two screws attach resin frame to handle SKU: JNSN33897 sold by GhillieSuitShop read more

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Brand New Features. Economical cut end cotton mop.. Color - White. 1 in. White headband. Dimension - 4 x 6 x 1 in.. Item weight - ...1.75 lbs. SKU: ORGL49942 sold by GhillieSuitShop read more

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Brand New Features. Four-ply premium yarn.. Looped-end design minimizes lint fraying and unraveling.. Durable double-sewn tailband... prevents tangles and provides more floor coverage.. Heavy-duty polyester tape headband.. Made from high-quality fiber..... read more

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Brand New Economical mop for general purpose or one-time floor cleaning. Constructed with absorbent 4-ply cotton. Head Type: Wet M...op, Application: Floor Maintenance, Mop Head Style: Cut End, Mop Head Size: 20 oz. SKU: AZERTY21215 sold by GhillieSuitShop read more

Dust Mops

This type of mop attracts and collects dirt on its surface and is ideal for hardwood floors and other surfaces that are easily scratched. They usually feature a base or frame with a cover made from cotton (which can be treated with a cleaning solution to increase is efficiency) or microfiber. The microfiber covers generally do a better job of attracting and retaining dirt, and they can be washed and reused several times.

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Brand New Features. Dust Pan. 20-Gauge Metal. Baked-on enamel finish. Heavy-duty one-piece construction SKU: ORGL62418 sold by Ghi...llieSuitShop read more

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Brand New Heavy-duty plastic pan is tough and sturdy. Its molded ridges are excellent for broom and counter brush cleaning. It als...o has a fine line edge for maximum pickup. It is deep with a high wall to hold dirt. Material(s): Plastic. Width: 12 .... read more

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Brand New Features. Split tip polypropylene fiber bristles.. Handle in assorted colors. Snap-on angled dust pan attached. SKU: ORG...L67191 sold by GhillieSuitShop read more

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Brand New Features. This mini dust pan set is compact enough to be stored in the kitchen the office or the bathroom. Includes a br...ush and pan. Items nest together for easy storage. Ideal for indoor and outdoor jobs this brush set can easily be cleaned... read more

Steam Mops

Unlike conventional mops that leave floors sopping wet, a steam mop leaves floors clean, dry, and safe. Some models have a trigger that releases hot steam on demand; others produce a steady, continual supply; and yet others offer both. Some steam mops feature cloth pads that can be laundered after each use, while other models have disposable pads, which are convenient but require you to purchase them on a regular basis. Steam mops should only be used on sealed, heat-tolerant floors.

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Brand New Saddle Mop Heads. Material: Rayon. Headband Size: 1-1/4 . Used With: Wingnut Quickway Big Jaw Handles. Mop Size - 32 oz.... SKU: ORSNO19106 sold by GhillieSuitShop read more

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Brand New Features. Premium-quality four-ply cotton/synthetic yarn mop head for high-volume use. Absorbs up to seven times its own... weight. Heavy-duty vinyl headbands. Launder in mesh bag. Use with clamp- or spring grip-style handles. Size - Large.... read more

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Brand New Enables you to clean and maintain your floors in a sweep. Ergonomic and simple to use the Spray Mop is quick to assemble... and refill with the specially developed Bona Tile & Laminate cleaner. Forget filling up a bucket and adding concentrate... read more

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Brand New Features. Color - Blue.. Microfiber Flat Wet Mop With Scrubbing Strips.. Better Cleaning For Grout Line With Scrubbing A...ction.. Wet Mop Has An Additional Layer Of Microfiber For Greater Absorbency.. Durable & Washable.. Use With 54 in.... read more

Indoor Brooms

These brooms can be made with synthetic or natural materials. Brooms made with synthetic fibers—great for all-purpose indoor use—feature bristles that are often densely packed together, allowing them to grab fine dirt and dust particles in addition to larger debris. A broom made with natural fibers, such as straw or corn, can also be used indoors, but it's ideal for sweeping porches and walkways. Natural bristles are rigid and thick, making them better for sweeping and catching larger debris.

Push Brooms

If you're looking for a broom to sweep a workshop or garage floor, this type may be best suited for the task. With rectangular heads ranging in width from 24 to 60 inches or more, this type of broom can cover a large area in a short amount of time.

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$30.38 $26.54

Angled brace design keeps broom head from twisting out of place. Broom fibers are angled in order to reach into tight corners. Tip...s of the broom fibers are split to help sweep dirt and dust. Steel pole for durability and long life. Soft grip handle provides a comfortable and secure grip. read more

$28.32 $25.75

The Quickie Bulldozer 24-Inch Multi-Surface Push Broom is made for indoor and outdoor use and is made for use on medium textured s...urfaces. The broom features a combination of stiff inner fibers that handle concrete, asphalt and wood and soft outer fibers that sweep fine dirt and dust from all surfaces. The fibers are set in a quality, 24-inch resin block that won't warp, rot or crack. A 60-inch steel handle and hang-up feature for off-the-floor storage complete the broom set. Quickie designs, manufactures and distributes over 300 cleaning products for traditional in-home use as well as contractor and DIY grade applications. The product line includes mops, brooms, dusters, dustpans, brushes, buckets and other supplies. read more

$16.95 $14.53

Sweep and clean with the Toysmith Push Broom. This miniature broom allows your children to sweep away dirt just like grown-ups. Th...e wood handle features a leather loop and hang tag for versatile display and storage. Each tool is 27.5-inches long, perfectly sized for kids. Functional and fun, this broom lets mom or dad's "little helper" work right along beside them. Recommended for ages 5 and up. read more


Patented shock absorbing broom for heavy-duty extreme use. Lifetime unbreakable handle made from aero-aluminum and engineered high... tech elastomers. Handle has mid-section and end cushion grips. Run over it with a bulldozer - it won't break. Ergonomic to protect your body from repetitive impact. High quality longer lasting styrene bristles. Includes no-scratch scraper. Worlds finest and toughest push broom anywhere. For people who appreciate working with quality tools and are tired of throw-away junk. Approximate one minute assembly and requites no tools. It is brakeless and unbreakable it is lighter than many other push brooms, while providing the benefits of being strong and durable. read more

Whisk Brooms

This small, handheld broom is often sold with a dustpan and is great for quickly cleaning up small messes. The fibers can be natural or synthetic.

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OKV1026 Features 2-sew 3-sew Bristle Material: 100pct Broom Corn Type: Hand Broom Quantity: 12 per package Price is for 12 Eachs P...roduct Type: Broom Heads Dimensions Overall Product Weight: 0.25 lbs read more


Whisk broom Great for all cleaning chores 42 tufts of flexible split tip polymer fibers pick up fine particles Ergonomic handle an...d hanger hole White and Green 18in Material: Plastic Color: Multi read more


Whisk broom Great for all cleaning chores 42 tufts of flexible split tip polymer fibers pick up fine particles Ergonomic handle an...d hanger hole White and Green 18in Material: Plastic Color: Multi read more


Whisk broom Convenient 8in whisk broom for all cleaning chores 42 tufts of flexible split tip polymer fibers pick up fine particle...s Ergonomic handle and hanger hole Red and Black Material: Plastic Color: Multi read more

Wet/Dry Brooms

Typically constructed with thicker bristles spaced farther apart, this type of broom is used to scrub floors and is best at removing larger debris. Like a straw or corn broom, the wet/dry broom can be used indoors but is best for use on workshop, garage, and basement floors.

Electrostatic Brooms

Broom heads made from electrostatic foam or rubber are ideal for areas where dust or pet hair is a problem. The foam attracts the pet hair, holds it, and removes it better than a standard broom. This type of broom can be used on any floor surface, even carpet.

Product Features

Product Features

Mops and brooms are pretty basic in nature, but there are a few features that can make using them—and storing them—easier. Here are a few to consider as you are comparing models.

Wall-Mount Storage

Look for a mop or broom that can be easily mounted on the wall for convenient storage. Some models include special hardware that lets you snap your mop or broom into place.

Collapsible Designs

Some mops can be folded up for easy storage. These models are great for everyday cleanup tasks and often use wet or dry disposable cloths.

Swivel Head

Look for a steam mop with a head that swivels to make it easier to maneuver in tight corners.


Many brooms come with a dustpan, but these tools can also be purchased separately. If you have back problems, consider buying a dustpan with a long handle.

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$30.02 $30.01

Angle Broom Oskar The best selling broom in Canada ! Bristles are made with 100% recycled polyethylene terephtalate (P.E.T.). Excl...usive sharply-angles fibres sweep even hard-to-reach areas. Flagged fibres trap dust and dirt for really clean floors. read more

Butler Home Products
$32.40 $25.90

The Neat Sweep Stand Up Dust Pan and Broom offer quick and easy clean-ups without bending over.� Handles clip together for easy st...orage.� Soft rubber edge clings to the floor so dirt sweeps into, not under, the pan.� Internal brush cleaner leaves dirt in the pan, not on the floor.� Unique broom storage pocket keeps stray dust and dirt inside the pan.� Dust pan auto-close to carry, locks open to empty, keeping hands clean.� Pivoting broom allows you to get into tight spaces. read more

$7.99 $7.38

10" dust pan with #907, ideal for home, vehicle and workshop cleaning.

Esschert Design USA
$23.61 $23.29

No outside job is finished until the cleanup is done and kids can join in the task with their very own push room that is just thei...r size. Encourage children to complete a garden project from start to finish and this lightweight broom is perfect for removing dirt and debris from the patio and sidewalk after all the planting is done. Weighing less than one pound, broom is 32-Inch long and has colorful green bristles that make cleanup fun. The perfect addition to your children's collection of garden tools. read more

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

When shopping for a mop or broom, make sure it's designed for your space and flooring type. You'll also want to think about the various materials they are made from—each type offers specific advantages and disadvantages. And, of course, consider your personal preferences. Do you want something that's environmentally friendly and made from natural materials? Or is durability the most important feature?

Broom Head Design

Hard-bristle brooms are best for outdoor use on driveways, porches, steps, garage floors, and other paved areas. In addition to sweeping dirt, leaves, and other debris, hard-bristle brooms are used for clearing standing water following a heavy rain. On the contrary, soft-bristle brooms are ideal for indoor use. Look for poly-vinyl brooms with split fibers, which can capture finer dirt particles. Brooms with an angled head are easier to use in tight corners.

Mop Head Materials

Cotton mops are the least expensive but have the shortest life expectancy. They are able to absorb up to three times their weight in liquid, but they can become a breeding ground for pathogens. Rayon mops are able to be laundered and absorb up to eight times their weight in liquid. Microfiber mops trap dirt, dust, and debris along with pathogens, bacteria, and viruses until washed. Microfiber absorbs up to seven times its weight in liquid and is the most durable of mop materials. Blended mops—often made from a combination of materials like cotton and rayon—are durable and can absorb up to 10 times their weight in liquid.


Mop and broom handles can be constructed from wood, plastic, or metal. Handles come in varying lengths, and some are even telescopic. Some mop and broom handles screw into place, allowing them to be easily replaced if they should be broken or damaged. For push brooms, look for a handle that can be attached in either direction to allow the bristles wear evenly.

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Long, coarse bristles effectively push litter and debris. Two tapered handle holes enable front-to-back orientation changes. For with standard handles (sold separately). Bristle Material: Palmyra Fiber; Brush Length: 16"; Bristle Length: 6 1/4";... read more

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Item: Broom Head, Bristle Material: Polyester, Bristle Color: Blue, Trim Length: 2", Color Coding System: Yes, Handle Color: Blue,... Chemical Resistant: Yes, Acid Resistant: Yes read more

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CFSP1909 Features Material: Synthetic corn Handle material: Wood Color: Black Provides angle broom sweeping performance at corn br...oom price Chemical and liquid resistant bristles ''X'' Shaped bristles allow for superior sweeping on carpeting and entry... read more

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Click System's 3-in-1 Rubber Broom is three tools in one. The original rubber broom sweeps and scrubs for a thorough and effective... clean. The built-in squeegee pulls liquid for easy mess clean up and better cleaning. And the unique design allows you to... read more

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OJV1232 Features Wire flare on ends allows close sweeping to curbs Block Material: Hardwood Bristle Material: Brown Polypropylene ...Plastic Applications: Wet or Dry Sweeping Block Finish: Smooth Sanded Unit Sold is in measure of 1 Carton Product Type:... read more

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Angle Broom, Color Coding System Yes, Trim Length 4-3/4 In. to 6-3/4 In., Sweep Face 11-51/64 In., Broom Application Any Surface, ...Broom Grade Heavy-Duty, Bristle Material Polyester, Bristle Color Green, Chemical Resistant Yes, Acid Resistant Yes,... read more

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ULB1397 Features Whisk broom Material: 100pct Corn fiber bristles, wood handle For general spot cleaning With three rows of Metal cap and ring for easy hanging Color: Yellow Product Type: Household Brooms Dimensions Overall Length: 10''... read more

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Floor Broom Head, Bristle Material Polyester, Bristle Color Red, Trim Length 3 In., Color Coding System Yes, Chemical Resistant Ye...s, Acid Resistant Yes Features Item: Floor Broom Head Trim Length: 3" Chemical Resistant: Yes Color Coding System: Yes... read more

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