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Hard Floor Cleaners Buying Guide

Odds are you have hard-surface flooring in your home, whether it's hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, or tile. The right hard floor cleaner can help you keep your floors looking great—with minimal effort on your part. Use this buying guide to find the best hard floor cleaner for your home's floors.  

Types of Hard Floor Cleaners

Types of Hard Floor Cleaners

Several types of hard floor cleaners are available, and each offers specific advantages and disadvantages. Some can be used for multiple types of hard flooring, while others can only be used on sealed, heat-tolerant floors. So be sure to choose the type of cleaning tool that will work best with your home's flooring materials. Here are the most common types of hard floor cleaners you can consider for your home.


Lightweight and easy to maneuver, stick vacuums are favored for use on various hard floor surfaces and are ideal for sweeping those hard-to-reach areas and staircases. Some models detach from the stick handle and convert into a handheld vacuum. Canister vacuums can be used on hard floors as well as carpet. Many are compact and lightweight, feature a low-profile head that makes sweeping under furniture easy, and come with accessories for cleaning multiple types of surfaces.

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Even when you're on a budget, you can still afford an Oreck upright vacuum. The Oreck Classic Heritage offers you all the cleaning power you'd expect from an Oreck in a streamlined design that's lightweight, easy to use but remarkably durable and built to last. Get a 3-year limited warranty and a 1-year extended care plan making it perfect for families who don't want to sacrifice power or value.


Oreck Classic Heritage-Side Brushes
Side Brushes

Make cleaning up against baseboards and edges easy.

Oreck Classic Heritage-Direct Suction
Direct Suction

7,000 revolutions per minute of suction power draw dirt into the bag for effortless cleaning.

Oreck Classic Heritage- Saniseal System
The Saniseal System

Automatically seals shut, locking the dirt in the disposable filter bag for effortless cleaning.

Oreck Classic Heritage-Furniture Friendly
Furniture-Friendly Design

A Low Profile Design lets you gets in tight spots and under furniture.

Oreck Classic Heritage-Twin LED Lights
Twin LED Lights

Two bright lights Illuminate dark corners and under furniture.

Oreck Classic Heritage-30 foot cord
30 Foot Cord

Extend your cleaning reach and unplug less often.


  • Multi-Surface Cleaning Go from carpet to hard floors effortlessly.
  • Helping Hand Handle The Helping Hand Handle on the Oreck Classic Heritage received the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation.
  • 3-year limited warranty Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.
  • 1 Year Extended Care Plan

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Powerful Cleaning. Disposal That?s A Piece Of Cake.

The Electrolux UltraCaptic canister is a powerful, all-surface, bagless cleaner that literally makes emptying the dust-cup a piece of cake. Empty less often with Compact and Go, a feature that compresses dirt, dust and pet hair into a tidy, easy-empty dirt cake.

Compact and Go Dust Cup
Multi-Surface Cleaning
Does Not Lose Suction*
Premium HEPA Filtration
Maneuverable Design

A thorough clean for all floors - the DeepClean powerhead with motorized brushroll cleans all the floor surfaces in your home. It does not lose suction* with the multi-cyclonic system that provides continuous suction power to thoroughly clean your home. Premium HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of dust and allergens from the air in your home.

*Per IEC 60312-1 Edition 1. 0 (2010). Test results with accepted variability tolerance of 5%.

Additional Features

  • Adjustable floor nozzle for cleaning low level carpets and hard floor surfaces
  • 21-foot automatic cord rewind
  • On-board 3-in-1 combination tool and deluxe floor brush
  • Telescopic wand for extended cleaning reach
  • Headlight illuminates cleaning path
  • Crushproof 9-foot hose
  • 10" cleaning path
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The Bissell 81M91 Trilogy Pet Upright Vacuum is the go-to cleaner for maximum power and dependability. This upright vacuum utilize...s the famed 7X multi-cyclonic system to provide non-stop suction across carpeted and hard flooring. Dirt, pet hair, and other debris is no match for this state-of-the-art vacuum! It also features an easy to empty dirt cup and comes with a long reach hose that's great for maneuvering around stairs and cleaning out the crevices of your furniture. About Bissell Melville Bissell patented the BISSELL carpet sweeper in 1876, the company's first mechanical sweeper ever conceived. Shortly after, he built the first Bissell manufacturing plant in Michigan and began helping Americans and all of the world suck it up and tackle the confounding and unhealthy problem of dust-laden carpets and floors. A technology and trend innovator in the field of home cleaning solutions for over 100 years, Bissell remains committed to bringing you the most advanced, effective, and practical solutions for keeping your home clean. 7X multi-cyclonic system for non-stop suction. Turn-off brush roll for safe use on hard floors. Pulls dirt and pet hair from hard to reach areas. Features easy empty dirt cup and long reach hose. Dimensions: 15W x 15D x 43.5H inches. read more

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Never Loses Suction and Sealed Vacuum Technology

Advanced cyclonic technology separates fine dirt from the air, preventing dirt from clogging the filters and keeping suction power strong over time. From the first use to the last room, you never lose cleaning power. Shark's Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, combined with superior HEPA filtration, captures and holds over 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, not back into the air you breathe.

Portable Lift-Away Canister with Premium Pet Tools

Lightweight convenience ideal for quickly cleaning stairs, upholstery or accessing small, hard to reach areas around your home and car. Powerful attachments quickly and easily lift pet hair and other ground-in dirt from carpeted stairs, upholstery and other surfaces.

What's in the box?

5.5" Crevice Tool, 24" Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Pet Hair Power Brush

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV352)
  • Power- 1200 Watts
  • Surface Cleaning Types- Carpet, Bare Floors
  • Swivel Steering- Yes
  • Cord Length- 25 ft.
  • Cleaning Path- 9.25"
  • Product Weight- 12.5 lbs
  • Filtration- Foam Filters and HEPA
  • Suction Control- Yes
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Dust Mops

Dust mops attract and collect dirt on their surface; they're ideal for hardwood floors and other surfaces that are easily scratched. These mops usually feature a base or frame with a cover made from cotton (which can be treated with a cleaning solution to increase its efficiency) or microfiber (which generally does a better job of attracting and retaining dirt and can be washed and reused several times).

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Boardwalk dust mop treatment in an aerosol can. Eliminates dust created when using push brooms. Use on dust mops to replace compounds. Will not damage floor or make floor slippery when sprayed lightly. Can be used to dust asphalt tile, linoleum, vinyl, asbestos, rubber, marble, ceramic, concrete, quarry tile, magnesite, cork and wood floors. Applicable material: asphalt tile, linoleum, vinyl, asbestos, rubber, marble, ceramic, concrete, quarry tile, magnesite, cork and wood. read more

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Rubbermaid Commercial FGU110000000 Wedge Mop Wood Handle with Metal Frame, The mop is for use with the Trapper looped-end or Kut-A...-Way cut-end triangle-shaped wedge mops. The floor mop has a wood handle with heavy-gauge plated wire frame. It is ideal for spot dust mopping in tight corners, under equipment or behind furniture. It is for dust mop heads. 64 inches long by 2.75 inches wide by 1.063 inches high. 1.5 pounds. Made in the USA. read more


Some floors do not need to be mopped with water and chemicals every day. Some floors, usually those that have a hard finish, only ...need to have the dust and dirt mopped up every day or so. For this type of floor, a 48" Dust Mop (3647548) is the mop of choice. The 3647548 has a heavy canvas frame with long cotton yarn sewn to it. The canvas and yarn are pre-shrunk, so the mop will still be able to fit on the frame if it is ever laundered. read more

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Eliminates dust created when using push brooms. Use on dust mops to replace sweeping compounds. Will not damage floor or make floo...r slippery when sprayed lightly. Can be used to dust asphalt tile, linoleum, vinyl, asbestos, rubber, marble, ceramic, concrete, quarry tile, magnesite, cork and wood floors. Application: Floors; Applicable Material: Asphalt Tile;Linoleum;Vinyl;Asbestos;Rubber;Marble;Ceramic;Concrete;Quarry Tile;Magnesite;Cork;Wood. read more

Wet Mops

This type of mop is used with water to clean up spills. String wet mops are usually cotton or cotton blends and feature cut ends (generally less expensive and great for spills) or looped ends (which have a bigger surface area so they can cover more area with each swipe). A sponge mop may be more convenient if you have a small space to clean, because they don't require a separate wringer (most feature a lever and rollers or a metal plate that squeezes water out of the mop).

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Looped End Wet Mop, Material Rayon/Polyester, Dry Weight 7-1/2 to 9-1/2 oz., White, Launderable No, Headband Size 1 In., Length 18... In., Width 6 to 6-1/2 In., 1 Ply, For Use With 1TYZ7, 1TYZ8, 1TYZ9, 1TZA1, 1TZA2, 1TZA3, 1TZA4, 1TZA5, 1TZA7, G2996497 read more

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Looped End Wet Mop, Material Rayon/Polyester, Dry Weight 16 oz., Green, Launderable Yes, Headband Size 9 In., Length 36 In. to 37 ...In., Width 6 In., 6 Ply, For Use With 1TYY9, G2872895 read more

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Looped End Wet Mop, Material Rayon/Polyester, Dry Weight 30 oz., Green, Launderable Yes, Headband Size 9 In., Length 43-1/2 In. to... 44- 1/2 In., Width 6 In., 6 Ply, For Use With 1TYY9, G2872895 read more

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Looped End Wet Mop, Material Rayon/Polyester, Dry Weight 11-1/2 to 13-1/2 oz., White, Launderable No, Headband Size 1 In., Length ...22 In., Width 6 to 6-1/2 In., 1 Ply, For Use With 1TYZ7, 1TYZ8, 1TYZ9, 1TZA1, 1TZA2, 1TZA3, 1TZA4, 1TZA5, 1TZA7, G2996497 read more

Steam Mops

Unlike conventional mops that leave floors sopping wet, a steam mop leaves floors clean, dry, and safe. Some models have a trigger that releases hot steam on demand; others produce a steady, continual supply of steam; and yet others offer both. Some steam mops feature cloth pads that can be laundered after each use, while other models have disposable pads, which are convenient but require you to purchase them on a regular basis. Steam mops should only be used on sealed, heat-tolerant floors.

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Steam Cleaners and Shampooers. The Bissell Steam&Sweep Pet steam mop hard surface cleaner easily cleans virtually any hard floor w...ithin your home. Spend little time mopping those hard floors with this Bissell pet steam mop. Not only can you sanitize and wipe dirt away from floors but the mop also features a Pet Hair Sweeper Brush that pulls pet hair and debris off the floor as you steam clean. It's a double-duty machine simplified for the busy pet parent! 12 wide cleaning path Steam and microfiber pad allow for 100% chemical-free cleaning Provides steam on demand Rotating sweeper brush Safe to use on sealed wood floors, linoleum, tile and more Swivel mop head gets under furniture and takes sharp turns with ease Easy Empty dust bin 17.5-oz. capacity water tank Carry handle for ease Includes two microfiber pads Cord length: 28' Manufacturer's 2-year limited warranty Model number: 46B43 Imported read more

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Deodorizes, sanitizes, and cleans bare floors with both vibration and adjustable superheated steam. Environmentally safe, no chemi...cals required, uses tap water. Steam on demand with no waiting time, 1500-watt of steaming power in low medium and high settings. Easy fill removable 18.9 fluid ounce water tank with a built in filter to ensure long life for the steamer. Triangular steam head swivels 180-Degree for easy access to tight spaces. Includes, carpet glider kit, 2 durable reusable microfiber absorbent cleaning pads. Aqua laser steam mop is safe on all sealed hard floor surfaces. Foldable handle reduces the unit to half its size for convenient storage. read more

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The AquaPRO Steam Mop features the cleaning power of on demand trigger driven Adjustable Steam Control to dust, mop, and scrub set...tings for most sealed floor surfaces including wood, vinyl and tile. The new AquaPRO steam mop heats up to 212F in seconds, is designed to access tight spaces easily with the triangular low profile swivel head, will clean and sanitize a variety of floor surfaces, and easily switches from hard floors to carpets using the included carpet glider accessory. This new AquaPRO steam mop uses 3 smart steam control settings that are optimized for each type of floor to attack dirt on all floor surfaces from tile to wood to carpets. The Sienna AquaPRO Steams, Cleans, Sanitizes using only water. When you are done cleaning, just fold the unit in half for compact storage. read more

Crucial Vacuum

This is a High Quality Replacement 2-Pack Microfiber Steam Mop Pad that fits Bissell Steam Mop model 1867. Compare to Bissell Stea...m Mop Part # 203-2158, 2032158, 3255, 32525. Perfect for cleaning hard floor surfaces effortlessly without leaving any marks or scratches. Quick and easy changing and also reusable and wasable. Absolutely Essential For Allergy Sufferers! Designed & Engineered By Crucial Vacuum. This is a generic product designed and engineered in the United States by Crucial Vacuum. This is not a Bissell® OEM product and is not covered under any Bissell® manufacturer's warranty. The Bissell® brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the Bissell® brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility read more

Synthetic-Fiber Brooms

Poly-vinyl brooms are best for indoor use on hard floors. Bristles on this type of broom are made of synthetic materials that are often densely packed together, allowing them to grab fine dirt and dust particles in addition to larger-size debris.

Product Features

Product Features

In general, look for features on hard floor cleaners that increase everyday convenience. Available features will vary depending on what type of hard floor cleaner you choose, but here are a few features to consider when comparing models.

Swivel Head

Look for a vacuum or steam mop with a head that swivels to make it easier to maneuver in tight corners.

Steam Control

This feature, found on most steam mops, allows you to control the amount of steam that's emitted.

Add-Water Indicator

Some steam mops come with a light that alerts you when it's time to refill the water reservoir.

Wall-Mount Storage

Look for a mop or broom that can be easily mounted on the wall for convenient storage. Some models include special hardware that lets you snap your mop or broom in place.

Collapsible Design

Some mops can be folded up for easy storage. These models are great for everyday cleanup tasks and often use wet or dry disposable cloths.

Brush On/Off Switch

If you plan to purchase a vacuum to use on hard floors, be sure to pick a model that allows you to turn off the brush to help protect bare floors. Or make sure it includes a bare-floor setting, which is usually a very low-height setting for use on hard floors.

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

As you compare hard floor cleaners, consider what type of flooring you have in your home and whether you'll be carrying the cleaner up and down stairs. If you have multiple types of hard flooring in your home, you may want to purchase one cleaner that will work for them all. Or you may want to have more than one tool on hand, so you can easily handle everything from a quick cleanup to a thorough whole-house cleaning. And, of course, you want to be sure to select a cleaner that won't damage your floors.

Type of Flooring

Some cleaners—stick or canister vacuums and brooms—are options for all hard floors. Others—wet mops and steam mops—are suited only for floors that are sealed and can withstand moisture. For a steam mop, the floor should also be heat-tolerant. A steam mop is not for use on varnished floors or those with a shellac-base finish. Extreme care should be used with paper, cardboard, or wooden composite and painted surfaces, particularly because the steam can cause the finish to blister.


If you'll be moving from room to room with the hard floor cleaner, or if it will be used on stairs, you'll want to consider the weight of the unit along with its ability to be easily transported. Cleaners with on-board tools increase the unit's versatility and enable you to clean a variety of surfaces—but they also add to the weight.

Cord vs. Cordless

Cordless stick vacuums are ideal if you plan to take the unit from room to room. One drawback, though, is that cordless models have limited run times. A full battery charge generally lasts 15-20 minutes. Plug-in hard floor cleaners typically have 16- to 20-foot cords—and won't run out of power.

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Easily steam healthy and delicious meals with the Cleveland 24-CDM Classic Series direct steam convection steamer! With the power ...of a pressurized boiler and the convenience of two, 3 pan capacity pressureless compartments, this unit beautifully steams vegetables, seafood, rice, and more in your busy commercial kitchen. Each compartment features high-velocity brass convection steam jets and a cold water condenser for optimum results with every use. This steamer also boasts coved corners for even heat distribution and easy cleaning. The 15 PSI boiler is powered by your direct steam connection, and a pressure reducing valve is included for additional safety! The Cleveland 24-CDM requires a 3/4" IPS, 15 - 50 PSI uncontaminated direct steam connection, 1 1/2" IPS drain connection, 1/4" NPT cold water connection, and 115V electrical connection for operation. This unit is UL Listed and must be hard wired; it does not come with a cord and plug. Please consult the Specification sheet for additional details read more

Cleveland 24CDM Classic Series Direct Steam Six Pan Floor Steamer with 24" Boiler Base
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Throw away the mop, bucket and harsh cleaning detergents and disinfectants! With HAAN steam mops, you can clean and sanitize aroun...d your home in one simple step without the use of chemicals. Pick up your most stubborn stuck on messes or your everyday spills while killing up to 99.9% of household bacteria, viruses and even allergy causing dust mites in just 1 second. Perfect for cleaning most hard flooring surfaces like laminate, hard wood, vinyl, tile and more. Adjustable steam is one of HAAN's most recent and exciting innovations. The Select allows users to choose a steam setting to suit their flooring material. Use the low setting for delicate floors like laminates, hardwood and vinyl; and high setting for more durable surfaces like tile and stone. The HAAN Select has a swivel head for easy maneuverability and a telescopic handle for comfort. Fill the removable water tank at the sink and steam in less than 20 seconds. The HAAN Select kills 99.9% of household germs, bacteria and dust mites without read more

Haan SI-60 Select Adjustable Floor Steamer for All Types of Floors
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The SF-825 Is a total hard floor cleaning system in one versatile mop. Spinning bristles sweep up debris, and steam cleaning actio...n deep cleans floors without using chemicals. The Sweep and Steam functions can be used separately, or together to make quick work of any dirty floor. Unlike any standard steam mop, the SF-825's spinning bristles sweep up larger debris that microfiber pads can't handle. Plus, by collecting larger dirt and debris before it hits the mop pad, the Sweeper function actually reduces the number of pad changes, saving you time and money. The SF-825 outputs powerful steam that deep cleans hard flooring surfaces better than typical mops or disposable-cloth floor cleaners. Steam sanitizes and deep cleans better than a typical mop - without using harsh chemicals that build up on floors and can negatively impact air quality in your home. Don't buy and store two floor cleaners when you can effectively sweep and steam in one powerful product - the SF 825 Sweeper Steamer. Features: read more

Steamfast Everyday Sweeper Steamer (SF-825)
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The AirSpeed ONE Pet is engineered to move more air and remove more dirt for a deeper clean on floor surfaces. Plus, with tools de...signed specifically for pet hair removal, this vacuum is tough enough for pet owners. AirSpeed Technology Unlike most other vacuums, AirSpeed ONE Pet is engineered with an efficient air path with limited bends and turns. This allows more air to pass through the vacuum. The direct air path from floor to cup decreases the distance for dirt to travel, which increases the amount of airflow for powerful suction. To clean with the attachments, simply set the suction control dial to "tools." Tough enough for pet owners The PET Power Paw Turbo Brush removes pet hair from carpet and upholstery. Plastic teeth loosen it, a rubber strip grabs it and bristles remove it. An on-board crevice tool and PET dusting brush with plastic teeth grab pet hair from hard to reach areas. And a low profile nozzle is engineered to clean pet hair from under furniture. Multi-surface cleaning Deep read more

Eureka Eureka AirSpeed ONE Pet, Bagless Upright Vacuum
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The Eureka RapidClean 2-in-1 ION stick and handheld vacuum was engineered for long lasting cordless cleaning for bare floors and m...ore. With no cord to detangle or unwind, the RapidClean 2-in-1 ION tackles messes quickly and easily. A 14.4 volt Lithium Ion battery provides constant suction power and a longer run time to clean large areas on a single charge. The Ion battery not only charges faster than traditional cordless vacuums, but the battery charger is also ENERGY STAR qualified for a better environment. The unit features a 180-degree swivel head that maneuvers around furniture for a more thorough clean., as well as a removable handheld vacuum for above the floor cleaning. This vacuum has a powerful cyclonic system that maintains suction power longer, an easy-empty dust cup, fold down handle for convenient storage and a washable filter that requires less frequent replacement. Features: 2-in-1: Convertible stick and handheld vacuum to clean bare floors and hard-to-reach areas 14.4 V Lithium Ion C read more

Eureka RapidClean ION 2-in-1 Cordless Stick and Handheld Vacuum
Kenmore Elite
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Kenmore trusted in the homes of more than 100 million Americans.The Kenmore Elite 21814 canister vacuum delivers ultra-powerful cl...eaning on carpets and bare floors. The powerful Inducer motor, Kenmore s most powerful, delivers 20% more air power to remove dirt and debris. Double-wall Power Flow technology keeps air flowing as the bag fills to optimize suction, power and performance. This system delivers a deep, efficient clean on every floor surface including deep carpets.The Kenmore Elite canister vacuum cleaner boasts a CrossOver bare floor nozzle a floor brush is connected and nested inside the nozzle for quick transitions from carpet to bare-floor cleaning. Plus, it comes with a convenient ceiling fan tool to make cleaning hard-to-reach place a breeze. read more

Kenmore Elite Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Silver/Gray Metallic
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Get professional results with a lightweight, compact, easy maneuverable Hoover Air Pro Bagless Upright 39850 vacuum that is design...ed for your home. And it comes with a number of convenient features making cleaning any room a snap. Designed with exclusive WindTunnel 3 Technology, that lifts and removes deep down embedded dirt with 3 channels of suction. The steerable design allows you to swivel and turn around objects with a flick of the wrist and the body reclines all the way to the floor to reach under furniture easily. The Hoover Air Pro has a telescopic handle for various height settings and a built-in wand that detaches with one simple touch. The electronic multi-floor brushroll on/off option allows you to easily move from carpet to hard floors with a touch of a button. And it's equipped with a clear nozzle and a no-scuff bumper. And when you're done vacuuming, simply empty the debris with its convenient bottom-release high capacity (x-large) dirt cup. read more

Hoover Air Pro Bagless Upright Vacuum - Silver Neutral
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Kenmore trusted in the homes of more than 100 million Americans.The Kenmore 31140 upright vacuum delivers ultra-powerful cleaning ...on carpets and bare floors. The powerful 2-motor system includes a motor inside the body dedicated to suction and a second smaller motor to power the agitator brush. This system delivers a deep, efficient clean on every floor surface including deep carpets.The Kenmore upright vacuum cleaner includes a powerful Pet Handi-Mate design for cleaning up pet hair from floors, stairs and furniture. And with its Power Flow technology, this no-hassle vaccum s double-wall design keeps air flowing to maintain suction, power and performance. Plus, it comes with flawless floor transitions a bare floor switch on the handle shuts off the agitator while maintaining full suction on hard surfaces. read more

Kenmore Upright Vacuum Cleaner- Blue
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Kenmore Upright Vacuum - Clean You Can Count On Reliable, durable and powerful, the Kenmore upright vacuum gives you the cleaning ...power you need to get your house looking like new. With 160 air-watts of suction, this vacuum can tackle even the toughest floors. The Kenmore upright vacuum adjusts to five different heights, including bare floor and carpet, while a 25-foot cord, extendable wand and three standard attachments allow you to clean all those hard-to-reach spots. Maintenance is easy and affordable with Kenmore upright vacuum bags and washable foam filters. If you're looking for a clean you can count on, this Kenmore upright vacuum always gets the job done right. read more

Kenmore Upright Vacuum - Silver
Thorne Electric
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The Koblenz Cleaning Machine, 00-6025-1 is designed to keep the carpets, rugs, and hard floors clean and spotless. This blue rug s...hampooer scrubs, polishes, waxes and shampoos all kinds of floors with professional results and little effort, so you don't have to rely on professional cleaning services. This Koblenz cleaning machine features accessories including various brushes and pads to provide an efficient cleaning. It consists of twin brushes to provide optimum cleaning. This Koblenz Cleaning Machine, 00-6025-1 offers a cleaning width of 12" to allow you to clean with minimum strokes. With high-impact housing, a powerful all-metal 4.2-amp motor, and full-width bronze gears, the floor shampooer is sure to deliver an outstanding performance. It features a T-bar handle with grips for increased stability and efficiency. read more

Thorne Electric 00-6025-1 P820A Hard Floor Carpet Clean
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