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From poems to sonnets, paintings to fiction, roses have been immortalized in nearly every creative medium. Gardeners know why: The amazing diversity of roses means there's a beautiful bloom for every style of garden.

Types of Roses

Types of Roses

Few plants elicit the kind of devotion that roses do. They've been tended to by gardeners for hundreds of years, and their blooms are still prized for their unique beauty and fragrance. Unfortunately, many gardeners are under the impression that roses require lots of tender loving care and patience. Luckily, newer varieties and better disease resistance have led to a broader range of roses on the market. Before you skip over these prized beauties, look at all the types: floribunda, hybrid tea, shrub and landscape, miniature, grandiflora, climber, and tree. Then find the right rose for your garden -- and get ready to fall in love with roses.


Floribunda roses are a nice choice for a shrublike garden addition; these bushy rose types provide flowers that cluster in groups of three to 15.

Hybrid Tea

Hybrid tea roses are quite popular and fairly traditional, producing one bloom per stem. Many also have a beautiful fragrance.

Shrub and Landscape

Shrub roses work well as a border or a focal point in a garden, while landscape roses -- which spread and have a lower growth habit -- most closely resemble a groundcover.

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With miniature blooms to match their growth habit, these smallest of roses -- the tiniest reaches only 6 inches -- work well either in the front of garden beds or in containers.

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A cross between the floribunda and hybrid tea roses, the grandiflora rose grows tall -- about 6 feet -- while producing clusters of what look like hybrid tea roses.


Typically found growing up a trellis or on an arbor, climbing roses feature canes adorned with beautifully full blooms.

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Tree roses are a combination plant: a rootstock with a grafted rose bush at the top. These must be tended to before cold weather hits to help them overwinter.

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Our Kaleidoscope Dinner Plate Collection of bicolour dahlias pairs perfectly with our Classic Dinner Plate Dahlia Collection featu...ring bold, solid shades. So we've put them together for this very special jumbo-sized collection! This astonishing assortment includes 2 each of 10 different Dinner Plate dahlia varieties—20 clumps in all—for a very special price! Order two Ultimate Collections and save even more! Breck's Ultimate Dinner Plate Dahlia Collection includes 2 each of: Duet Dinnerplate Dahlia: With its dramatic colour contrast and huge 7-9" blooms, Duet makes a stunning statement in borders and is surprising in summer bouquets. Grows 2½-3' tall. Seattle Dinnerplate Dahlia: Incredible, 7-9" golden-yellow blooms with contrasting white tips are more intense than sunshine. Dazzling Seattle grows 2½-3' tall. Jean Marie Dinnerplate Dahlia: This is the first dahlia of true dinner-plate size with this unique colour combination! Enjoy the radiance of each 7" deep pink bloom with contrasting white tips. Grows 2-3' tall. Mystery Day Dinnerplate Dahlia: Big, skyrocket purple and white blooms make a big impact in your garden. The 7" flowers are glorious all season long! Grows 3-4' tall. Procyon Dinnerplate Dahlia: A true standout, even in this collection, radiant red-andgold Procyon appears to be lit from within! Bold, colourfast blooms 6½-7½" across won't fade in the summer sun. Grows 3-3½' tall. Garden Wonder Dinnerplate Dahlia: Big, skyrocket red blooms make a big impact in your garden. Kaboom! The 6" flowers are glorious, and the bush produces loads of them all season long! Grows 3-4' tall. Fleurel Dinnerplate Dahlia: Delicate shades of cream trace the centers of elegant white petals on each 7" bloom. This is the queen of white dahlias! Grows 3-4' tall. Kelvin Floodlight Dinnerplate Dahlia: Incredible 7-9" golden-yellow blooms are more intense than sunshine. The most spectacular yellow dahlia ever developed, award-winning Kelvin Floodlight grows 3-4' tall. Thomas Edison Dinnerplate Dahlia: Huge, radiant, fantastic flowers are 7-8" across. Immense size and prolific blooming make this the finest of all purple dahlias. Grows 3-4' tall. Mrs. Eileen Dinnerplate Dahlia: This is the first sizzling orange dahlia of true dinner-plate size! Enjoy the radiant splendor of each 7" bloom. Grows 3-4' tall. read more

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Regal Iris Mix Features an Outstanding Double Showing!Specially selected mixture of colourful German irises will bloom not once, b...ut twice! Enjoy an outstanding display of generous blossoms in late spring, followed by a second burst of colour again in late summer to early fall just as your neighbours' gardens are winding down. Easy-care selection naturalizes wonderfully and features high bud count plants that exhibit a coordinated mix in shades of orange, peach, purple, yellow and white. Gorgeous in borders and bouquets. Enjoy increasing numbers of blooms with each passing year. Make sure to save a few for cutting! Iris germanica read more

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Fascinating, full shade hostas with unique white leaves. As the season progresses, the leaves transform into a blend of green and ...cream. By midsummer, lavender flowers appear to illuminate your garden. Plant this XXL Super Sak® selection together for startling impact. Protect this hosta from the sun to prevent leaves from scorching. Covers 15-20 sq. ft. when planted together. read more

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The Biggest Dahlia Blooms You Can Buy Every year we search our growers' fields to find the biggest, most beautiful varieties for o...ur Mammoth Dahlia™ Collection. The five dahlias that topped our list this year are more impressive than ever, featuring bold colour combinations, plenty of foliage and enormous fully double blooms 8-12"across! Full of Flowers & Foliage! The bushy habit of these dahlia varieties makes them perfect for filling gaps in the garden. Bulk up a back border, or plant them in a row to create a colourful, full-coverage privacy hedge. Your Mammoth Dahlias will thrive in well-drained soil and sun or partial shade. A Pinch Bigger than the Rest For the largest exhibition blooms possible, pinch the side shoots of your dahlias as they grow. This will allow the remaining flowers to receive more of the plant's food and energy. For slightly smaller blooms in higher numbers, leave the side shoots alone. Fashionably Late Flowers Until Frost If you already have dahlias in your garden, don't be surprised if your new Mammoth Dahlias bloom a little later in the summer than the rest. Their slightly delayed bloom time means you'll be able to enjoy dahlias even later in the fall, which makes their rich, autumn colour palette even more appealing! It's easy to grow great Mammoth Dahlias We'll ship your dahlias in the spring, at the perfect time for planting in your area. All you need to succeed is a sunny place (at least a half day of full sun) with well-drained soil. Then just keep your dahlias watered if rain doesn't do the job. Your dahlias will thrive and bloom profusely all season long. When frost lingers on the ground, you can lift your dahlia clumps for winter storage. In spring, divide the multiplying tubers for additional plantings, or share them with your envious neighbours and friends! Lift in fall if you live in zones 3-7. The collection includes two each of following : Penhill Dark Monarch Lanky and lovely, Penhill is ideal for the back of a border or along a sundrenched fence. Tightly packed petals, ranging from dark pink to light purple, form jumbo blooms over 10" across. Grows 4-5' tall. Brigitta Alida Deep scarlet red, 8-10" blooms with a touch of black create a dramatic look for fall displays and blue-ribbon bouquets. Grows 3-3 ½' tall. Sir Alf Ramsey So big, we had to call him sir! This gentle giant produces pretty, pastel, 10-12" blooms. Solid lavender petals are highlighted with a layer of white near the centre. Grows 3-4' tall. Bodacious A perfect complement for fall foliage, this brightly coloured specimen features 8-10" fiery red blooms with gold flames. Grows 3-4' tall. Grand Finale Big, bold, 10"_blooms are deep raspberry with white tips. Truly spectacular in a border or a vase! Grows 4' tall. read more

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Bright mix of our incredible Lily Trees are hand-picked for a cheerful display of colour! Contrasting hues are sure to create a be...autiful focal point. Ideal for planting at the back of borders or the corner of beds. Lily Trees are the breathtaking result of years of careful breeding. Breck's® Lily Trees will amaze you with massive, upward-facing flowers flaunting a delicate fragrance and providing you with exceptional reliability. All this on incredibly sturdy stems that reach up to 3–4' the first year, 5–6' the next year and upwards to 6–8' in three years! This rapid growth comes in part from the Lily Tree's unique ability to offshoot new stems from a single bulb. It's almost like planting a lily flower shrub! Lilium read more

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Early in spring, these honey-scented flowers blanket the ground in a carpet of shimmering gold. They naturalize easily by self-see...ding and will continue to reward you year after year. Upward-facing flowers greet you with sunny colour and are the perfect choice in the lawn, in a rock garden or under shrubs or trees. Eranthis cilicica read more

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Heady fragrance, a delightful mix of spicy cloves and sweet tea rose, attracts you to this shrub even before you can see the lavis...h bloom clusters in myriad shades of blue: plum, purple, lavender and magenta. The constantly changing colours provide a new display each day, and are even more stunning when set off by a complementary yellow rose. Vibrant blooms are showcased against medium green foliage on a vigorous, upright plant. Because of its exceptional disease resistance, little maintenance is necessary – a great choice for the first-time rose grower. Plant this along a property line for a gorgeous friendly fence, or en masse in a featured spot in your landscape. Rosa 'WEKstephitsu' PP13449 Reserve now! This limited quantity web only rose ships in the Spring of 2017. read more

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Huge red poppies are sure to make a big statement in your garden. The metal blooms shine in the sun as they gather energy from its... rays. Then, when the sun goes down, their solar powered centres glow. Set of three in varying sizes for added height interest, with the biggest standing at a towering 6' tall! Set of 3 (Small: 52"h, 15" dia; Medium: 62"h, 15" dia; Large: 72"h, 15" dia)This item is currently on backorder and will start shipping June 12th, 2017. read more

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Roses—so fragrant, beautiful and colourful—have a place in every garden. They provide elegant blooms throughout the summer—and are... a longtime favourite for fresh floral arrangements. For years, roses reputation as difficult to grow scared off many gardeners. But now, thanks to updated genetics, today's roses have more disease and insect resistance than ever before. More and more gardeners are discovering the joy and ease of growing these modern, carefree roses. With our Rainbow of Roses Collection, we're making it easy and affordable to incorporate these beloved flowers into your borders or even create your own rose gardens. We've assembled a collection that includes one eash of a red, pink, orange, yellow and purple rose. While the varieties may vary with each collection, each bareroot rose will be tagged by cultivator and as always, each rose comes with Breck's Lifetime Guarantee. With each collection ordered, you will receive: • 1 Red Rose • 1 Pink Rose • 1 Purple Rose • 1 Yellow Rose • 1 Orange Rose read more

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High Impact on Short Stems A real looker in borders, troughs and rock gardens, thanks to its lovely, clump-forming habit. The colouration adds to its allure, with dark purple-black standards and falls in contrast with mustard-yellow beards. read more

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