Perennials Buying Guide

What's not to love about perennials? They come back year after year, supply blooms in nearly every color of the rainbow, and if given the right care to get established, perennials reward with robust growth and beauty in your garden.

Types of Perennials

Types of Perennials

The hardest thing about filling a garden with perennials is choosing which ones to tend. There are literally thousands of these types of flowers, distinguished by their renewed growth year after year. There are perennials that work well in shade, those that flourish in sun, some that enjoy moist conditions, and others that thrive in dry soil. Whatever your conditions, these essential plants can enhance your landscape. Start by reviewing the three main types of perennials: grasses, foliage-focused, and flowering.


Ornamental grasses have surged in popularity in recent years, thanks to their easy growing habits and distinctive beauty. Grasses work well on their own or integrated into garden beds, and they come in oversize versions as well as dwarf varieties. Most are not pruned in fall, providing sculptural focal points in the garden during wintertime.


While perennials are best known for beautiful blooms, foliage-focused perennials are welcome additions to all types of gardens. Many supply color through their leaves and do well in shade, too.

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There are literally thousands of types of perennials that bloom in nearly every color in the rainbow and every size imaginable, from groundcovers to shrublike growth.

Product Features

Product Features

Although perennials may seem easygoing and carefree, homeowners and gardeners of every skill level must take into account certain constraints related to the plants and their location. So before you choose a single-hue garden full of white perennials; a hot-color garden with red, orange, and yellow blooms; or a cool-color collection of purples and pinks, thoroughly review the product features of the plants. Those include bloom season, hardiness zone, and full-grown size. Here's a quick guide to get you started on your perennial journey.

Bloom Season

Not all perennials bloom at the same time. Well-planned placement of a group of plants can provide you with different blooms or foliage all growing season long.

Hardiness Zone

Perennials are classed by their USDA Hardiness Zone, which corresponds to historical data about where you live and the extremes that plants can endure. Plants designated for growth outside your Zone likely will not survive year to year.

Full-Grown Size

Perennials range in growth size from low-growing groundcovers to oversize bushlike specimens. What you choose and use depends on the needs of your yard and your preferences.

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

Perennials are relatively inexpensive, particularly because of their long life. But even a small garden bed can contain valuable specimens that you don't want to lose to ignored purchase considerations. And if you take time in the beginning to review each and every plant, you may find yourself in a few years luckily dividing your perennials -- to add to another garden bed or share with friends and family. So before you put plants into your shopping cart, review these two purchase considerations: bare root versus container grown and potential invasiveness.

Bare Root vs. Container Grown

Perennials are available for planting either as bare root -- which means no soil is attached to their root structure -- or container grown. Container-grown plants vary in price based on the size of the container.

Potential Invasiveness

Some perennials, beloved in the past for blooms and hardy growth, have passed into the realm of invasiveness. Ask your local nursery or investigate the plants yourself to make sure you do not add to this problem.

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Regal Iris Mix Features an Outstanding Double Showing!Specially selected mixture of colourful German irises will bloom not once, b...ut twice! Enjoy an outstanding display of generous blossoms in late spring, followed by a second burst of colour again in late summer to early fall just as your neighbours' gardens are winding down. Easy-care selection naturalizes wonderfully and features high bud count plants that exhibit a coordinated mix in shades of orange, peach, purple, yellow and white. Gorgeous in borders and bouquets. Enjoy increasing numbers of blooms with each passing year. Make sure to save a few for cutting! Iris germanica read more

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Enjoy the World's Most Beautiful Peonies Right in Your Own Garden! Invest in a Lifetime of Extraordinary Beauty and Fragrance The ...intoxicating fragrance and sublime beauty of the peony was perfected in the Orient thousands of years ago. Sought after for its massive blooms, sweet-smelling perfume, and undemanding nature, it's no wonder the peony continues to be one of the most universally beloved of all perennials! Breck's® is delighted to offer this exceptional Distinctive Lifetime Peony Collection, including three of the most exquisite peonies we have found, for an outstanding value. Each variety included in our Distinctive collection has been specially selected for its enticing aroma, exceptional beauty and nearly indestructible performance. This is your opportunity to showcase these stunning blooms in your garden from late spring to early summer, beckoning masses of fluttering butterflies. Plus, peonies are widely heralded as one of the most long-lived perennials available, so you can be sure each and every one will be a welcome addition to your garden for many decades to come. When you order this Distinctive collection, you can be certain it will be a treasure that lasts a lifetime! Peonies present a dramatic springtime show that is one of the loveliest of the season. When spring arrives, bright red peony shoots will emerge from the thawing ground, hinting at spectacular beauty to come. Purple divided leaves push through the soil, adding an eye-catching backdrop to other bright spring blooms such as daffodils and early tulips. As the peony foliage turns green and other spring flowers fade, the real treat begins. Large, rounded buds will slowly unfurl to reveal the treasure inside. Exquisite, immense blooms–irresistible to butterflies and ideal for bouquets–will bring your garden alive, drenching it in vibrant colour and an intoxicating fragrance. Foliage remains green until frost, holding its place in borders, beds and foundation plantings. This collection includes one each of the following varieties: Celebrity: We're big fans of these huge, double blooms, with their head-turning, rosy pink and white colouration. This strong, long-lived superstar will fill your garden with an unbeatable fragrance, or cut a few blooms to perfume your home. It is most prolific when planted in a sun-soaked spot. Grows 2-3' tall with a 2-3' spread. Laura Dessert: This bicolour beauty boasts long-lasting, fully double flowers that look almost good enough to eat! Creamy white outer petals support a pompon of pale yellow stamens-turned-petals—resulting in magnificent fluffy blooms that pop against the attractive dark green foliage. Grows 3' tall with a 2-3' spread. Black Beauty: This striking, nearly black variety is the darkest bush peony ever offered and a hard one to find! Fully double, deep burgundy blooms are highlighted by bright yellow stamens, creating a unique and dramatic look. Grows 3-4' tall, with a 2-3' spread. read more

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Buy Wholesale - As Low As $1.09 Per Plant - Light pink.These exotic lilies are beautiful, delicate and fragrant. Easy to grow, the...y bring year after year of spectacular blooms. Our collection includes seven popular varieties. Use blooms for fantastic floral arrangements! Bulb size: 14-16 cm. read more

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Add style to your garden with this brilliantly hued, purple rose generously striped in creamy white. This is a coloration that is ...very uncommon in roses and therefore sure to create a sensation. Plant it front and center to attract the most attention from friends and neighbors. read more

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Heady fragrance, a delightful mix of spicy cloves and sweet tea rose, attracts you to this shrub even before you can see the lavis...h bloom clusters in myriad shades of blue: plum, purple, lavender and magenta. The constantly changing colours provide a new display each day, and are even more stunning when set off by a complementary yellow rose. Vibrant blooms are showcased against medium green foliage on a vigorous, upright plant. Because of its exceptional disease resistance, little maintenance is necessary – a great choice for the first-time rose grower. Plant this along a property line for a gorgeous friendly fence, or en masse in a featured spot in your landscape. Rosa 'WEKstephitsu' PP13449 Reserve now! This limited quantity web only rose ships in the Spring of 2017. read more

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Asiatic lily with an extraordinary flower form and an exceptionally long bloom time. Enjoy semi-double flowers, accented by rosy-r...ed petals with a large white base. Because the additional petals replace the anthers, this double Asiatic lily doesn't produce pollen—great news for gardeners with allergies or floral arrangers. Double sensation is an excellent perennializer with a irresistible perfume. Lilium asiatic read more

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Huge red poppies are sure to make a big statement in your garden. The metal blooms shine in the sun as they gather energy from its... rays. Then, when the sun goes down, their solar powered centres glow. Set of three in varying sizes for added height interest, with the biggest standing at a towering 6' tall! Set of 3 (Small: 52"h, 15" dia; Medium: 62"h, 15" dia; Large: 72"h, 15" dia)This item is currently on backorder and will start shipping June 12th, 2017. read more

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Trumpet blooms in hues of royal purple and nearly black contrast nicely with equally stunning white and pink blooms to create one ...dynamic display! Pure elegance for cutting gardens or containers. Zantedeschia read more

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Delight in blooms for 6-10 weeks with the collection of reliable daylilies in a mix of colors. These drought-tolerant, easy-to-gro...w perennials are excellent for mass plantings or mixed flower beds. Collection include one each of Red Razzmatazz Reblooming Daylily, Wineberry Candy Reblooming Daylily, South Seas Reblooming Daylily, Blackthorne Reblooming Daylily and Scottish Fantasy Reblooming Daylily. Bareroot. Hemerocallis cultivars Perennial • Z3-9 • Height & Width Vary • Summer • Sun-Part Shade read more

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Looking for a tough, easy-care rose with loads of brilliant blooms? Our new Top Gun rose knocks out the competition. This tough-as...-nails landscape rose offers richly colored, glistening flowers, full, dark green foliage and greatly enhanced disease resistance. Top Gun produces clusters of semi-double, medium-sized flowers and is quick to repeat bloom cycles--so you'll enjoy constant color in your garden, even into late fall. In our test gardens, Top Gun exhibited excellent natural resistance to powdery mildew, downy mildew, rust, black spot and even rose rosette disease, so common in other "tough" roses. This new introduction is a top choice for beginning gardeners or gardeners who want a healthy, low-maintenance shrub rose that can be grown without chemicals. It's the best performing shrub rose you can grow, guaranteed, or we'll give your money back. Rosa 'WEKmoridahor' PPAF Own-Root Roses are recommended for northern gardens. Grafted Roses can be grown anywhere. read more

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