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Hedge Trimmers Buying Guide

Whether you have a showcase specimen that serves as an anchoring point for a flowerbed or a sidewalk-long row of evergreens, hedge trimmers are a great tool to trim unruly branches and tidy up a sculptural element in the landscape.

Types of Hedge Trimmers

Types of Hedge Trimmers

For those with a traditional- or contemporary-style landscape, few elements are as pleasing -- or complementary -- as a beautifully sculpted row of boxwood hedges. Even for a more naturalistic setting such as a cottage garden, a hedge will occasionally need some selective sculpting. For your landscape, then, a hedge trimmer is probably an essential tool. For homeowners with one or two hedges, a hand-operated type may fill the bill. But for those with a larger collection of shrubs, motorized versions -- as well as one of two blade types -- may be the most convenient. Here's help to guide you on your hedge trimmer shopping.


Before the wide availability of lower-cost, engine-powered machines and tools for the garden, there was good old-fashioned arm power at work -- especially when trimming hedges. The same is true today; clippers of various sizes are still available.


If you're in the market for a garden machine, you'll likely encounter models powered by gas, electric, or battery/rechargeable. That's true for hedge trimmers as well.

Blade Type

Hedge trimmers differ in the type of blade available; single-action varieties have a continuous blade that moves in one direction. Dual-action blades have two blades that move back and forth, which may provide more flexibility.

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

Hedge trimmers may seem like fairly straightforward garden machines, and for the most part they are. But there are a few small and large purchase considerations to review before making a purchase. To start, think about your landscape and the items you need or want to trim. Is your space big? Do you have a lot of hedges to keep tidy? Then blade length may be your most important consideration. If you have a particular grip you prefer, spend time handling various hedge trimmers. And regardless of which specifications end up being important, review safety features closely. Here's help to get you started.

Safety Features

Motorized hedge trimmers likely have standard safety features in place to help protect you from injury. You may also need to purchase additional items, such as gloves and safety goggles.

Handle Design

The placement and design of hedge trimmer handles varies from machine to machine. What you prefer depends on how you want to hold and operate the trimmer.

Blade Length

From very short, foot-long blades to those that reach about 2 feet, hedge trimmers vary in blade length. For tight situations or where you desire more exact shapes and sculpting capabilty, a shorter blade may be preferable.

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Black and Decker
$44.97 $59.99
at Sears

3.6 Volt Hedge Trimmer Features 2 Blades for Variety of Cutting Length The Black and Decker 3.6 volt hedge trimmer is versatile an...d smooth, making it a great addition to your collection of outdoor power equipment. The trimmer features two... This product: Black and Decker 3.6 Volt Hedge Trimmer $44.97 Power cord issues I have a very small yard with very light trimming needs. I bought this very inexpensive gadget with the understanding it wouldn't be particularly strong or powerful, but would get a light job done. It gets a light job done. The problem is, the power cord doesn't properly fit into the device. It is way too loose. I have had it for 3 days and still haven't gotten a full charge. I have to watch the trimmer like a hawk to make sure it is still charging and that some errant wind hasn't disconnected the charge. Too complicate matters....the light is green when charging and turn off when fully charged. So....when I look at my device and see no green it fully charged or did the power cord disconnect again. EVERY SINGLE TIME it had been that the power cord has stop sending a charge. Three days of charging and still no full charge. Very annoying. Thinking of sending it back. by tripsearsHanover, PA | Sun, May 25, 2014 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag Verified PurchaseBest hand held lawn and Hedge Trimmer long lasting battery and very lightweight to use I would recommend this product to a friend. The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product. by Coalcracker58Millersburg, PA | Sat, Apr 26, 2014 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag 1 visitors found this helpfulVerified PurchaseSolid trimmer for light work If you have huge bushes or run a landscaping company, this is not the tool for you. If you are like me and have a few bushes in your yard, this thing is perfect. It may not be heavy duty, but it gets the job done at a great price. Battery is solid but definitely needs to be charged between jobs. Great for teens helping out around the house because it is light and easy to handle. I would recommend this product to a friend. by DanorifficAssociate from Nashville, TN | Tue, Dec 24, 2013 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag Verified PurchaseBattery operation became sporadic after only 10 minutes. by phil1234Annandale, VA | Fri, Sep 20, 2013 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag Verified Purchaseunderpowered shears These shears got hung up on the small, hard branches of our boxwoods. It took more effort to hold the switch in the "on" position than to just cut the bushes by hand! Returned them for a refund. by constantgardener, | Thu, Sep 12, 2013 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag Verified Purchase Compact Lithium Garden Shears Do what their advertised to do. Made a quick job of trimming my small garden bushes. I would recommend this product to a friend. by LMossLittle Rock, AR | Thu, Jun 20, 2013 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag Verified Purchaseworks very well gives me greater control when shaping shrubs I would recommend this product to a friend. by ducky239Lancaster, NY | Fri, Jun 7, 2013 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag Verified PurchaseLithium Garden Shears I love these shears because it is compact and lightweight. Because you have to push a button on the side and the trigger at the same time, it is awkward and takes some getting used to. But all in all, I'm very pleased with my purchase. I would recommend this product to a friend. The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product. by irepattBrookpark, OH | Wed, May 29, 2013 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag 2 visitors found this helpfulVerified Purchaseshearstopo gigio does not have the power to cut thick schrubs. by topogigioLanghorne, PA | Sun, May 26, 2013 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag Verified PurchaseExcellent purchase Lightweight easy to maneuver, battery like is ok I would recommend this product to a friend. by JerseyHandymanBelleville, NJ | Fri, May 24, 2013 Wa read more

Black and Decker 3.6 Volt Hedge Trimmer
Black and Decker
$65.00 $84.59
at Wayfair

Features:Hedge trimmer Powerful 4.0 amp motor for superior cutting performance Ideal for cutting branches up to 0.75" in diameter ...Capacity: 4.0 Amp Pre-hardened and rust resistant steel blades stay sharp longer Full wrap-around front handle provides comfortable gripping area in all cutting orientations Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 7.62 Inches Overall Width - Side to Side: 6.62 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 36.06 Inches Overall Product Weight: 7.5 Pounds read more

22" 4.0 Amp Hedge Trimmer
Good Ideas
$108.00 $139.99
at Hayneedle

The Good Ideas Rain Wizard Resin Rain Flat Back Rain Barrel is a stylish and easy way to catch and store rainwater that would just drain onto the ground and be lost. All you have to do is position this molded plastic barrel under your down spout, and water will pass through the screen and into the barrel for use later. The use of the screen means water gets in, but debris and insects don't. Thanks to the flat back design of the barrel, it will sit right against the house and take up less space on your walkway or patio. Child and pet proof, this rain barrel will hold up to 40 gallons of pure rainwater, which can be used to water gardens and potted plants. It can also be linked to other Rain Wizards by using a link kit (sold separately) to increase water capacity. This barrel features a shut-off valve for hose hook-up or dual overflow. Made of weather-resistant resin (the black option is recycled plastic), this rain barrel is resistant to rust, mold, mildew, rotting, UV rays, fading, and deterioration. The spigot is made of high-quality brass, which lasts longer and is more reliable than plastic spigots found on other models. Especially useful during dry seasons, the Rain Wizard is a smart and inexpensive investment that will pay for itself several times over in water bill savings. Please note - the brass spigot is included with your rain barrel. It is shipped inside the barrel - remove before use. An Eco-friendly Practice: Using a rain barrel is one way you can become more environmentally conscious. Saving rain water reduces the amount of usable water you need, which decreases demand for treated water and saves you money. Because the rain barrel catches water that would normally flow to the ground, it also helps the environment by reducing runoff waste water. Storing rain water can also supply you with an alternative water source during dry weather spells. And to top it all off, rain water is healthier for plants than tap water. What are you waiting for? Order a rain barrel today, and go green. About Good Ideas, Inc. Based in Lake City, Penn., Good Ideas, Inc. was founded in 2001 and has been promoting green living ever since. Many of their innovative products have been featured in magazines, newspapers, TV shows, and news stories. Good Ideas' products focus on sustainability, and are developed from practical, common-sense ideas generated from consumer needs. Good Ideas' great products include the Rain Wizard, Big Blue Rain Saver, Compost Wizard, and many more. read more

Good Ideas Rain Wizard Resin 40 Gallon Flat Back Rain Barrel
$112.97 $144.82
at Hayneedle

About Vickerman This product is proudly made by Vickerman, a leader in high quality holiday decor. Founded in 1940, the Vickerman ...Company has established itself as an innovative company dedicated to exceeding the expectations of their customers. With a wide variety of remarkably realistic looking foliage, greenery and beautiful trees, Vickerman is a name you can trust for helping you create beloved holiday memories year after year. read more

4 ft. Extra Full Green Smilax Tree in metal pot
Power Washer
$13.49 $19.99
at Casa

Powerwasher 80006 Universal Pressure Washer Brass Garden Hose Quick-Connect Kit Includes Quick Connect Adapter for Garden Hose - 8...1K030SH ?Universal pressure washer garden hose quick-connect kit?Easily connects or disconnects your water supply to a pressure washer?Made from high-quality aluminum for years of operation?Integrated check valve saves steps; allows connection of water supply to pressure washer while faucet is open?Attaches to all standard garden hoses Weight: 0.2lbs. Dimensions: 5in length x 7in width x 3in height read more

Powerwasher 80006 Universal Pressure Washer Brass Garden Hose Quick-Connect Kit
$206.27 $349.99
at Hayneedle

The benefits of this large capacity compost bin are hard to miss: attractive mocha color, modern open-slat design, and completely ...maintenance-free. The Dura-Trel 179 Gallon Compost Bin - Mocha is a spacious double compost bin made of incredibly durable vinyl. The two halves of the bin are completely connected, which gives you plenty of space for yard clippings and biodegradable food scraps. The open-slat design reduces odor and allows air to ventilate your compost freely. The removable front rails make it convenient to add or remove compost from the side in addition to the top. The base is open, which enables your compost materials to rest directly on the ground and remain accessible to helpful insects and worms. This high-quality mocha compost bin is made in the USA of weather-resistant, 100% maintenance-free vinyl. A UV-stabilizer in the vinyl enhances its sun-resistant properties and helps ensure that this incredibly durable compost bin will never fade, crack, peel, or rot. You'll never have to paint it either. With its clean, modern design and 20-year warranty, you've run out of excuses. Order yours today and start composting! About Dura-Trel Inc. Durability, versatility, reliability, and quality. These are the cornerstones of Dura-Trel's commitment to you. Our lawn and garden selections are an unbeatable and maintenance-free enhancement that can help transform the outdoors from average to outstanding. As you would expect from a national corporation with over 25 years of experience like ours, we offer competitive pricing and quick delivery. But we also have something our competitors don't - a custom production process that blends the efficiency of large-scale manufacturing with the time-honored qualities of hand-crafting traditions. read more

Dura-Trel 179 Gallon Vinyl Mocha Compost Bin
Minuteman International
$39.99 $49.99
at Hayneedle

Heavy-duty suede with split cowhide exterior Interior features a full lining of non asbestos felt Reinforced welted seams and loop Color choices available 20 inches long - one size fits most Whats Included Hearth glovesDescription Reach into the firebox of your wood stove with the Hearth Gloves. The gloves make stoking fire or reloading your fireplace safe and comfortable. These fully insulated gloves have a premium split cowhide exterior and non-asbestos felt inner lining. They are long and will also cover and protect your forearms. They have reinforced, welted seams that?ll protect fingertips, and also a hanging loop for convenient storage. Each pair measures 20 inches in length. About Minuteman Minuteman International began in 1977 with a focus on necessities for wood stoves including steamers, kettles and fireplace gloves. Since that time the company has expanded to include home and garden, birding supplies, and hearth and fireplace accessories. Minuteman emphasizes unique, hand-forged, wrought iron, European designs for the hearth and fireplace. Bellows, andirons, firebacks and wood baskets are all part of the selection. Most recently, Minuteman acquired Adams Fireplace Accessories, furthering their selection of high-quality fireplace items. The fireplace and hearth has always been a focal point in homes. It is where we gather to warm our hands, our feet, our souls. Minuteman International brings the perfect accessories to complement any fireplace, adding to the ambiance of warmth and family. read more

Hearth Gloves
$126.29 $169.99
at Casa

WORX WG430 13 amp Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder Flex-a-line bladeless mulching High mulch efficiency - 53 gallons per minute Tool... free quick assembly, easy convenient storage 11:1 mulch ratio turns big piles into small ones Tool-less cutting line replacement, uses .090-inch x 13-inch trimmer line Need more information on this product? Click here to ask. Weight: 0lb read more

WORX WG430 13 amp Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder

CobraCo? Welcome Garden Hanging Basket Planter As if there weren?t enough styles to choose from, here are a few more! CobraCo? off...ers an array of specialty planters - Perfect for those who want something a bit out of the ordinary. Flowers shown in planter are not included. The CobraCo? Welcome Garden Hanging Basket Planter's coco-liner is suspended by a black finish stand to match, complete with a Welcome sign. Perfect for your front porch or entry way. Welcome your guests in style with this decorative planter! The planter measures 18˝ inches long by 16 inches wide by 46 inches high. CobraCo? - The Brand for Premier Innovative Outdoor Living Décor read more

CobraCo Welcome Garden Hanging Basket Planter
Crate & Barrel
$12.97 $24.95
at Crate & Barrel

Soil, weeds, leaves, compost: rake it all in with this utilitarian, rust-resistant tool, outfitted with a sturdy ash wood handle w...ith a comfortable, sure grip. Long design helps limit bending and back stress.Stainless-Steel Garden Rake. 12"Wx3.5"Dx57.5"H Stainless-steel and ash wood Rust-resistant Clean with a dry cloth Made in India Overall DimensionsWidth: 12" Depth: 3.5" Height: 57.5" read more

Stainless-Steel Garden Rake
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