Garden Seeds Buying Guide

Some garden seeds are no larger than grains of sand, while others resemble full-grown flower heads. Whatever you choose to plant and grow, garden seeds reward with steady growth and incredible variety.

Types of Garden Seeds

Types of Garden Seeds

To the uninitiated, it seems nearly impossible: A whole garden -- full of perennials, annuals, vegetables, or herbs -- can be grown from just a few packets of seeds. That is the magic and beauty of garden seeds: They are inexpensive and amazing. And growing plants from seeds is not as difficult as it may seem; you can start them indoors if you have an inexpensive plant light, or you can wait until the soil warms and plant the seeds directly outside. Consider, then, the following types of garden seeds -- vegetables, annuals, perennials, vines, and herbs -- and get started on your garden seed journey.


Nearly all vegetables can be grown from garden seeds, particularly if you have a space indoors to give them a head start. Some, such as lettuce, can endure colder outdoor temperatures and still mature, while others have enough growing time once the ground warms.

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Many annuals have such robust growth during late spring and early summer that planting them from seed is a perfectly acceptable gardening practice.


Perennials grown from seed are apt to be started and tended to indoors as seedlings before being transplanted outdoors. The cost savings from seed more than outweighs the extra effort.


Vines -- many of them annuals -- are easily grown from seed. Pay attention to the maturity time before planting to ensure that your climate provides enough outside growing days.


Herbs are a natural fit as a grow-from-seed addition to the garden. Try your favorites in containers; the flexibility enables you to move the pots indoors if a cold day hits.

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Product Features

Product Features

Who knew? Even the ordinary garden seed can have product features. Buried behind the seed's hull are, in fact, secrets to your potential growing success -- points that must be carefully reviewed and considered, or your garden seed experience may be disappointing at best. Start by considering growing time, as well as the number of plants in the seed packet and the arrival of heirloom varieties. Here's information to help you get off to a great start.

Growing Time

Every plant grown from seed has a specific number of days to reach maturity. Particularly when growing vegetables for crops, this is an important number to consider to ensure your climate provides enough growing days.

Number of Plants in Seed Packet

Some packets provide a plethora of seeds, which means you can grow a bumper crop of marigolds, for example. But other plants and flowers have fewer seeds in the packet; make sure you have enough to cover the space you want to plant.

Heirloom Varieties

Heirloom varieties have seen a resurgence in popularity, particularly when it comes to vegetables. These seeds have a historic bent and are sometimes more difficult to find, but they can reward with unusual flowers or crops.

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

It isn't difficult to get initiated into growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs from seed. In fact, growing a few seeds in a container is a great way to begin to understand what it takes to successfully grow plants from seed. Once you are ready to branch out into more of an investment in garden seeds, though, it's important to review several key purchase considerations. Those include cost and climate constraints. Here's a quick overview to help you along.


Even though most seeds are fairly inexpensive, seeds are still an investment -- particularly if a crop is damaged by environmental factors, pests, or disease.

Climate Constraints

Because of outdoor air and soil temperatures, some seeds cannot be started outside until later in the season. This may affect their growth potential.

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