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Deep Fryers Buying Guide

Fish, turkey, french fries, chops: You name it, you can probably fry it. And when the weather is warm, if you have an outdoor deep fryer, you can fry foods outside.

Types of Deep Fryers

Types of Deep Fryers

People love to get together for a barbecue. And one of the latest trends to hit the outdoor cooking scene is deep-frying. It's fun, it's versatile, and it's easy. And with the range of deep fryers available, there's literally one for everyone, from beginners to barbecuing experts. As you're exploring the food and cooking possibilities of deep fryers, consider the types -- electric, stovetop, and propane/gas -- then make the selection that works best for you and your family.


Electric deep fryers may offer more temperature stability and control than other versions. These come in a range of sizes but do need access to power, which limits their placement outdoors.

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$129.95 $200.00
at Williams-Sonoma

Breville knows that not all deep-fried foods are created equal?so theyve created the first deep fryer with technology that adjusts... the time and temperature to suit what youre cooking, from crispy, golden fries and wings to decadent donuts. Choose from seven preset functions (including a special "twice-fried" setting)?and this smart appliance will deliver the right temperature at just the right time. The Smart Fryer? intuitively adjusts cooking time and temperature to ensure perfect results?no matter what youre cooking. Illuminated LCD control panel automatically indicates time, temperature, plus preset cooking functions for your favorite dishes. For specialized cooking, the fryer has preprogrammed settings for French fries, chicken wings, fish, calamari and donuts. Twice-fried function ensures ultra-crisp, restaurant-quality French fries, making adjustments for fresh or frozen potatoes. Use the Fresh/Frozen setting to automatically change time or temperature based on your selected cooking mode. A custom setting allows you to program your favorite dish. Large viewing window lets you monitor cooking without lifting the fry basket. Electronic thermostat helps oil rapidly come back to desired frying temperature between batches. CoolZone Technology allows food debris to fall into cooler oil, preventing burning and extending the life of your cooking oil. A mesh filter minimizes cooking odors. Durable stainless-steel construction helps ensure years of efficient service. read more

$299.95 $480.00
at Williams-Sonoma

Cooking platters of crispy fried chicken, egg rolls, doughnuts and French fries has never been easier, even for beginners, thanks the incredible convenience and capacity of this innovative deep fryer. Perfect for family meals, its simple and safe to use. Patented Krups technology flows air through a carbon filter to significantly minimize frying odors. Powerful heating element brings oil up to temperature quickly and recovers rapidly after foods are added. Holds 4 3/4-qt. of oil and cooks over 2 lb. of food. Dial adjusts temperature settings from 300F to 375F; displays in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. LED lights up when oil reaches proper temperature. 30-minute dial timer. Cool-touch tempered-glass lid locks down to seal in odors and wont fog. Stay-cool handles and control panel. Detachable power cord. Includes a fry basket. Brushed-stainless-steel finish. read more

$149.95 $230.00
at Williams-Sonoma

Brevilles commercial-style machine revolutionizes the art of deep-frying, allowing home cooks to easily and efficiently prepare fa...mily-sized batches of food using less oil than ever before. Its unique heating element keeps cooking oil at a uniform temperature, so foods cook to light, crispy perfection ? without absorbing fat. Innovative flat cool plate heating element maximizes capacity and efficiency, while minimizing oil use. Easy-to-use control dial adjusts cooking temperatures from 320 to 375F. Extra-large fry basket accommodates generous batches of food. Viewing window makes it easy to monitor cooking progress. A latch allows you to raise and drain the basket of fried food without opening the lid. Removable oil pan insert has a pour spout for easy emptying and cleaning. Removable lid is completely submersible for thorough cleaning. Durable stainless-steel housing remains cool to the touch. read more


The Professional cookware collection from Tramontina is designed to stand up to the rigors of restaurant kitchens?and offers an ex...cellent value for home cooks. This commercial-grade stovetop deep fryer produces perfectly fried vegetables, chicken and fish, and cleanup afterwards is a breeze. The versatile four-piece set includes two lids?one for deep-frying and one for traditional cooking. You can use the saucepan on its own, or with the fryer basket for blanching vegetables. Heavy-gauge aluminum alloy construction for efficient, even heat conduction and superior durability. Reinforced PFOA-free nonstick interior for effortless release of foods and fast cleanup. Cast stainless-steel handle with removable soft-grip silicone sleeve. Rivetless handle for easier cleaning. Stainless-steel mesh fryer basket includes a helper handle and a hook for hanging securely on pan for draining. Includes a stainless-steel mesh lid to contain oil splatters and a tempered glass lid for traditional cooking. NSF certified to meet the standards for cookware used in professional kitchens. Dishwasher safe. Made in USA. read more


A good starter or small-batch deep fryer, stovetop versions can fit on a grill top or other outdoor kitchen range. Heat for these versions comes from the burner underneath.

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$19.99 $39.99
at Brylane Home

Great for frying chicken, potatoes, donuts or slow-cooking sauces and soups! This deep fryer fits right on your stove-top and is v...ersatile enough to cook an entire meal. read more

at Amazon

6 quart stainless steel stove top deep fryer with endcapsulated base ensures faster & even heat distribution. Set includes frying ...basket. 6 quart deep fryer and stockpot all in one. read more

Sportsman Series

XBJ1019 Features: Outdoor cooker and fryer Dimensions: 25.5'' H x 16'' W x 15'' D, 15 lbs Warranty: Manufacture provide 90 da...ys warranty read more

$52.89 $66.99
at Wayfair

Features: Type 1 regulator and hose Black solid steel construction


More flexible in location but a bit more temperamental in temperature regulation, propane/gas deep fryers generate heat through a pipe leading to a tank.

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The Cajun Injector "Bolt Together" Gas Fryer Stand is perfect for any boiling pot. It is made completely from steel and comes with... a psi regulator. read more

$49.99 $59.00
at Walmart

The Cajun Injector Gas Multi Fryer is the perfect gift for the frying enthusiasts. This fryer will fry anything from fish to The small sleek design allows for easy use, storage, and cleaning. read more


Enjoy all of your favorite foods with the Elite Gourmet 3.3 Liter Deep Fryer. With its beautiful brushed stainless steel exterior,... this deep fryer is an absolute necessity to any modern home kitchen. It features a thermostat knob that heats up to 375 F so you can cook anything from french fries to fried zucchini or from buffalo wings to onion rings. Its 3.3 Liter size allows you to cook up to 2.3 pounds of food per batch. The easy to use timer lets you set the cook time for up to 30 minutes so that you no longer need to hover and wait or worry about over-frying foods. Also includes a replaceable filter to eliminate unwanted grease and oil odors. Features: Deep fryer Tempered polish glass exterior Enamel coated inner container Immersible heating element Splatter-proof lid Anti-grease removable filter Viewing window built into the lid Timer control knob Adjustable thermostat control Ready indicator light Capacity: 3.3 Liter Manufacturer provides 1 year warranty Show Additional Info read more

$41.71 $46.72
at Wayfair

Features: Power wattage: 1200 Capacity: 2 Liters Includes a removable fry basket

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

As fun and versatile as deep fryers are, there are still items that are important to review before making any purchase. For example, some deep fryers are best suited to certain types of food. So if you and your family love turkey, a turkey deep fryer is probably a good match. Other must-review purchase considerations include location/safety, oil disposal, number of cooking baskets/areas, and wheels. Get started on your cooking journey with this guide.


Because of the combination of large amounts of cooking oil and high heat, deep fryers have special location and safety concerns. Make sure you have a spot to place yours that's well away from structures of any sort and on a base that's nonflammable.

Oil Disposal

All deep fryers use oil, and that oil must be disposed of in a safe manner. Think through how you can remove cooled oil from your deep fryer and place it in the proper trash area for your community.

Number of Cooking Baskets/Areas

Larger deep fryers may have enough capacity to provide several cooking baskets or areas. This translates into the ability to cook more than one type of food at once.

Food Type

Some deep fryers are designed for one particular type of food -- fish fryers with shallow baskets, for example, or turkey fryers with very deep bowls.


Many deep fryers -- particularly the larger versions -- have wheels that enable you to easily move them from storage to cooking spots.

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Save space in the kitchen with the Ragalta 12" Electric Skillet and Fryer. Whether your kitchen is on the small side or you just l...ike having lots of open space, this electric skillet is just the right size for preparing a variety of quick and easy meals. Measuring 12" in diameter, the Ragalta electric skillet can conveniently be stored in a corner or in a cabinet. Though compact, it still offers plenty of room for frying, stewing, grilling and more. Pull out this grilling skillet to effortlessly make pancakes in the morning or grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. The Ragalta 12" Electric Skillet and Fryer features several temperature settings, so it can be used in a variety of situations, from heating up leftovers to slow cooking pot roast. Easy to clean, the skillet comes with cool-touch handles to prevent burns and a clear, tempered glass lid so you can monitor your food. read more

Ragalta 12" Electric Skillet and Fryer
$91.66 $147.77
at Walmart

The Char-Broil The Big Easy No-Oil Infrared Turkey Fryer is a good choice for those watching the calories. You can fry the turkey ...without using oil in this propane turkey fryer. The IR heat locks in flavor to let you prepare delicious dishes. Prepare the turkey with the same injectable marinade you always use, or use seasoned rubs on the outside, which cannot be done with traditional fryers. You can cook a pound of turkey in about eight to 10 minutes in this no-oil propane turkey fryer. This turkey fryer is safe to use as you don't have to worry about hot oil spilling or splattering. The enclosed burner design adds to the safety factor on this Char-Broil infrared turkey fryer. The cool touch handles let you hold the fryer comfortably while it is cooking. This Char-Broil The Big Easy Turkey Fryer comes with a pull-out grease tray, stainless steel cooking chamber and meat thermometer. read more

Char-Broil The Big Easy No-Oil Infrared Propane Turkey Fryer
$59.99 $79.00
at Walmart

This Cajun Turkey Propane Fryer is perfect for frying turkeys. It comes with a T-star, a lifting hook, and a temperature gauge to ensure that you fry the perfect turkey everytime! read more

Cajun Injector 30-Quart Turkey Fryer
Bayou Classic
$54.99 $90.00
at Hayneedle

Everything you need to fry a turkey, seafood, and more Fryer made from 18-gauge restaurant-grade aluminum 12-inch thermometer meas...ures from 50 to 750 degrees Includes: 30-qt. stockpot, vented lid, perforated poultry rack, grab hook, thermometer, and 1-oz. seasoning injector Turkey fryer dimensions: 11 diam. x 15.5H inches, 9 lbs. Whats Included 30-qt. stock pot, Vented lid, Perforated poultry rack, Grab hook, 12-inch thermometer, 1-oz. seasoning injectorDescription About Bayou Classic Bayou Classic continues to be the industry leader in outdoor cooking equipment such as turkey fryers, stainless steel stockpots, cast iron cookware, aluminum stockpots, and grills. Their reputation has been built on a foundation of quality and customer service. Bayou Classic strives to create quality, cost-effective products that help spread the joy of outdoor cooking. read more

Bayou Classic Aluminum Turkey Fryer Stockpot - 30 qt.
$151.98 $189.99
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Avoid pending oil disasters that come with frying a turkey. With the Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer, you can enjoy the ...moist, delicious flavor of a fried turkey without the expense and hassle of using oil, and without all the wasted propane. This efficient model uses less propane, gives you a delectable bird, and does so without dousing it in fat. The key is the special infrared cooking mechanism that provides perfect even heat, keeping the whole bird moist - never dry! Included is a user's guide with tips and tricks for all types of cooking. Char-Broil is a widely known producer of premium outdoor cooking products ranging from the finest stainless steel outdoor grills all the way to the equally important spatula. Each of their products is crafted with care and precision, keeping in mind the exacting standards of their customers. Their products span a huge array of selection and price ranges; chances are they've got a product with you in mind. Founded in 1948, Char-Broil's vast product line includes just about every kind of cooking apparatus imaginable. Whether it's barbecue, straight grilling, smoking, or frying products you're looking for, or a nice outdoor fireplace, you can't go wrong with a Char-Broil. read more

Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer
King Kooker
$123.98 $159.99
at Hayneedle

The King Kooker Turkey Fryer with Stainless Steel Pot is made from the best materials and can fry up a 20 lb. turkey in a flash wh...ile sealing in all the juices that would be lost in a conventional oven. If you're not into gobbling turkey, this outdoor cooker's 30 qt. stainless steel pot can be used to prepare steamed and boiled dishes as well. An entire recipe booklet has even been thrown in with this package so you'll never be short on ideas for new and exciting meal plans. Included with this pot is a deep fry thermometer, LP hose, regulator with type 1 connection, turkey rack, lifting hook, and timer. Measures 13.5L x 13.4W x 17.6H inches. Fueled by propane (sold separately), this cooker can produce up to 38,000 BTUs of heat. CSA design certified. About King Kooker King Kooker embodies the spirit of Cajun cooking - they know how to make delicious food, and they want to share it with you and yours. With a full range of products designed to help you boil seafood, simmer gumbo or jambalaya, fry fish, steam clams, deep-fry turkey, and tackle traditional grilling tasks, King Kooker has everything you need to celebrate good eatin'. High-quality materials and experienced design mark a well-made outdoor product, and King Kooker a-bayou-t as good as it gets. read more

King Kooker Turkey Fryer with Stainless Steel Pot
Bayou Classic
$100.00 $200.00
at Hayneedle

Cast iron construction 2.75-gallon capacity Rounded interior and flat bottom exterior Comes with domed lid Great for outdoor use M...easures 15.5 diam. x 7H in. Whats Included Jambalaya pot, Domed lidDescription About Bayou Classic Bayou Classic continues to be the industry leader in outdoor cooking equipment such as turkey fryers, stainless steel stockpots, cast iron cookware, aluminum stockpots, and grills. Their reputation has been built on a foundation of quality and customer service. Bayou Classic strives to create quality, cost-effective products that help spread the joy of outdoor cooking. read more

Bayou Classics Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot and Deep Fryer - 2.75 gal.
$109.98 $153.00
at Wayfair

This infrared oil-less turkey fryer is the safe way to fry your turkey. And because it uses NO oil, it's healthier, too. Prepare y...our Turkey with the same inject-able marinade you already use, or use seasoned rub on the outside, which is not an option with traditional fryers. Cooks a turkey from start-to-finish just as quickly as oil-frying without the messy clean-up. Features:Turkey fryer Rotary ignition Cool-touch handles Pull-out grease tray Stainless steel cooking chamber Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 24.5 Inches Overall Width - Side to Side: 20.7 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 21.1 Inches Overall Product Weight: 35 Pounds Special Offer: 10 Issues of Fast Company A $10 Value - Included with your purchase (Subscription and Rebate Info) read more

The Big Easy Oil-less Infrared Turkey Fryer
Sportsman Series
$83.50 $119.99
at Wayfair

Make food for a party with the sportsman series single basket outdoor cooker and fryer with single burner. Great for tailgating, h...unting and camping, The outdoor cooker and fryer and fryer can make everything from gumbo to corn, Fried fish to ham and beans, and everything in between. a separate aluminum 9.5 quart pot and fry basket lets fry or boil your food, so this outdoor cooker and fryer can make enough food to feed a backyard full of people. If love to entertain outdoors, the sportsman series outdoor cooker and fryer can make it easier to feed a crowd. Everything need to get started is included. a dial thermometer can measure temperature up to 550 degrees fahrenheit. a 2.5 foot lp hose and adjustable regulator connects to a 54,000 btu cast iron burner with a wind guard to keep the flame strong and steady. Just hook the outdoor cooker and fryer up to a propane fuel source, like the one on gas grill. intended for outdoor use only, Propane tank not included. Great for outdoor frying or deep boiling, ideal for tailgating, hunting, and camping. Make jambalaya, paella, gumbo, ham 'n beans, stocks, soups, corn, hush puppies, fried fish, etc. Prepare food outdoors with this reliable and portable propane powered cooker. Includes a 4 inch dial thermometer so know when food is done and safe to eat, measures up to 550 degrees. 2.5 Foot lp hose and adjustable regulator with type 1 connection control a 54,000 btu cast iron burner. Wind guard surrounds flame for your protection and to keep the flame from going out. Stove stands 21 inches high. 9.5 Quart aluminum pot and fry basket, basket measures 4 inches high by 11 inches in diameter intended for outdoor use only, propane tank not included. Read more Features:Outdoor cooker and fryer Manufacture provide 90 days warranty Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 25.5 Inches Overall Width - Side to Side: 16 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 15 Inches Overall Product Weight: 15 Pounds read more

Single Basket Outdoor Cooker and Fryer with Single Burner
Bayou Classic
$99.00 $129.00
at Wayfair

This pot is made from 304 stainless steel, and it is great for boiling shrimp, steaming vegetables, or frying a turkey. It include...s a stainless steam/boil basket, vented lid, poultry rack/grab hook, skewer set, and 12'' thermometer. Features: 32 quart stainless steel stockpot Vented lid Perforated steam/boil basket Perforated poultry rack/grab hook 3-piece detachable skewer set Steams, boils and fries: seafood, poultry, vegetables, tamales Polished stainless steel for optimal durability and easy cleaning Strongest perforated basket on the market for even steaming Heavy duty handle for easy transport 12'' Thermometer 50F - 750F 1 oz Trial seasoning injector Show Additional Info read more

Stainless Steel 32 Quart Turkey Fryer
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