Composting Bins Buying Guide

Put your kitchen waste to good, practical use by purchasing your own composting bin. This simple outdoor implement turns food trash into garden gold -- and there's a composting bin to fit every size yard.

Types of Composting Bins

Types of Composting Bins

Practical magic: That's an apt description of a compost bin. Put in kitchen scraps and lawn clippings, and in a few months your garden will thank you for the rich compost that will enhance the organic content of your soil -- and the growth of your flowers. The various types of compost bins are fairly simple to choose from, too, with just a few that differ on some key enhancements. Those include stationary, rotating/tumbler, and stackable. Here's a short introduction.


For homeowners with a set spot and plenty of room, a stationary compost bin may be a good fit. These bins stay in one spot and do not rotate. The disadvantage: The developing compost must be turned by hand.

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Dimensions: 28W x 26D x 37H in.. Made from recycled plastic. Features 2 21.5 gal. compartments. Easy to assemble and turn. For use... outdoors. Don't feel limited by a smaller yard; the Exaco Mr. Spin 43 Gallon Stationary Compost Tumbler is perfect for gardeners with compact spaces. This compost tumbler can help you do your part to make use of waste and providing nutrient rich soil for your plants. The tumbler is made of recycled plastic, is easy to use, and holds up to 43 gallons of compost and waste scraps.Additional Features2 compartments: 21.5 gal. eachCompartments keep old and new separatedBlack and green colorUV protected plasticEasy to turn100% recycled PP plasticEasy assembly read more


Exaco compost mixing tool is easy to use and accelerates aerobic composting in your compost bin. Stainless steel construction prov...ides durability. Hinged wing tips make it easier to mix compost opening out to lift and turn and folding up for easy penetration. read more


Exaco compost mixing tool is easy to use and accelerates aerobic composting in your compost bin. Stainless steel construction prov...ides durability. Hinged wing tips make it easier to mix compost opening out to lift and turn and folding up for easy... read more


Heavier stronger duty walls than most other similar designs material is 5 mm thick. New air flow system unique wall panel design a...llows air to continuously flow upwards along all 4 side panels. Hinged lid which wont blow away and folds back for easy access. High-grade polypropylene copolymer resin up to 40 recycled material. read more


Some compost bins have a handle or internal device that enables you to rotate the contents. Most of these bins are mounted on some sort of stand -- typically made of metal -- that may be part of the turning mechanism.

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The Compost Wizard Eco Tumbler is an affordable composter with some great features. Sized to accommodate the needs of a small to a...verage sized garden, the dual chambers can hold up to 5.7 cubic feet (42 gallons). Because they are separated, you can run batches independently, getting compost even faster than a single batch tumbler. Because of the smooth turning and tumbling action, the compost material can break down into earthy hummus in as little as 30 days. Aeration is strategically located along the outsides of the bin to allow optimal airflow with minimal mess. The sliding door has no moving parts and can be pushed to the side to open. While it's easy for you, it's not easy for critters to get in. The low odor design is also very tough and can stand up to weather and moderate impacts. The coated, tubular frame is also tough, able to support a fully loaded composter with ease. The hand holds are great for gripping and also provide agitation for the material inside, breaking up material. Best of all, the bin is made of 100% recycled plastic. Some assembly required. read more

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Get started composting right with the compost Wizard dueling tumbler starter kit. The compost Wizard dueling tumbler combines some... of the greatest features in our tumblers to create a compact tumbler that does it all. With compost tumblers, users are restricted to working with one batch at a time. The dueling tumbler overcomes this drawback by supporting two batches running simultaneously. Each 25 gallon chamber is separated & can compost independently. Also on the dueling tumbler is a compost tea collecting base which collects excess composting liquid for later use on plant root & soil. As with the majority of our tumblers, the dueling tumbler is manufactured using recycled polyethylene in lake city, Pennsylvania. This plastic is BPA free & FDA approved for contact with edibles. Setting up the composter is easy; simply place the composter in a mostly sunny spot & you're done. The composter comes fully assembled. The dueling tumbler already takes your composting to the next level but you can go even further with the included accessories. The coco fiber brick is perfect for those with a need to compost but have little access to carbon-rich ingredients such as urbanites. The coco fiber is a natural product of the coconut harvesting process & is a great peat Moss replacement as well. The included accelerator pouch includes two bags that can be mixed with water & added to the batch. Each bag can treat 12cu. Ft. Of compost. & you can track your compost batch's status with the large, specially designed compost thermometer. The large 19" probe can nestle deep into the center of your batches to get accurate temperature readings in both Celsius & Fahrenheit. Knowing how hot your compost is can greatly help with troubleshooting. No matter what your level of experience, the compost Wizard dueling tumbler starter kit will give you all the tools you need to be a composting master. read more

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Going green? Recycle your vegetable scraps into a nutritious fertilizer for your vegetable and flower gardens with the Lifetime 65... gal. Composter. It is constructed with heavy-duty black panels to absorb and retain the heat that decomposes the organic material. An internal mixing bar allows the flow of oxygen to break it down into a fine fertilizer. The lightweight 65 gallon tumbler turns on its axis for balanced rotation. Extra-large removable lid allows easy access for filling and dumping. With your compost ingredients enclosed inside the composter tub, you will not be subjected to an unsightly, smelly, fly attracting, open-air compost heap in your garden. And no more turning it all with a pitchfork. Save your back, save your money, with the convenient Lifetime 65 gal. composter. read more

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Additional limited-time savings reflected in current priceMade from 100% recycled plastic in black7 cubic feet = 52 gallonsEasy tu...rning and twist-off lidBase and tumbler includedCompost tea collects in bottom tray31L x 25W x 23H inches. They're ALL good ideas from the Good Ideas company and we love this latest ingenious design. The exclusive Good Ideas 52 Gallon Recycled Plastic compost Tea Tumbler is a multi-talented friend to have around. Constructed of sturdy 100% recycled plastic this tea tumbler easily turns your scraps and waste into rich organic material for your garden. Its black color helps retain heat for faster composting and its twist-off lid makes it easy to retrieve the good stuff. A double benefit for your efforts in green living! The composter holds up to 7 cubic feet of compost/waste. You can only get this cool composter here at Hayneedle! With this tea tumbler you never need to worry about compost piling up in your yard again. Its 52-gallon capacity provides ample room for storing compost and trash for future use and the lid quickly unscrews for easy access. The tea from your compost falls into the bottom and a simple spigot lets you get the material out to use it around your garden. Keep your plants protected and healthy by reusing compost and waste. read more


A stackable compost bin has different compartments; newer additions to the compost pile are separate from older, more decayed items. This allows food waste to break down at different rates.

Product Features

Product Features

Compost bins aren't necessarily a complex purchase, and their features are more limited than that of, say, a lawn mower. Still, the way the compost bin is set up and its various pieces can do much to enhance its convenience and usefulness. As you review the different types, take note of the various product features, including sections, a base, and material. Each is important; use this short guide as explanation and overview.


If you will not have much time to turn the waste in a compost bin, you may want to find one that has sections to separate waste and allow it to break down at different times.


Some compost bins are perfectly fine sitting on the ground, but you may want to protect or elevate yours with a base. This can be as simple as a few pavers or a square of poured concrete.


Compost bins are made of a wide range of materials; most often they are wood or plastic. Check the durability of your choices, and know whether the material will fade after spending time in the sun.

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

A compost bin is a great way to put to good use what would otherwise go to the landfill, and maintaining one isn't that difficult or involved. But before you rush out and buy one, there are a few purchase considerations that may affect how long you use it and how well it fits into your lifestyle. Think through location, storage, an indoor pail, compost removal, and a stirrer as elements that influence which compost bin you purchase. Use this short overview to get started.


A compost bin should have a suitable location that's convenient to add food waste as well as remove compost once it's ready to use in the garden. It should also be accessible during cold months.


Most compost bins are designed to stay outside year-round. Even so, it's best to thoroughly check the durability of the material you prefer.

Indoor Pail

Unless you are very dedicated and have plenty of time after every food-prep experience, you'll need an indoor compost bin to store waste until you can add it to the pile.

Compost Removal

Many compost bins have a convenient door or access panel to remove compost once it has finished decaying.


If your compost bin does not have a built-in turning mechanism, you will need to manually stir the contents. A medium- or long-handle fork with widely spaced tines typically does the trick.

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How do you get your compost from your pile to where you wanna spread it? With the CompoMix Pyramid Composter you can simply wheel ...your compost wherever you'd like! The bottom Compost Cart pulls out, making it easier than ever to add nutrient-rich... read more

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2 filter sets for the Endurance® 1-1/2 gal. Jumbo Compost Pail (#PAIL-XL). Made of carbon coated nylon to help ensure an odor-free... environment. Replace both filters every 4 to 6 months or sooner if you feel that odors are not contained enough or you... read more

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ExacoAeroQuick Compost Bin of the highest quality. Prefer to use a traditional compost bin but want one which doesn't break or fal...l apart: the largest Aeroquick 187 gallon unit is the answer. you have lots of yard waste than this large units is the... read more

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ExacoAerobin 400 (110 gal) compost bin: first fully insulated compost bin designed for year-round operation both in very cold and ...very hot weather conditions. Patented "lung" system ensures continuous flow of fresh air in the center of the bin. This... read more

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ExacoAeroQuick Compost Bin of the highest quality. Prefer to use a traditional compost bin but want one which doesn't break or fal...l apart: the mid-size Aeroquick 110 gallon unit is the answer. Made from industrial quality plastics in Austria by the... read more

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ExacoAeroQuick Compost Bin of the highest quality. Prefer to use a traditional compost bin but want one which doesn't break or fal...l apart: the smaller Aeroquick 77 gallon unit is the answer. Made from industrial quality plastics in Austria by the famed... read more

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This easy-to-use compost bin with built-in aeration system comes with a cover. The pull-out door provides easy access. It's crafte...d of solid wood harvested from the Cypress tree family with decay resistance similar to Western Red Cedar. It's moisture... read more

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Lid locks - two doors to remove compost. 0.20 in. thick heavy duty plastics to last 10-15 years. Strong enough to stand on. Capaci...ty: 110 gals.. Made in Austria. Made from polypropylene copolymer up to 40% recycled. 31.5 in. W x 31.5 in. D x 42 in. H... read more

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Compost Wizard Eco Tumbler, Black: 5.7 cu ft total capacity 2 chambers for independent composting Low friction bearing for effortless turning 1-year limited warranty Model# CW-ECOT-BLK read more

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Additional features Liquid fertilizer reservoir has a 4 gallon capacity Easy to assemble No turning and no tool required Can reduc...e 3 tons of material to 1 ton annually Designed and developed in Australia Extensively researched and tested by Swinburne... read more

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