Birdhouses Buying Guide

"Gimme shelter" might be what birds would tell homeowners, if they could speak. Because they can't, here is a guide to purchasing the perfect birdhouse to protect your winged visitors.

Types of Birdhouses

Types of Birdhouses

When it comes to settling into a home, birds are nearly as picky as people in their preferences. But there's good reason for that: Birds use their nesting grounds to protect their eggs and their young -- and themselves. And a well-designed birdhouse that adapts to those specific needs can be a haven for the most desirable birds. Think about the types of birds you want to attract, and then review the types of houses available: bluebird, purple martin, hummingbird, cardinal, finch, wren, and decorative. Use this guide to help you.

Bluebird Houses

Bluebird houses are specially designed to attract and protect this endangered species. The hole is very small to prevent predatory birds from using the structure, and a large, slanting roof covers the enclosed space.

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Nature's Way

The Nature's Way Advanced Bird Products Model CWH3 Cedar Bluebird and Wild Bird House, Featuring maximum ventilation, an elevated ...mesh base to manage blowflies and predator guards, this bluebird box house will have you enjoying the company of aviary... read more


Dimensions: 10W x 6.5D x 17H in.Constructed of .8125-inch solid cypress woodUnfinished cypress1 bird hole,1.5625-inch-inch diamete...rAccommodates western bluebirdTwist latch, slide front panel inverts for winter roosting. Handcrafted in the USA. Built rugged for all-weather roosting, the Heartwood Western Bluebird Bird House is made of thick cypress and headed ring shank stainless steel nails. It features an easy twist latch and slide front panel that also inverts for winter roosting. Sized for a variety of bird residents, this bird house has a 1.5625-inch hole perfect for the western bluebird. read more

$9.97 $9.93

Keep your bird friends fed and protected with the Pennington Classic Bluebird Bird House. Made out of cedar wood, this house has b...een designed to withstand the elements, so nesting birds can be shielded from the weather. It will also protect small... read more

$111.11 $72.11

Solid cypress construction. Stone-washed shingled roof, solid copper trim and hinged front door. Easy accessfor cleaning, viewing ...and ventilation. Mounting paddle for easy hanging. Has 1 1/2 in. hole which works for... read more

Purple Martin Houses

Purple martin houses are notable for several things: They are typically painted white or a very light color to attract the birds, and they are grouped together to encourage colonies of purple martins to nest.

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Birds Choice

Purple martins will flock to the Birds Choice Coates Original Purple Martin Bird House. This house is designed to attract and hous...e these North American swallows. Martins perfect open areas with clear flyways so place this bird house accordingly. Its... read more

Heath Manufacturing

It's possible that you've stayed in hotels that aren't as nice as this attractive 12-room Purple Martin house, which offers the co...mfort and shelter birds love! It's built to last with 3/4in.-thick long-lasting redwood construction, fastened together by screws, with Masonite room dividers and floors. The roof, floors and room dividers lift out for easy cleaning. Ventilated design adds to bird comfort. Includes mounting plate. Mounting pole Item# 16924 sold separately. read more

Birds Choice

This Birds Choice WatersEdge Purple Martin Bird House is designed to attract, house, and protect your favorite birds. This bird ho...use is designed specifically for Purple Martins, which prefer open areas with clear flyways. Its white aluminum... read more

Birds Choice

Attract, house, and protect your favorite birds with this Birds Choice Starling Resistance Purple Martin Bird House. This house is... built for Purple Martins. These birds prefer open areas with clear flyways so place this bird house accordingly. Its... read more

Hummingbird Houses

The best hummingbird houses replicate a natural nesting experience for these delicate birds. That includes a cupped nest that feels secure in a tree branch, as well as some sort of cover -- such as a faux leaf -- to provide protection.

Cardinal Birdhouses

Cardinals are not attracted to typical birdhouses. Because they nest out in the open in thickets or shrubs, they require a similar structure, such as a platform that's open or minimally enclosed.

Finch Birdhouses

Like bluebird houses, smaller holes -- typically about 1-1/2 inches wide -- distinguish finch birdhouses; this size protects them from predatory birds. Drainage and size to nest are also important.

Wren Birdhouses

Wrens nest closer to the ground than most birds; their very small birdhouses are distinguished by very small entrance holes -- less than 1-1/4 inches -- that prevent sparrows from entering.


Many birdhouses are purely decorative in nature and not designed to attract a specific type of bird. Keep in mind that, with an "open" nesting policy, you may find the birdhouse infiltrated by undesirable species.

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Etsy - TheBirdmanOfOrange

Rustic yellow wooden birdhouse. I painted a daisy on the front to give it a summertime feel. This AFrame shaped birdhouse is tradi...tional in shape except for the roof that pitches forward like a mid century home. This birdhouse is designed to hang on a fence or on a wall and an added piece of wood is attached to the back as a hanger. It is made out of reclaimed redwood fencing so it has that rustic weathered look. Like all of our birdhouses, It cleans out by removing the bottom panel and it is guaranteed to withstand the elements for 20 years. The dimensions are 8width 14tall x 12deep. Your neighborhood birds will love it. read more

Etsy - TheBirdmanOfOrange

Unique birdhouse with handpainted butterfly. This is one of my favorite birdhouses because of the slanted roof. I painted a beauti...ful butterfly that I found from some vintage artwork. This beauty would look great as a centerpiece or on a shelf,indoors or out. It cleans out by removing the bottom panel and it is 100% weatherproof. The dimensions are 17width 6tall x 7deep. What a cute little birdhouse to put anywhere. Happy springtime. read more

Etsy - TheBirdmanOfOrange

Tall birdhouse with cherries. This modern birdhouse has a flat back and fits great on a fence or on a shelf. The little bunch of c...herries are sweet and add a pop of color. Birds will come back year after year for this one. Just like all of our birdhouses, it is made from reclaimed wood and it cleans out by removing the bottom panel and it is guaranteed to withstand the elements for 20 years. The dimensions are 6width 18tall x 7deep. May you and your local birdies enjoy this birdhouse. read more

Etsy - RouxSpecialties

Bring nature home to your backyard, with this hand crafted Natural stone bird house. Hand picked from our Vermont mountain streams.... Chosen for its shape, size and color then diamond cut and drilled just enough so not to take away from its natural characteristics. No two are alike. Each one comes with a copper perch and a water resistant removable bottom for easy cleaning. This birdhouse measures 9.5 x 6 x 12 inches high and is a beautiful natural black stone. Its surface has a texture but soft to the touch. Due to the dark color of the stone it would be recommended to shade this birdhouse from the sun so it wont get too hot for nesting. Exclusively designed and handcrafted by Lloyd Roux. Each house is signed and numbered. These were originally crafted for garden decoration. But these unique stone birdhouses have gone far beyond his expectations. Many have been functional nesting houses for the North American Chickadee. Reporting up to six chicks in one house. Hand crafted wall stands are now available on other shop pages of this section. A prefect gift for any bird lover. read more

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

Birdhouses are not just decorative. The amenities -- for you and the birds -- can make a big difference in how long your birdhouse lasts, whether it serves the birds it's intended for, and how happy you are with your purchase. For example, all birdhouses need regular cleaning; those that come apart with difficulty and are troublesome to clean may be less enjoyable to you than other, better-designed pieces. Review cleaning, as well as material, hanging/mounting mechanism, and accessories, as you choose the perfect birdhouse for your landscape and your birds.


Most birdhouses are constructed of wood; a few, such as sculpted hummingbird houses, are made of metal. All materials should be free of anything that might leach out or harm the birds.

Hanging/Mounting Mechanism

Many birdhouses are mounted to a pole or the side of a building to provide stability for nesting birds. Make sure yours can be secured firmly to the structure.


Birdhouses require periodic cleaning and inspection to ensure predators do not invade. Make sure the lid opens easily, or the sides swing out, to enable you to thoroughly clean the structure.


Various birdhouse accessories may help you protect the species your structure is intended to attract as well as enhance its upkeep. Those include small brushes, entry-hole protectors, squirrel guards, and decoys, such as faux owls, intended to frighten predators.

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Gifted Living
$105.00 $52.99

Light the way to rustic elegance with this unique lamp. The lighted birdcage showcases a delicate yet simple design of a bird foliage. The roof features overlapping copper-toned leaves and a green stripe. This unusual hanging decr will give your... read more

$160.00 $121.10

HeartwoodTis a gift to be simple, says the old shaker song, and this gift to your birds couldn t be more beautifully simple, or si...mply beautiful. The quality of design and purpose shines through in uncluttered lines and a bright white exterior beneath... read more

$110.00 $86.10

HeartwoodEvoking the waving grasslands of the great midwest, the prairie home features sold cypress construction with a whimsical ...multicolored shingle patterned roof. The effect is complete with a complementary colored roundtop "door" highlighting the... read more

Heart & Eagle
$357.14 $178.57

Heart & EagleThe English cottage birdhouse is handcrafted of century old barn timbers. Rather than allow a once prominent feature ...of the American landscape fade into a distant memory, John Gurtain has transformed the red barn of days gone by into a... read more

$104.00 $81.90

HeartwoodDistinctive from the hills of tennessee. Barn-inspired styling complete with tin roof. Solid cypres sbody construction an...d a rooster finial to top it off.Barn-inspired styling Solid cypress body construction and a rooster finial to top it off... read more

$250.00 $189.00

HeartwoodThis graceful church feeder will delight you and your flock six ways to sunday, especially the way the steeple top remove...s so you can pour feed down the steeple for divinely easy use. You'll also rejoice in the unyielding cellular pvc... read more

$150.00 $114.10

HeartwoodAh, the songs you ll hear, the tales you ll tell with this magical home that doesn t seem constructed so much as conjured.... Bark-like rustic scored exterior is captivatingly quaint, topped with a shingled roof dotted with inviting earth tone... read more

$72.00 $59.50

HeartwoodYour songbirds will have it made in the shade with this happy haven. Beautifully designed with cypress sides and copper v...erdigris roof, Shady Shed is also carefully constructed, hand painted and distressed for an elegantly aged look. Add in... read more

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