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Outdoor Cooking Accessories Buying Guide

Turn yourself into your own grill master with helpful accessories for grills and cooking outdoors. These items help you maximize your skills (and encourage you to have a little fun, too).

Types of Accessories

Types of Accessories

If you've ever watched a cooking show on a food-related TV channel, you may have come away amazed at the skills that barbecue aficionados demonstrate during outdoor food prep. But some of their secrets are accessories for grills and cooking. These helpful items not only do some of the work for you, but they also help protect your expensive outdoor cooking equipment. Take a look at the range of options -- cover, starter, brushes/scrapers, drip pans, lighting, mitts/gloves, grill baskets and planks, thermometers, side burners, rotisseries, and utensils -- and get started on the path to becoming a home cooking expert.


Grills should be covered in the off-season to protect their exteriors and cooking elements from damage. Covers may also be used at night or during rainstorms.

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Swiss Grill
at Amazon

Keep your grill clean under all weather conditions by using this incredible & durable PVC/Polyester. Swiss Grill Covers are high q...uality, weatherproof and ready to help protect your grill from the elements (even though the 304 marine grade stainless steel needs no help for weather protection). read more

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Find Grill Accessories And Cleaning at! Protect your barbeque from rain, hail and other nasty weather using the Thresho...ld Grill Cover. Constructed from 100% polyester, this BBQ cover comes in an understated dark brown color. Built-in vents help prevent mold and mildew by enabling airflow, while a drawstring hem keeps the cover in place. Shield your charcoal or gas grill from the harmful effects of weather using this simple, effective barbeque cover. Size: 53. Color: Maverick Brown. read more

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Find Grill Accessories And Cleaning at! KitchenAid 700-0781 island grill head cover fits grills up to 40? (W) x 25?(D) ...x 22? (H) assembled dimensions. Tent style design for optimal exterior moisture removal and interior airflow. Made of PVC and Polyester. 50/50 PVC/Polyester blend. Elastic Bottom Closure. Color: Black. read more

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Find Grill Accessories And Cleaning at! Weber's heavy-duty, full-length cover protects your gas grill from the elements.... Molded to the shape of the grill, the covers stay snug and secure. Fits Genesis® Silver C, Genesis® Gold B/C (2002 & Newer) and Genesis® 2000-5500 gas grills. Limited 2-year warranty Color: Black. read more


For charcoal grills, a starter is a useful contraption. It holds charcoal in its base and is a good way to establish a secure beginning for a cooking flame.

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The EcoQue Portables are Energy Efficient Grills that combine exceptional performance with unparalleled convenience and versatilit...y with an EcoQue you can grill, bake, fry, roast, boil and even smoke your foods. These foil liners enhance performance and make clean up even easier. Each package comes with six heavy duty liners, pre-cut, punched and folded to fit your EcoQue Portable perfectly, while still allowing airflow to power your energy efficient grill. Lightning Bugs get your fire going easier. read more

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Find Grill Fuels at! Light your coals quickly and efficiently with the Bayou Classic Charcoal Starter. This heavy-duty ...metal charcoal starter lets you light briquette or lump charcoal with just a few strips of paper, and it heats the coals... read more

$11.89 $13.99
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Find Grill Fuels at! Works in cold or hot weather ? tested to subfreezing temperatures. Not harmful to body (if shocked...), similar to a static electricity shock. Piezoelectric igniter good to 100,000 strikes. Lights all types of ignitable... read more

$8.49 $9.99
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Find Grill Fuels at! Reduce the time it takes to get your coal briquettes ready with this Chefmate chimney starter. Thi...s metal device features a handle that extends out from the base so you can pick it up safely. Color: Black. read more


Brushes and scrapers are useful utensils to clean off the cooking grates and surfaces of a grill. These may have multiple sides to remove large or small leftover items.

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Grill Daddy
$23.99 $24.99
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Find Grill Accessories And Cleaning at! This Grill Brush Pro with Replacement from Grill Daddy cleans with the power of... steam. The grill brush's body holds and releases ordinary tap-water during your brush-down; it turns to steam upon... read more

Man Law
$25.49 $29.99
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Find Grill Accessories And Cleaning at! MAN LAW is a collective brand of BBQ tools and accessories that takes pride in ...its premium quality. . . After a fun and sumptuous barbecue, cleaning up need not be a dreaded task. Cleaning your grills... read more

$7.64 $8.99
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Find Grill Accessories And Cleaning at! Maintain a beautiful and functional grill with this grill brush from Chefmate. ...The dual sides feature bristles and a scrubber pad, so you can remove tough debris with ease. The long handle allows you... read more

Drip Pans

Drip pans are placed underneath the cooking surface to collect dripping fat or bits from food.

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Help keep your grill and catch pan as clean as possible while grilling. These convenient foil liners are custom-sized for Weber Su...mmit gas grill catch pans. Use them also for serving or take them on the road with you when you'r grilling on the go. read more

$62.00 $73.00

Shop for Accessories and Parts from! Don't lose a drop of juice with Primo Roaster Drip Pan Racks. Just place a on the racks and you'll prevent flare-ups from grease and other liquids that drip onto the charcoal. You'll also be able to circulate dripping juices to enhance flavor rather than losing it to the hot coals below. Includes two drip pan racks for the Oval XL or Oval Jr.About PrimoBased in Norcross Georgia Primo is one of the top producers of ceramic grills and grilling accessories in the world and the only ceramic grill manufacturer in the USA. Their Primo Oval XL offers more capacity than any other ceramic cooker in the world. The oval design itself is Primo's very own patented design. All of their grills and smokers are made of a premium-grade ceramic blend and coated with a protective lead-free porcelain glaze. These superior cookers also feature a stainless steel bottom vent door and cast-iron chimney top vent. They're so confident in their craftsmanship that all Primo grills are backed by a 20 year warranty. Primo indeed. read more


No more burnt crusts or soggy middles. The Nifty Pizza Baking Rack cooks a perfect frozen pizza every single time. The patented te...chnology redirects heat to evenly cook any type of frozen pizza. The integrated drip pan will catch cheese and pizza toppings to help keep your oven spotless. The Nifty Pizza Baking Rack has a dishwasher safe, durable chrome and non-stick finish making clean up quick and easy. read more


Primo Roaster Drip Pan Racks For Oval Large. 316. BBQ Accessories. Maximize the versatility of your Primo Oval Large Grill using t...he roaster drip pan rack. This rack allows you to place aluminum pans in your grill to catch flavored juices from your favorite meats as it cooks, as well as keep them from falling directly onto the hot coals helping prevent flare ups. Use with the optional ceramic heat reflector plates for a nice, even, low and slow barbecue. The drip pan racks make clean up from grilling an ease. read more


Lighting for grills can be clamped to the sides of grills and are useful when cooking in low light. These may be spotlights or lights that hang overhead and direct illumination at the cooking surface.


To adequately protect hands and enable you to safely remove dishes from a grill, mitts and gloves are essential accessories.

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Grill Toppers

The North Carolina State Wolfpack Grilling Glove is premium and plush! No screen printing here only hand stitched patches on 100 q...uilted cotton. At over 15 long this grilling glove is sure to make a statement regarding your Pack Pride. Oven mitts take... read more


The Cuisinart 3-Piece Grilling Tool Set with Grill Glove keeps your hand cool while the grilling gets hot. This attractive set with the three most important tools for cooking your food perfectly, the Chef's Spatula, Grill Tongs and a Grill Fork. The tools are all constructed of durable stainless steel and feature comfortable heat-resistant rubberized grips. The grill glove fits comfortably over your hand and grips the tools easily, allowing you to handle all the food on your hot grill without burning your hand. Set includes Grill Tongs, Chef's Spatula and Grill Fork. read more

Vision Grills

Shop for Outdoors at The Home Depot. Protect your hands from the heat of handling your BBQ Grill and Accessories with these extra-...long BBQ Gloves. Soft and pliable construction allows easy grasping and handling. Sold in pairs, this set of gloves makes... read more


Shop for Outdoors at The Home Depot. The Cuisinart 3 Piece Red Grilling Tool Set with Grill Glove keeps your hand cool while the g...rilling gets hot. This attractive set comes with the three most important tools for cooking your food perfectly the Chef's... read more

Grill Baskets and Planks

Grill baskets are generally used to cook smaller foods, such as vegetables or cut-up pieces of meat, which would otherwise fall through the cooking surface. Planks are a long surface of cedar or other type of wood used to cook dishes such as fish and impart a smoky flavor.

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$18.80 $21.99
at Kmart

From delicate fillets to succulent steaks, this versatile Cuisinart Simply Grilling nonstick grill basket promises delicious resul...ts. read more

$22.49 $29.99
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Find Grill Cooking Tools And Cookware at! Take your grilling experience to a whole new level with the STOK Grilling Bas...ket Insert. This basket is part of the STOK insert system and is designed to contain meats, veggies and any grill-able... read more

Rome Industries Inc
$42.99 $54.99

Rome Industries Inc 66-D-CP2 Cook a few burgers, pieces of chicken, hot dogs, or even corn on the cob over open flames in these Campfire Grill Baskets with Stands. These two, generous baskets can each hold a bevy of vegetables, sausages, or burgers, read more

Charcoal Companion
$11.89 $13.99
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Find Grill Cooking Tools And Cookware at! Fill the non-stick flexi-basket with almost any food you want to grill. The u...nique flexi-weave of the basket conforms to food of various thickness, from fish fillets to whole chickens. The... read more


Thermometers provide a reading of the temperature inside the grill, helping you to establish the right heat level to best cook different types of foods.

shop Thermometers

Shop for Outdoors at The Home Depot. Take the guess work out of BBQ with the Traeger Pocket Thermometer. The face of the includes a convenient list of suggested internal temperatures for various meats. Temperature measured in Fahrenheit. read more

$9.99 $12.59
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Find Kitchen Thermometers at! Taylor Meat Grilling Thermometers, Set of 4 - includes 2 beef, 1 poultry and 1 pork therm...ometer. Leave-in thermometers indicate when food is cooked to taste. Stainless steel construction is safe for grill or... read more


Cook your meat to safe temperatures using these grilling thermometers. Their rugged, stainless steel construction is safe for gril...l or oven use, and can be left in the meat to monitor temperature while it cooks. read more

Side Burners

Side burners offer another cooking surface that may or may not be powered by the same type of flame. These supply a good spot to cook side dishes, such as beans, without interfering with the main cooking area.


Rotisseries are cooking accessories that enable you to rotate food to ensure even cooking. They are often used for whole chickens or roasts.

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Shop for Appliances at The Home Depot. This innovatively designed KALORIK rotisserie roasts from the inside out and outside in, fo...r juicy and tender food. Unlike traditional rotisseries which rotate the food in front of the heating elements, this... read more


Shop for Appliances at The Home Depot. Love the idea of a home rotisserie but short on countertop space. Then meet your new kitche...n favorite. The Ronco ST5250SSGEN EZ-Store Rotisserie is the compact version of the Ronco classic. Make delicious... read more

$119.99 $149.99
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Find Rotisseries And Roasters at! Easily toss together fresh, healthy meals with the RONCO Stainless 4000 Series Rotiss...erie. This standard rotisserie barbecue oven can roast a turkey up to 15 lbs. While a dual-heating lidded tray keeps two... read more

$129.99 $141.99
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Find Rotisseries And Roasters at! Innovatively designed rotisseries roasts from the inside out and outside in. Unlike t...raditional rotisseries which rotate the food in front of the heating elements, this rotisserie rotates the heat around and... read more


Utensils range from spatulas to tongs to skewers, enabling you to cook various types of foods and turn or adjust them with ease.

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$7.59 $9.99
at Kmart

Ideal for preparing your favorite marinades sauces warm; this sauce pot keeps them warm on the grill. The included basting brush w...ith Silicone bristles holds onto thick liquids for even spreading. The sauce pot works great when barbecuing ribs, grilling up chicken breasts, or cooking anything that requires slathering on the sauce. read more

$4.55 $5.99
at Kmart

Cleaning your grill is quick and easy with this 3-Sided Grill Brush. Its stainless steel bristles are durable and easy to clean.

$5.98 $6.99
at Kmart

Cleaning-up the grill is quick and easy with the Kenmore Long Handle Grill Brush. It features a comfort grip, steel scraper, and s...teel bristles. read more


Spatula features a slanted edge and a wide blade that is ideal for grilling fish and other delicate foods. Spring-loaded tongs hav...e a one-handed locking mechanism and curved, scalloped heads that securely grip food. Four-headed cleaning brush features short, brass bristles that can scrub every tough-to-reach corner of your grill. Digital cooking thermometer instantly reads accurate temperatures from -40° to 392°F. Lifetime warranty. Developed by a company that's been manufacturing professional cooking tools for over 120 years, these full-tang grill utensils are beautifully crafted of 18/10 stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime. . . . Digital cooking thermometer instantly reads accurate temperatures from -40 degrees to 392 degreesF . . read more

Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

It's probably not until you experience the value and usefulness of accessories for grills and cooking outdoors that you can fully appreciate how small items really can accomplish great tasks -- and, in turn, make life easier. But like any other item that's for garden and outdoors, there is a host of options within each type of tool or item. What these items have in common are a few purchase considerations that are important to review. Those include price, adaptability, and flame retardance. Here's a quick guide to help you.


Price varies based on the size of the accessory as well as the type. Some accessories are incredibly affordable and increase the capacity of the grill.


Many accessories are quite specific in their use, but some can be used for multiple types of foods. If storage space is a particular concern, then investing in multiuse accessories may be more economical and practical.

Flame Retardance

Any item that is designed to be used on a grilling surface should be impervious to flames. That includes the handle as well as any attachments.

Garden & Outdoor Living on sale

$7.99 $9.99
at Target

Find Grill Cooking Tools And Cookware at! Get fired up for a great barbeque with this three-piece set from Chefmate®. W...ith a spatula, tongs and fork, you'll have everything you need to grill and flip burgers, steaks, sweet corn and more.... read more

Grill Tool Set: Chefmate 3 pc SS Tool Set w/PP handles
Mr. Bar-B-Q
$50.95 $79.99
at Sears

This Mr. Bar-B-Que 18-piece Stainless Steel Grilling Tool Set comes with everything you can imagine that you'll need to grill. Thi...s top-of-the-line set comes with a stylish aluminum carrying case for convenient transport. Features 4-in-1 spatula, knife, fork, tongs, basting brush, 8 corn holders and 4 skewers. Comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. read more

Mr. Bar-B-Que 18-piece Stainless Steel Grilling Tool Set with Case Silver
$23.56 $29.99

The Mr. Bar-B-Q 5 Piece Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set features all the necessary tools of the grilling trade! Includes a 4-in-...1 Spatula with a bottle opener on the end of the handle, Tongs, Knife, Fork and Basting Brush, all constructed of commercial grade stainless steel. Each piece features stylish stay-cool handles to keep your hands comfortable and safe from potential burns. These tools shine so bright, you're going to need shades to use them! Dishwasher safe. Materials: Stainless Steel, Plastic, Silicone. Dimensions: 20 L x 16 W x 4 H (Packaged). Weight: 3 lbs read more

Mr. BBQ 5 piece Stainless Steel Tool Set
Metal Fusion, Inc.
$29.99 $39.99

Shop for Grills & Grill Accessories at The Home Depot. Great for stirring foods cajun style. Use our 36 in wooden cooking paddle a...ny of your cooking needs. Great for crawfish boiling. Perfect for your camping and tailgating excursions. King Kooker ets you eat like a king. read more

King Kooker Grilling Accessories. 36 in. Wooden Paddle
Broil King
$38.06 $59.99

Grill tools. Perfect for any grill master. Durable design. Bakelite handles over 1.8mm stainless steel. Includes turner, locking, silicone basting brush and barbecue brush read more

4 Piece Grill Tools
$23.74 $29.99

The Cuisinart 3 Piece Professional Tool Set turns any griller into a pro with high quality good looking tools. This set is constru...cted of durable stainless steel and rubber ergonomic grips. The Cuisinart logo is embossed proudly across the tools as a signature of quality and each tool is comfortably long enough to use safely at the grill without being bulky. This set includes a grill spatula, silicone tipped grill tongs and a grill spatula. Features Set includes Spatula, Tongs and Fork Stainless Construction Rubber Grips read more

CGS-333 3-Piece Professional Grill Tool Set
Mr. Bar-B-Q
$9.27 $13.00

Shop for Grills & Grill Accessories at The Home Depot. Add a delicious, apple wood smoked flavor to your grilled foods with Mr. Ba...r-B-Qs 100% authentic Apple Wood Smoking Chips. The secret weapon of any great barbeque chef is high-quality, wood smoking chips that enhance the flavor and aroma of meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Now, with Mr. Bar-B-Q? s Apple Wood Smoking Chips, you can achieve smokehouse quality flavors on your home grill anytime. If you have never smoked meats and barbecue before, you? re truly in for a tasty treat that? s remarkably easy to prepare. Just soak, smoke, and enjoy BBQ that? s infused with the distinctive, seductive apple wood scent and flavors that will have everyone? s mouth watering and asking for seconds. Bundled in a 2-bag pack, you will have plenty of 100% authentic Apple Wood Smoking Chips on hand for your next BBQ meal, as well as enough smoker chips to easily adjust the intensity of flavor to best suit your taste. The basic flavor profile of apple wood, said to be the easiest smoked wood for beginners, is characterized by a light and mild fruity flavor with a hint of subtle sweetness. Apple wood chips are most often used to smoke chicken, turkey, pork, ribs and potatoes to absolute perfection. A must-have favorite of BBQ chefs all over the country, Mr. Bar-B-Qs 100% authentic Apple Wood Smoking Chips make your barbecue occasions memorable and delicious every time. read more

Grilling Accessories. Apple Wood Smoking Chips 2 lbs. (2-Pack)

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