LED Lighting Buying Guide

The future of lighting has arrived: LED, or light-emitting diodes. LED lighting is amazingly long-lasting and incredibly energy-efficient. With each passing day, more and more budget-friendly LED lighting options become available for more and more home spaces.

Types of LED Lighting

Types of LED Lighting

Traditionally used in limited applications such as remote controls and on/off indicators, LED lighting has greatly expanded in the past few years. Now LED lighting comes in everything from table lamps to larger fixtures. Greater availability of LED lighting has reduced costs of the once prohibitively expensive option. The types of LED lighting currently available to consumers include miniature, high-powered, commercial, and multicolor. Here’s an introduction to each kind.


Miniature LED lighting appear everywhere in nearly unnoticeable spots, including remote controls and appliance on/off lights. Miniature LED lights are not widely used for home illumination.

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LED lighting is slowly replacing fluorescent and incandescent lighting sources. These high-powered LED versions, also known as solid-state lights, emit very strong light.

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LED lighting comes in general lighting fixtures created specifically for LED bulbs. The many mass-market versions include table lamps.

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Purchase Considerations

Purchase Considerations

Although LED lighting offers few general home lighting applications, it still fills certain lighting needs. With each passing year, more and more people find LED lighting choices for a wider variety of places and spaces. Before you make an LED lighting purchase, consider light color, beam size, and use.

Light Color

Before you consider replacing a traditional light source with LED lighting, understand that the color of LED light is typically fairly neutral or cooler than other types of light. Most incandescents offer warmer light, which means it’s tricky to replace them with LED lights.

Beam Size

Most LED lighting options are still relatively small and directed sources of light, so LED lights are difficult to use where it’s necessary to cast a wide beam of illumination over a large space.


LED lighting works best as specific, directed light for task and accent lighting.

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