Best Fitness Sportsman’s Home Gym

Find Home Gyms at! The Best Fitness Sportsman's gym lets you workout in the convenience of your home. This strength-training machine helps you tone chest, leg, shoulder, back and arm muscles. It has a lat pull-down bar and low row bar....

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Lifespan Fitness

Find Home Gyms at! Enjoy exercising at home with the Home Gym Lifespan Fitness. 14 exercises keep your patterns varied ...and it includes a Pilates bar. Whatever location works best for you, you'll feel better and look better after a good... read more

Lifespan Fitness

Find Home Gyms at! Enjoy exercising at home with the Home Gym Lifespan Fitness. 14 exercises keep your patterns varied ...and it includes a Pilates bar. Whatever location works best for you, you'll feel better and look better after a good... read more

Gold's Gym

The Gold's Gym Best Treadmill Trainer 420, is packed with features to help you meet your fitness goals. Choose from 16 workout app...s designed by a certified personal trainer to focus on performance and calorie-burn goals. The treadmill also has built-in programs that alert you when it's time to add the weight for maximum results. This space-saver treadmill comes with a 2.5 CHP G-force motor, which is built for extended use, and its speed ranges from 0 to 10 MPH. It also has a 0 to 10 percent incline range, allowing you to add some extra intensity to your workout at the push of a button. Its AirStride Plus cushioning reduces the impact on your joints. The Gold's Gym Treadmill, Trainer 420's Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system is iPod compatible, so you can listen to your tunes while you work out with no extra setup needed. Gold's Gym Trainer 420 Treadmill: 2.5 CHP G-Force motor built for extended use Space saver design 18.4 x 50.1 treadbelt 300.1 lbs weight capacity 16 workout applications 5.3 x 7.1 LCD display window 0 to 10 MPH speed range 0 to 10 percent incline range iPod compatible with Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system Dual-grip heart rate monitor Race track style display AirStride Plus cushioning reduces impact on your joints Assembled dimensions: 70.7L x 33.6W x 53.5H Boxed dimensions: 67.3L x 30.5W x 11.28H Why Gold������s Gym Trainer 420 Treadmill? Incline Training Training at an incline speeds up calorie burn, targets different muscle groups and provides an... read more

Body Solid

The Body Solid G1S Home Gym is engineered to be simply the best home gym on the market. Made with only the finest quality material...s and backed by an in-home lifetime warranty on the entire gym. Everything on the G1S is covered from the cables and pulleys to the cushioned seat. Get ready for a home gym unlike any other. Convenient & Comfortable Workouts Using a home gym has never been easier. The Body-Solid G1S Home Gym combines extreme durability with an economic space saving design. The sturdy electroplated powder coat finish resists even the hardest hits and won't chip, scratch, or peel. Constructed from heavy duty 12 gauge steel, the Body Solid G1S is the definitive in power, utility, and durability. All five stations on the G1S boast self-lubricating bronze bushings and precise pivot points, allowing the shaft to rotate freely without friction, for smooth movements and flow. 41/2 inch pulleys are made of impact resistant fiberglass and durable nylon. Add to that the meticulously machined steel ball bearings, for extended cable-life. The cables are made from 2,200 lb, steel air craft cables constructed to military specifications, and covered with a nylon sheath for low upkeep. With the unique design of the G1S users will never have to change a cable. DuraFirm pads give the utmost in lumbar support and comfort, averting lower back strain. The chrome plated seat post is telescoping for fast modification, aligning the body into the correct position. The Body-Solid G1S Home Gym employs a 160lb alloy weight stack. Sophisticated alloy plates are machined to precise specifications and the high tech nylon bushings provide sleek, silent operation. Essentials For Every Muscle Group Body-Solid G1S Home Gym features five work stations for the ultimate in total body workouts. The high pulley station allows users to perform a variety of exercises. Lat pull downs, triceps press downs and cable crossovers are just a few of the exercises that can be done with ease on the G1S. The adjustable hold down pads allows users to perform lifts exceeding their body weight. Build awe-inspiring abs and remarkable triceps with the mid pull down station. Designed for a smooth and secure full range of motion for optimal core isolation and tightening. Develop muscular legs and strengthen the knees with the leg curling station, and take your pecs to the next level with the chest press station. Engineered for supreme chest focus and exceptional muscle development; the multi grip handles spotlight specific areas of the chest and triceps. The low pulley station is quintessential for strong muscular backs and those hard to reach lower lats. The low pulley rotates easily and fully to permit the most precise resistance for cable curls, shrugs and leg abductions. All Body Solid G1S' come with lots of extras including an ab/triceps strap, lat bar, straight bar, and ankle strap, but that's not all. Added in is a full exercise chart, total body work out DVD and a handy water bottle and towel holder. read more

Body Solid

Looking for a great deal on a high-quality piece of strength training equipment? Buy a Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym! Simply put, t...his brand offers some of the best buys in the home fitness equipment market today.Consumers Digest Brand Review: Maximum Performance; Minimum Space and Effort.The Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym features a 160 lb. adjustable weight stack and is extremely simple to use. Simply insert a pin and begin! read more

Body Solid

Wow, with the Body-Solid G5S Home Gym in the home office or garage, gym dues, commuting, dealing with sweaty machines, or vying fo...r one of the benches becomes a thing of the past. It's like having an entire commercial gym in the comfort of home that provides an astounding list of options, features, and potential workouts. Get ready for far more efficiency, an ingenious frontal-access design, convenience, and faster more precise workouts. Muscle development becomes much more fun when all the distractions are taken away. No, the G5S was crafted with muscle development, fat loss, and muscular endurance training in mind. Whether one is going for hypertrophy and an impressive looking physique, or shooting for extreme bulk, power, and brute strength, the G5S has it all. Innovative Body-Solid Features How about a biomechanically designed press bar that takes the traditional, and adds far more to ensure muscle development outperforms expectations. Core stations include options for the chest, including incline and decline, shoulder press, and flys. To ensure that the movement is easy on the joints and fluid, especially with the heavy weights, Body-Solid uses the SmoothGlide bearing system. Let's not forget about the back! Whether one needs to concentrate on the upper back and lats through pull-ups, or hit the lats with many different kinds of rowing exercises, the GS5 can flare them out and tone them down within weeks. Reliability, Usability, and Durability This machine was crafted by specialists that understand it needs to be reliable, and able to take a beating over a long span of time. This is why the Body-Solid G5S Home Gym can handle 2,200 lbs of tension, comes with military grade specs, and steel aircraft cables with swiveling ends for flexibility. Take advantage of the 41/2'' pulleys, the second optional 260 lb weight stack, and the flip-up seated row foot brace plate for those exercises that the body be thoroughly stabilized so as not to sacrifice any of the lower back muscles/vertebrate. There's so much, this thing is going to be one of those assets that all the friends and family wants to use every day! That's fine, because with so many stations and accessories, two, three, or even four people could get a great workout in together. 21st Century Convenience From dusk to dawn, with the Body-Solid G5S Home Gym faithfully around, one can hop to it and get intense with at a minimum of 50 club quality exercises. At the end of the day, it's a compacted commercial gym that fits in the corner of the room; it simply can't be beat. All of the home gyms from Body-Solid are world renowned, and they should be with such high-tech design and contemporary components. Conquer laziness, obesity, and sedentary lifestyles with ease. For those that work at home, stretch out workouts, gather up the right regimen, and be all that you can be! Make the G5S home gym your personal trainer for life, and achieve the fitness goals in style. read more

Body Solid

The Body-Solid G3S Home Gym is an advanced home gym which gives users a total body work out, efficiently and in the comfort of own home. No standing in line at the gym or paying outrageous membership fees, the G3S has it all. Made with heavy duty 12 gauge steel for the best in durability and function, the G3S was made to last. Body Solid also backs up all of their gyms with a life time warranty on every component. Perfect Position Featuring five stations for total body fitness and a 160 pound weight stack, there's no need to worry about bars and plates laying all over the ground. Everything is self contained all that's needed is to move a pin. If 160 pounds isn't enough, the G3S also has an optional 210 pound weight stack. With the adjustable press arm, the Body-Solid G3S Home Gym is suitable for any size user, giving outstanding range of motion and complete adjustability. Deep muscle interaction for the chest and shoulders can be achieved easily and effectively with the multi-grip press arm. The G3S also comes equipped with a traditional press bar for engineered to give users outstanding chest development and focus. The adjustable telescoping chrome plated seat post will make sure it's in the perfect position every time. The dense high grade Dura FoamTM prevents lower back stress will providing exceptional comfort. No More Floors Rowing exercises have never been so comfortable or effortless. There's no reason to get down on the floor, with the G3S just grab a hold of the mid row handles work out that lower back stress, improve flexibility and build strength. Finish the rowing exercises and go right into some chest presses, just by flipping the handle around. With Body Solid's no cable change design, changing positions and exercises is fast and efficient. Lat pull downs, curls, abdominal crunches and a surplus of exercises can be performed with the cable attachments also included with the G3S. Lat pull downs can be performed with ease using the adjustable hold down pads. Lift a substantial amount of weight using the hold downs for stabilization and balance. This exceptional versatile station allows users to increase back strength and stamina as well. Core Concentration The mid pulley station builds amazing abs and remarkable triceps fast. The Body-Solid G3S Home Gym is designed for efficient and comfortable full range of motion making tightening and concentrating on the core and abs easy. Go right into the leg extension station for thick muscular legs and improved strength in the knees. The leg curl station delivers the smooth glide bearing system for precise pivot points to guarantee maximum comfort, efficiency and safety, positioning the body for full hamstring and leg biceps improvement. Thick foam rollers are a key feature here, for the ultimate in comfort. The optional leg press adds the definitive in lower body development boasting up to 420 lbs of resistance. Low pulley rotates easily with a full range of motion great for cable curls, upright rows and leg abductions, just to name a few. read more

Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

rip:60 Home Gym 2012 rip:60 Home Gym Suspension Trainer Featuring suspended rotation, rip:60 forces your body to sta...bilize and balance throughout your workout for maximum muscle activation. You'll not only lose weight and strengthen muscles, but you'll increase flexibility, power and endurance. With this ultimate at home workout system, you'll completely transform your body in just 60 days! Included: rip:60 straps 8 Workout DVDs rip:60 for Runners DVD rip:60 Nylon Carrying Bag Jillian Michaels Fat Shredding DVD Georges St. Pierre Lean Muscle DVD rip:60 Power Yoga Workout DVD 60 Day Nutrition Guide 8 Workout DVDs: The rip:60 workout DVDs create an 8-week, scientifically designed progression of movements for a complete, total-body transformation. Weeks 1 through 4 focus on strength. You'll learn the right moves and increase your strength endurance. DVDs 5 through 8 target your overall power. You'll develop incredible power endurance with explosive moves that maximize muscle activation. 60-Day Nutrition Guide:  Fuel your body with the 60-Day Nutrition Guide. It's full of delicious, healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes that go hand-in-hand with your workout plan. You'll get exactly what you need to feel great and get the most out of your rip:60 workouts. Wall Chart Exercise Guide:  Get step-by-step instruction on specific exercises with this wall chart. Designed by a Certified Personal Trainer, you'll get the expertise you need to maximize your rip:60 workout time! Travel Bag: Perfect for travel, this nylon travel bag easily stores the rip:60. It's ready for an intense workout wherever you go! Warranty: rip:60 is protected with a limited 90-Day Warranty. Weight Capacity: rip:60 is capable of accommodating up to 300 lbs. read more

Body Solid

The Body-Solid EXM4000S is designed for those who demand the ultimate gym package. It offers an enormous range of upper and lower ...body exercises for maximum muscular strength, total body conditioning and superior endurance. Up to four people can work out simultaneously with the optional Leg Press / Calf Press Station. It fits comfortably against a wall or on display in the center of the room. read more


Home Gym Workout Equipment Abdominal Hyperextension Bench Core Fitness Exercise Features: Home gym workout equipment Specialty abd...ominal hyperextension Adjustable ankle pads Comfortable high density deluxe boxed upholstery Assist handles Durable powder coated finish Manufacturer's 2 year limited warranty Description: The unique design of this Roman Chair places your body in the correct ergonomic position to properly perform hyperextension exercises. Strengthen your lower back muscles, so that you can handle those day-to-day lifting tasks with less chance of lower back strain and injury. Build up your abdominal, hamstrings and gluteus muscles. Complete your personal home workout space with this versatile exercise piece and start living a healthier life, free of annoying back pain. Specifications: Length - 43.3 Inches Width - 27.6 Inches Height - 37.6 Inches Weight - 44.1 Pounds read more

Gold's Gym
$35.00 $27.77

Get a total-body workout in the convenience of your own home! The door gym hangs from most standard doors and includes multiple re...sistance bungees, hand straps and ankle straps so you can target your arms, chest, back, shoulders, core, abs, glutes and... read more

$1,449.99 $859.89

Assembled dimensions: 49L x 36W x 83H inches. Achieve a complete full-body workout in minutes a day. Centered on a 160-pound weigh...t stack. Pin-adjustable in 10-pound increments. Comfortable, smooth operation. Manufacturer's warranty included (see product guarantee). Offers a complete and intense workout including strength training toning and trimming in the comfort of your own homeAchieve exceptional results in only 20 minutes a dayGym is centered on a 160-pound weight stack which is adjustable in 10-pound weight incrementsPin weight adjustment eliminates mess and strainSeat pad is thick firm and comfortableFeatures multi-purpose bars that allow for a workout that's customized to your individual needsMulti-grip press arms effortlessly work your upper bodyFoam rollers make leg curls easy and comfortableAb strap lets you get the most out of your crunches making them more efficientSturdy lat bar for thorough upper back and shoulder workoutEfficiently perform seated rows biceps curls wrist curls upright rows and shrugs using the Low Pulley's Straight BarExtend your workout with other exercises including the standing leg curl the bent over row inner and outer thigh toning cable curls calf raises and the triceps press down all with ease and efficiencyDimensions: 49L x 36W x 83H inchesWeight: 330 poundsManufacturer's warranty included: see complete details in the Product Guarantee areaAbout Body-SolidBody-Solid has been making high quality strength training and exercise equipment for over 20 years. Designed for today's workouts Body-Solid machines feature innovative technology and distinctive styling that suits your home. Body-Solid equipment meets the challenges of today's busy lifestyle while providing you with the utmost in advanced home exercise. From space-saving designs that suit any room to full-sized gym systems with every available station Body-Solid gives you the features you want at a price you can afford. All components of all machines are covered by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty; something you won't find from any other manufacturer in the industry. read more

Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products presents this Brand new manual folding Treadmill. If you have little time to go to the gym, it is a best choi...ce for you to choose this Treadmill of your own home and it can be an enjoyable way of keeping in shape. This manual Treadmill does not need any electric outlet or motor so that you can use it anywhere without high cost. It features an LCD monitor display so you can track your progress it can be folded and locked in upright position manually. We purchased our products directly from the manufacturer, so you are getting the best prices possible. New product with factory packaging (not used or refurbished).features: heavy-duty construction with a flywheel offers a smooth operation. Provides a total body and cardiovascular workout. Manual Treadmill without electronic outlet and motor. Self-powered workout without high cost. Folds and locks in upright position for convenient storage. Lcd display tracks time, distance, speed and calories. Included 2 AA battery. Easy Assembly required. Specifications: product dimensions: 44 inch read more

Body Solid

EXM1500S resulted in being #1 inconsumer reporting magazines when searching for the #1 Best Buy in the home gym category.It has al...l the features you need for a complete toning, trimming and strength training program at home. In just 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week, you can trim down and firm up in your own home, on your own schedule. Forget the gym membership dues, long lines and that locker room smell. Using the EXM1500S will lead you to a healthier lifestyle, save you time and save you money!This gym is centered on a 160 Lb. weight stack, adjustable in 10 Lb. increments, stacked neatly without plates and bars scattered about. While sitting on the firm, oversize adjustable seat pad you can start by grabbing the multi-grip press arm and work on your chest and shoulders, then wrap your legs over the comfortable foam rollers to rip through a set of thigh burning leg extensions. Use the Ab Strap and crunch your way to a washboard stomach. Spin around and reach for the Lat Bar and work your shoulders and upper back. Using the Straight Bar on the multi-purpose Low Pulley you can perform seated rows, biceps curls, wrist curls, upright rows, shrugs and more. Other exercises include triceps press down, standing leg curl, bent over row, inner and outer thigh, one arm cable curl and standing calf raise.The EXM1500S gives you more for your money than any other home gym on the market. Includes Lifetime Warranty on Everything. Forever. Period.. #1 Best Buy Rating in Consumer Magazines. Adjustable 160lb Weight Stack. XL Adjustable Seat Pad for Absolute Comfort. Multi-Grip Press. Lat Bar, Straight Bar, Ab Strap. All in One Exercise Gym. Includes Lifetime Warranty on Everything... Forever!. Dimensions: 49 x 36 x 83 inches. Shipping Product Weight: 330 pounds. High and low pulley. Leg curl, Leg extension, Ab crunch read more

Body Solid

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Bowflex Revolution Home Gym The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym offers you a compact total body workout. The Revolution is distinguish...ed by the company's SpiraFlex resistance technology,. Because of the SpiraFlex® technology, every exercise with the Freedom Arms™ delivers ultra-smooth, consistent resistance through the entire range of motion - an important ingredient in building lean, strong muscle. The Revolution utilizes lightweight interlocking plates which let you quickly and easily adjust the resistance from 10 to 220 pounds for upper body workouts (which can be upgraded to 300 pounds). The machine duplicates virtually every exercise from your local gym, with Freedom Arms that adjust 170 degrees to work muscles from various angles with 10 different settings so you can quickly and easily change the direction of resistance and work upper-body muscles from a variety of angles. The machine also includes a leg press plate for your lower body, along with a five-position foot harness. All told, the Revolution supports more than 100 exercises, including a comprehensive core and abs workout. The unique variable independent pulleys, or Freedom Arms, adjust 170 degrees Adjust the resistance from 10 to 220 pounds Features and Specifications: Get in shape from the convenience of your own home Number of Exercises 100+ Resistance Technology: SpiraFlex (220lbs) Maximum Configuration: 300 lbs (186 kg) Functionality Leg Developer: Yes Preacher Curl Attachment :Optional  Gym Style Ab Attachment: Optional Dimensions: Compact Bench Design: Folding Workout Area 10' x 7' x 7' Machine Weight 157 lbs (71 kg)  Maximum User Weight 300 lbs (136 kg) Extras: Workout DVD Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Compare these Bowflex Home Gyms Model Body Tower PR1000 Blaze PR3000 Xtreme 2SE Revolution MSRP $499.00 $799.00 $1,099.00 $1,299.00 $1,599.00 $2,999.00 Resistance N/A (body weight)" 210 lbs Power Rod Resistance 210 lbs Power Rod Resistance 210 lbs Power Rod Resistance 210 lbs Power Rod Resistance 220 lbs of SpriaFlex Resistance Upgradeable Resistance N/A No Yes- to 310 lbs or 410 lbs Yes- to 310 lbs Yes- to 310 lbs or 410 lbs Yes- to 300 lbs Platform N/A Horizontal (bench folds to save space) Horizontal (bench folds to save space) Vertical Vertical Horizontal (bench folds to save space) Number of Exercises 20 + 30 + 60 + 50 + 70 + 100 + Exercises Pictured in Owners Manual 18 24 66 26 79 101 Arm Exercises 2 5 16 4 24 21 Chest Exercises 4 4 8 3 6 18 Ab Exercises 3 2 5 2 3 8 Back Exercises 2 3 9 4 18 15 Shoulder Exercises 2 4 14 6 16 22 Leg Exercises 5 6 13 7 12 17 Cardio Row No Yes Yes No No Yes Maxium User Weight 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs Workout Area Required L 53" x W 50" x H 77" L 103" x W 80" x H 82" L 90" x W 38" x H 83" L 96" x W 78" x H 83" L 96" x W 78" x H 83" L 120" x W 84" x H 83" Warranty Frame: 5 years Wear parts: 1 year Frame: 1 year Parts: 60 days Power Rods: 5 years Frame: 1 year Parts: 60 days Power Rods: 5 years Frame: 1 year Parts: 60 days Power Rods: 7 years Frame: 1 year Parts: 60 days Power Rods: lifetime 10 years read more

Perfect Fitness

One Piece of Equipment – Multiple Exercises The Perfect Multi-Gym will transform your doorway into the perfect home gym. Perform 3... kinds of pullups (Wide, Close and Hammer Grip) and then turn it over to do pushups, situps or dips. Use your body weight to get the strong and lean body you’ve always wanted. Extra wide handles for true wide grip pull-upsView larger True Wide Grip Pullups Our unique handle design allows you to perform true wide grip pullups. Other pullup bars do not extend past the doorframe, but our patented handles allow you to make a wider grip due to the raised bar attached to the door guard. Adjustable Design The Perfect Multi-Gym adjusts in both height and width to ensure a secure fit in your doorframe. Fits a wide range of door frames from 27” to 35” wide. Helps Protect Doorframes Our patented door frame guards use a unique flat design with thick foam pads to help protect your doorframe. The Multi-Gym is easy to install and does not require any drilling in your doorframe. 220 lb weight limit. Target Muscles The multi-functional nature of this equipment means you can target your arms, chest, core or back. Our workouts include variations on basic movements to ensure you maximize muscle engagement. Download our workout at perfectonline.comView larger The Power of Push - Pull - Sit These U. S. Navy SEAL inspired workouts will help you transform your body. By integrating pushes, pulls and situp exercises you will get a total upper body and core strengthening workout. Remember, this is about slow controlled movements and quality form. It is not about quantity. Perfect Form Checklist HEAD - Neutral position, ears in-line with shoulders and spineBACK - Straight, in-line with neck and hipsCORE - Contract abs, pull navel toward spinePACE - 5 seconds up and 5 seconds downBREATHING - Exhale on way up, inhale on way down read more

$1,099.00 $799.00

Over 60 strength-building exercises210 pounds of Bowflex power rod resistanceUpgrades available to 320 or even 410 poundsMeasureme...nts: 59L x 23W x 14H inchesManufacturer's warranty included (see product guarantee). Exercises include lat pull-down and bench press Lower pulley and squat station for glutes hamstrings and quadriceps Lat tower with angled lat bar for back and shoulder work Manufacturer's warranty included: see complete details in the Product Guarantee area About BowflexFor more than 20 years Bowflex has helped people achieve amazing results. The Bowflex home gym is a space-saving machine designed to combine all the strength-building equipment found at your local gym. Patented technology provides smooth consistent resistance through the entire range of motion a principal ingredient in developing lean strong muscle. Bowflex's SpiraFlex resistance technology is so good it's even used by Astronauts at the International Space Station. With a wide range of fitness equipment and fitness accessories Bowflex is a company on the cutting edge of strength and cardio training. read more

Golds Gym
$399.00 $176.00

Combo chest press/fly arm station. 280 lbs. of resistance. 4-roll leg developer. Manufacturer's warranty included (see Guarantee &...amp; Returns). Assembled dimensions: 63.63L x 37.6W x 78.6Hin.. With the Gold's Gym XRS 50 Home Gym, you can target your entire body with a wide range of workout options. This home gym is designed to tone muscles and develop powerful strength. The combination chest press and butterfly arm station gives you twice the upper body results. This home gym also features a 4-roll leg developer, high and low pulleys, a lat bar, and an exercise chart designed by a certified personal trainer.Additional Features:High and low pulleyLat bar112-lb. vinyl weight stackAssembly requiredAbout Golds GYMThe bodybuilding authority since 1965, Golds Gym is the original Southern California bodybuilding gym founded by Joe Gold. Based on that history and experience, ICON Health & Fitness has developed Gold's Gym home gyms, weight training equipment, cardiovascular training equipment, and more, all of which offer a gym-quality, total-body workout, which can be enjoyed by everyone, even those with busy schedules, in the privacy and comfort of the home, at any hour of the day or night. read more

Body Solid
$1,485.00 $1,149.95

Body Solid G1S The Body-Solid packs a lot of power, strength and durability into the smallest footprint available. Centered on a 1...60 lbs selectorized weight stack, this gym allows over 40 toning, trimming and strength training exercises. From the multi-grip press arm to the contoured, adjustable seat pad, Body Solid gives you more for your money than any other home gym on the market. Body-Solid G series gyms use the highest manufacturing standards and the finest quality pulleys, cables, and upholstery. The entire gym is backed by the best warranty in the industry, the Body-Solid in-home lifetime warranty that covers everything. Forever. Period. Features: -Includes G1S home gym, lat bar, straight bar, ankle strap, ab/triceps strap, workout DVD, water bottle, towel holder, workout placard.-Easy to use, space saving and no-cable-change design.-Traditional press bar is biomechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development.-All stations feature self-lubricating bronze bushings with biomechanically accurate pivot points for friction-free shaft rotation.-Telescoping, chrome plated seat post for quick, smooth adjustments and proper body positioning.-Heavy duty 12-gauge steel construction provides ultimate strength, function and durability.-Product Type: Total body gym.-Frame Color: Grey; Black.-Upholstery Color: Black.-Hardware Finish: Black.-Powder Coated Finish: Yes.-Distressed: No.-Frame Material: Steel -Frame Material Details: ..-Steel Gauge: 12.-Upholstery Material: Vinyl -Upholstery Material Details: ..-Hardware Material: Steel.-Number of Items Included: 9.-Pieces Included: G1S home gym, lat bar, straight bar, ankle strap, ab/triceps strap, workout DVD, water bottle, towel holder, workout placard.-Water Resistant: No -Water Resistant Details: ..-Tear Resistant: No.-Scratch Resistant: No.-Rust Resistant: No.-Mildew Resistant: No.-Stain Resistant: No.-Antimicrobial: No.-Sweat Resistant: No.-Odor Resistant: No.-Skid Resistant Feet: Yes.-Adjustable: No -Number of Adjustable Positions: ..-Weights Included: Yes -List of Weights Included: ..-Weight Storage Included: No -Number of Storage Pins: .-Weight Storage Capacity: ..-Seat/Bench Included: Yes -Upholstered Seat/Bench: Yes.-Upholstery Seat/Bench Material: Vinyl.-Upholstery Seat/Bench Color: Black.-Angle Accommodated: Flat.-Adjustable Bench: No.-Sliding Seat Rail Included: No.-Bench Type: Multi-use bench.-Wheeled Seat/Bench: No.-Seat/Bench Pads Included: Yes.-Removable Seat/Bench Pads: No.-Seat/Bench Weight Capacity: 300..-Compatible Seat/Bench Part Number: .-Upright Posts Included: No -Adjustable Uprights: ..-Leg Lift Included: Yes -Locking Leg Lift: No.-Removable Leg Lift: No.-Foam Rollers Included: Yes..-Leg Hold-Down Included: No.-Arm Curl Included: Yes.-Stabilizers Included: Yes -Stabilizer Location: Front; Rear..-Handles Included: Yes -Number of Handles: 2.-Handle Material: Rubber; Metal.-Handle Finish: Black.-Non-Slip Handle: Yes.-Interchangeable Handles: No..-Compatible Handle Part Number: .-Wheels Included: No -Number of Wheels: .-Removable Wheels: .-Locking Wheels: ..-Pull Up Bar Included: No -Gripped Pull Up Bar: ..-Included Accessories: Ankle strap; Lat bar; Straight bar; Ab/Triceps strap; Workout DVD; Water bottle; Towel holder; Workout placard.-Magnetic Resistance System: No.-Resistance Control: read more

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