Big Boss Big Boss 1300-Watt Stainless Steel Oval Pressure Cooker, 8.5-Quart

The Big Boss 1300-Watt Stainless Steel Oval Pressure Cooker makes it easy to prepare hearty, healthy meals for the entire family. Designed with the busy home cook in mind, this nonstick pressure cooker comes with a del...ay timer as well as fast and slow cook settings to minimize the hassles of preparing home-cooked meals. This all-in-one cooker works for meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes and can also handle home canning. The Big Boss Pressure Cooker also offers safety features, including a locking mechanism and automatic shut-off.

Big Boss Stainless Steel Oval Pressure Cooker

At a Glance:

  • Removable, nonstick cooking pot for easy cleaning
  • Simple digital display is easy to read
  • Fast and slow cook settings for versatility
  • Spacious 8.5-quart size ideal for entertaining
  • Timer offers up to 8-hour delayed start
  • Digital LCD control panel with 8-hour timer
  • 1300-watt power/8.5-quart capacity
  • Preserves nutrients and flavors in food
  • Nonstick removable cooking pot

Stainless Steel Shell Stays Cool While Cooking

This oval pressure cooker was designed with an attractive, sturdy stainless steel shell, which remains cool to the touch when the cooker is in use. Inside, the Big Boss Pressure Cooker has a removable, nonstick cooking pot that provides even heating and easy cleaning.

The spacious 8.5-quart cooking pot can prepare ample food to feed a family or to prepare meals for larger groups. It is also ideal for canning.

Offers Fast and Slow Cooking Options

The Big Boss cooker's easy-to-use digital display allows you to choose between six modes at the push of a button, including steam, brown, warm, slow cook, and delay. With 1300 watts of cooking power, you'll be able to make a variety of recipes.

When used as a pressure cooker, the Big Boss offers low (2.5 psi), medium (7.5 psi), and high (15 psi) settings. The 15-psi setting cooks the fastest, while lower settings work well for seafood and delicate fruits and vegetables.

This versatile appliance can also be used to steam rice, vegetables, and other foods. Just place your food in a small, heat-resistant rack or basket (not included) inside the cooking pot.

Busy cooks will appreciate the cooker's timer settings, which let you set up a meal up to eight hours before cooking time begins. The slow cook and warming settings also make it easy to prep food ahead of time and have it perfectly cooked at dinner.

Cooker Offers Advanced Safety Features

The Big Boss Oval Pressure Cooker comes with a variety of safety features. The sturdy lid is equipped with a sliding lock, which holds it firmly in place during high-pressure cooking. The lid also comes with an easy-to-grip handle.

Additionally, the cooker has an automatic shut-off feature and a safety valve which prevents excess pressure from building up inside.

What's in the Box

Pressure Regulator KnobIndicates pressure/steam settings. Also used for quick pressure release
Safety Self-Locking Lid
Nonstick Removable Cooking Pot
Cool-to-the-Touch Stainless Steel Outer Shell
Measuring Cup and Spoon
Instruction Booklet
Big Boss 1300-Watt Stainless Steel Oval Pressure Cooker, 8.5-Quart Product Shot

Prepare healthy meals without a lot of hassle using the Big Boss Pressure Cooker. View larger.

Big Boss 1300-Watt Stainless Steel Oval Pressure Cooker, 8.5-Quart Product Shot

The pressure cooker comes with simple buttons as well as a time delay that lets you start your food when it's convenient. View larger.

Big Boss 1300-Watt Stainless Steel Oval Pressure Cooker, 8.5-Quart Product Shot

The cooker features an 8.5-quart capacity, making it great for feeding your family or larger groups.
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Enjoy nutritious, fast and flavorful cooking with the Elite Platinum 8 Qt. Digital Pressure Cooker. The unique process of pressure... cooking allows you to trap steam during the cooking process, thereby, cooking food evenly, sealing in nutrients, and, most important of all, retaining flavor. With 14 preset functions including browning and keep warm, manual operation, a 24-hour delay timer,and an 8 Qt. inner pot you can cook a wide variety of meals for the whole family. Use the preset functions to cook delicious risotto, vegetables, meat, chicken, and much more with this versatile and elegant pressure cooker. <br> Note: There will be steam coming out from top. The steam escapes from the unit to avoid the item building pressure and exploding. The vent provided is meant to allow steam to escape. read more

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<div class="aplus"> <!-- A+DIY for ASIN: B003YETHCQ --> <!-- Created by: Heidi Cogdill --> <!-- Email: ...--> <!-- Coded with Kuramoto@ A+DIY Tool --> <h4>3-in-1 Digital Electric Pressure Cooker </h4> <p>This Nesco Digital Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker has everything you need to make delicious meals fast. And they'll taste like they were slow cooked. It can pressure cook, slow cook, brown, steam and warm ? all in one convenient appliance. It's ideal for making healthy meals; delicious homemade soups, stews and chili. Fish, chicken, and vegetables cook to perfection in just minutes. Pressure cooking preserves flavors and nutrients and speed cooks inexpensive cuts of meat into great tasting meals. Stainless Steel body and lid makes for an attractive, durable appliance.</p> <div class="half-col"> <div class="leftImage" style="width:250px"><img alt="PC6-25P Digital Electric Pressure Cooker" src="" /><div class="imageCaption">Programmable with Presets</div></div> <h4>Features:</h4> <ul><li>3-in-1 Cooker cuts cooking time by up to 70-percent</li><li>Self locking lid with automatic or manual pressure release</li><li>LED display and soft touch buttons </li><li>Programmable with presets </li><li>Delayed start up to 8 hours </li><li>Cool-touch lid and handles </li><li>Removable dishwasher-safe non-stick cooking insert</li><li>Slow cook up to 9.5 hours</li><li>Brushed stainless steel exterior</li><li>Cooking rack/trivet</li></ul> <h4>Detailed Highlights:</h4> <h5>6 Quart Pressure Cooker features </h5> <p>A state-of-art digital control panel that gives you complete cooking control. With the control panel, you can set precise cooking times, cooking method and cooking pressure. For convenience, the Cooker can also be programmed to delay the start of cooking. Also features a WARM setting that can be used to keep cooked foods warm or reheat foods. Presets automatically switch to keep warm mode after the time expires.</p> <div class="leftImage" style="width:200px"><img alt="PC6-25P Digital Electric Pressure Cooker" src="" /><div class="imageCaption">Self-Locking Lid</div></div> <h5>3-in-1 Cooker</h5> <p>Cuts cooking time by up to 70-percent and performs several functions: pressure cook, slow cook, steam, brown and warm. </p> <h5>Safety features include </h5> <p>Self-locking lid with automatic or manual pressure release valve and stay-cool handles prevent burns.</p> <h5>Make delicious meals fast </h5> <p>Makes meals 70-percent faster than conventional cooking, which makes this a must for two career families. </p> </div> <div class="half-col last"> <div class="leftImage"><img alt="PC6-25P Digital Electric Pressure Cooker" src="" /><div class="imageCaption">Cool Touch Lid and Handles</div> </div><h4>Hints and Tips for cooking in your Pressure Cooker</h4> <p>To ensure best cooking performance when pressure cooking, always make sure the recipe calls for at least 1 cup (8 oz.) of water or other liquid so enough steam can be generated to create pressure.</p> <p>When using HIGH or LOW pressure settings, timer will not start counting down until sufficient steam pressure is generated.</p> <p>When pressure cooking, if you are not sure how much cooking time is necessary, it is better to under cook. Then use quick release method, remove Lid and check for doneness.</p> <p>Never fill Removable Cooking Pot more than half full with food or 2/3 full with liquid. The NESCO Professional 4-in-1 Pressure Cooker must have enough liquid to create steam or food will not cook properly.</p> <p>If the 4-in-1 Cooker and other appliance(s) are plugged into same electrical outlet, an electrical overload may occur, causing the circuit breaker to open. Make sure the 4-in-1 Cooker is plugged into a separate 120 volt electrical outlet.</p> <p>Tougher, less expensive cuts of meats are better suited for your NESCO 4-in-1 Pressure Cooker because steam pressure helps break down tough fibers in meat making it more tender and palatable.</p> <p>Fresh fruit should be cooked under low pressure.</p> <p>When pressure cooking beans, add a teaspoon of oil to water to reduce amount of foaming.</p> <p>Any liquid such as oils, oil-based marinades and dressings should not be used in NESCO 4-in-1 Pressure Cooker.</p> <p>Liquids that contain water can be used when pressure cooking. These include wine, beer, stocks, tomato and other vegetable and fruit juices. Wine must be mixed with an equivalent amount of water because it evaporates quickly during cooking.</p> <p>NOTE: The boiling point of water decreases as altitude increases, and this changes your 4-in-1 Cooker's performance. When pressure cooking at higher altitudes, the following will apply: Add 5-percent to cooking time for every 1,000 feet above first 2,000 feet. </p> <p>Example: At 3,000 feet add 5-percent; 4,000 feet add 10-percent; 5,000 feet add 15-percent; etc. </p> <p>Remember, the longer you cook, the more liquid needs to be added to the 4-in-1 Cooker.</p> </div> </div> read more

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The all new stunning prestige apple pressure cooker comes with top-of-the-line features. Manufactured from virgin aluminum to zero contamination. The cooker also boasts of using the highest quality raw materials. Perfected over a period of time with the trademark prestige engineering, expect the very best with up-to-date innovations and features. Add to the elegant design and splendid finish, the cooker is a sheer pleasure to cook with. read more

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Preserves vitamins and minerals which are usually lost with conventional cooking methods. (Pressure cooking retains important wate...r-soluble vitamins and minerals lost in conventional cooking so meals are healthy and delicious). Reduces cooking time up to 70% so you will be using less energy and saving money. Pressure control system with 2 cooking levels: fast cooking -8 psi-, super fast cooking -15 psi. Made of 18/10 stainless steel. 5 additional safety systems: working pressure valve, pressure indicator valve, security valve, safety edge lid window and "easy lock" system (prevents opening before pressure is completely released). Bakelite and ergonomic handles. Easy fit lid. Induxal tri-ply base: 18/10 stainless steel, aluminum, and 18/10 stainless steel for even heat distribution. Trivet and steamer optional. Suitable for all type of surfaces: gas, electric, ceramic and induction stoves. Dishwasher safe pot. Ten-year warranty. Designed in Spain. Family of 4-6 people. Can be used as a pressure canner. read more

Fagor America
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Duo Pressure Cooker. The Duo Pressure Cooker is a must have for the serious home chef! Reduces cooking time up to 70%. Fast: Cook ...risotto in 7 minutes, meatballs in 4 minutes, chicken soup in 15 minutes and even cheesecake in 30 minutes. Favorite recipes easily adapt and cook in one third of the time. Easy: Just load ingredients, lock lid in place and begin cooking. Release pressure and enjoy healthy, flavorful meals. It is that easy Healthy: Create delicious meals while retaining important water-soluble vitamins and minerals. Cooks without oil. Maintain the natural color and flavor of foods. Features: 18/10 stainless steel Spring type mechanism with two pressure settings: Low (8 psi) and High (15 psi) Sleek black ergonomically designed handles Automatic pressure release position & visual pressure indicator Stainless steel steamer basket with trivet Works on all domestic cooking surfaces: gas, electric, ceramic and induction 10 quart unit can be used for pressure cooking and pressure canning (recommended to be used with the Fagor Home Canning Kit) 10 year limited warranty Instruction manual Recipe book Dimensions: 4 quart: 16.5" L x 9" W x 5" H; Weight: 7.1 lbs. 6 quart: 16.5" L x 9" W x 8.25" H; Weight: 7.9 lbs. 8 quart: 16.5" L x 9" W x 8.75" H; Weight: 8.2 lbs. 10 quart: 16.5" L x 10" W x 9.20" H; Weight: 8.6 lbs. read more

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This super fast pressure cooker is made from 18/10 stainless steel. Two pressure levels: Fast cooking: 10 psi. and super fast 15 psi. Stainless steel cooking surface does not react with food or alters flavors and is stick resistant. Five safety features incorporated to lid: safety-lock handle, visual pressure indicator, pressure regulating valve, safety overpressure valve and safety window at the edge of lid. Easy lock button on handle makes it easy to use while adding safety during handling. read more

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Preserves vitamins and minerals which are usually lost with conventional cooking methods. (Pressure cooking retains important wate...r-soluble vitamins and minerals lost in conventional cooking so meals are healthy and delicious). Reduces cooking time up to 70% so you will be using less energy and saving money. Pressure control system with 1 pressure setting: 13 PSI. Body and lid made of aluminum. 4 additional safety systems: 2 security valves that work independently, pressure indicator valve, regular pressure valve and safety edge lid window. Bakelite and ergonomic handles. Easy fit lid. read more

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WMF Perfect Plus 6.5 Quart and 4.5 Quart Pressure Cooker Set. 4.5 quart pot is a secondary base pot that can be used with the same... lid as the 6.5 quart pot comes with and may be used without the lid as a regular pot. read more

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Butterfly Standard Plus Aluminum Pressure Cooker. Aluminum pressure cooker. International Styling, Sturdily built with thick walls.... Handles designed for firmer grip. Suitable for induction hob & LPG Stove. read more

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Butterfly Blue Line Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker. Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with ATB. Body & lid made of premium quality ...Stainless Steel. Aluminum Thermal Base, Gasket release vent. Comes with Safety Valve and Ergonomically designed handles. read more

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