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Love the feeling of softness? Dove Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant Powder 2.5 oz pampers underarm skin with a familiar and comfor...ting soft powder scent. With an alcohol (ethanol) free formula, this Dove antiperspirant leaves skin soft and nourished.... read more


This travel sonic toothbrush by GO SMiLE refreshes and whitens your teeth, morning and night. Travel case Battery-operated sonic t...oothbrush Includes: Refresh Toothpaste and Teeth Whitening Gel HOW TO USE Brush twice for 2 minutes, twice a day. Includes: Travel Sonic Toothbrush, 1.0-oz. Refresh Toothpaste & 0.5-oz.Teeth Whitening Gel Requires one AAA battery (included) Size: One Size. Color: Pink. Gender: Female. Age Group: Adult. read more


On-the-go whitening pen The soft brush tip evenly coats the surfaces of teeth, and allows you to get the whitening serum between t...eeth and in hard-to-reach places, for an all-over bright, beautiful smile. Allows you to whiten your teeth comfortably and discreetly, without messy and time-consuming strips or trays Results in as little as one day. How to Use Simply twist the dial on the bottom of the pre-filled pen to release the whitening serum. With a vertical up-and-down motion, apply a thin layer to all visible surfaces of the teeth, focusing on areas with heavier stains, and away from the gum line. Do not eat, drink, or rinse for 20 minutes after applying. Be sure to replace the pen cap, to keep the serum from drying out. Brush it onto your teeth twice a day for 7 days to whiten your teeth, or use it once a day to maintain the results achieved with any other GO SMiLE whitening formulas. 0.04-oz. Size: One Size. Color: Multicolor. Gender: Unisex. Age Group: Adult. read more

Skin So Soft

The way to go for easy hair removal. Fragrance-free formula with aloe. Now with meadowfoam oil. 4.2 fl. oz.BENEFITS Fragrance-free... Can be used on sensitive skin Contains meadowfoam oil TO USE Gently apply a thick layer of Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream over hair to be removed. Do not rub in. After 2-1/2 minutes test a small area. If hair does not wipe off easily leave on a few minutes longer. DO NOT EXCEED 8 MINUTES.WARNING: To avoid a skin reaction test before each use by applying as directed to a small quarter-sized area of the skin where hair is to be removed. Wait 24 hours. If skin appears normal proceed with entire application.Made in USA read more


A soft warm floral blooming with jasmine lilies and sparkling citrus. Glides on smoothly for long-lasting odor protection with the... serene scent of Haiku. Also reduces underarm wetness. 2.6 fl. oz. TO USE: Apply to underarms only. read more


Make your smile sparkle with the Viatek Hollywood Smiles Teeth Whitening Kit and Pen. This kit uses plasma lighting to accelerate ...the whitening process, making it possible to get your teeth 4 shades whiter in less than a single hour. read more

$249.99 $44.95

Save money vs. expensive professional treatments Convenient for use in comfort of your own home Go weeks without shaving, and get ...long lasting results. Now you finally have a solution that, lets you achieve professional hair removal results ­ in the comfort of your own home. You no longer need to hassle with the inconvenience and high cost of expensive and time consuming in-office treatments. read more


Ultradent's NEWEST whitenening product. Opalescence Go comes in the innovative, ready-made UltraFitTM tray that adapts instantly a...nd comfortably to the teeth for a better fit and improved whitening experience. Opalescence Go's unique UltraFit tray... read more


The TheraBreath whitening system is the most effective home teeth whitening system available. The professional thermoplastic mouth...guards mold to the contours of your teeth and gums, while the 21% carbamide peroxide gel delivers fast, safe professional teeth whitening results. Have a whiter, brighter smile in as few as 5 days. read more


Crest Complete Whitening Plus Scope Toothpaste offers the multi-benefit of Crest's powerful teeth whitening, plus the minty breath... freshening blast of Scope, combined all-in-one. It fights cavities, removes stains and freshens breath. read more


Crest Complete Whitening + Deep Clean Effervescent Toothpaste in Mint gently polishes away surface stains from your teeth with int...ense tiny bubbles. It helps fight cavities and tartar, and leaves your teeth with a 2x deeper clean feeling. read more


Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Alcohol-Free Whitening Mouthwash is formulated to brighten dull teeth to pearly white. This tr...iple-action rinse effectively whitens teeth, prevents surface stains, and freshens breath so you can smile with confidence. read more


Crest Complete Toothpaste in Whitening Plus Extreme Herbal Mint Expressions makes your mouth tingle and your teeth white and brigh...t. With it's bold minty flavor it freshens your breathe, fights cavities and removes tough surface stains. read more


Colgate Total Advanced Fresh and Whitening Gel Toothpaste helps reduce more bad breath germs plus whitens teeth prevent cavities a...nd tooth decay. Each time you brush Total Advanced fights tartar buildup, whitens, protects and strengthens your gums. read more


Crest Pro-Health Whitening Toothpaste in Fresh Clean Mint protects, your teeth and keeps your breathe minty fresh. It guards cavities, gingivitis, plaque, sensitivity, and tartar. Plus it helps to whiten your teeth for a glowing smile. read more


Crest Complete Toothpaste in Whitening Plus Cinnamon Rush Expressions makes your mouth tingle and your teeth white and bright. Wit...h it's bold minty flavor it freshens your breathe, fights cavities and removes tough surface stains. read more


Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous Whitening Toothpaste surrounds your teeth with minty foaming action that removes up to 90% of stains... and prevents new stains from forming. It effectively whitens in 5 days, taking your teeth from dull to dazzling. read more

Sparkling White Smiles

Sparkling White Teeth Whitening Strips SIMPLE - SAFE - EFFECTIVE! GUARANTEED RESULTS....FAST! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! 1- Keep... the strips in a cool place. 2- Never handle them with wet hands. 3- Try to wipe your teeth with a napkin and dry your... read more


Description: Vichy Deodorant Stick is specially designed for sensitive or depilated skin. It has a 24 hour anti-perspirant effect.... It contains an organic amino-complex Proline Cutei with anti-irritant properties. Vichy Deodorant very effectively acts against odours caused by sweating and prevents decomposition of sweat by bacteria. The result is healthy, soft skin in the underarms and a pleasant feeling for 24 hours! It does not contain aluminium salts. Paraben-free and fragrance-free. Prevent unwanted odours and sweating all day long with Vichy Deodorant Stick! Effects: • protects from sweat for up to 24 hours • eliminates unpleasant odours • prevents skin irritation • refines skin in the underarms • can be used on depilated skin Ingredients: • Proline Cutei – an organic amino-complex with anti-irritant properties Skin type: Ideal for sensitive or depilated skin. How to use: Apply in a thin layer on dry and clean skin in the underarms.   read more


Description:Collistar Speciale Corpo Perfetto roll-on deodorant for all types of skin has a creamy consistency and is quick to abs...orb. It has long-lasting anti-sweat effects and brings protection and freshness all day long. Its efficient elements hydrate and soften your skin. Ideal also for use after depilation. Pamper your skin and be fresh all day long. reduces sweating nourishes and protects skin antibacterial elements freshness all day Composition: extract of camomile - soothes skin menthol - brings intensive freshness Type of skin:Suitable for all types. Application:Apply under your arms. Do not apply to painful or cut areas. read more


Description: Biotherm Deo Pure Antiperspirant Stick has 100% natural fragrance, is paraben-free and aluminium-free. It prevents sw...eating and unpleasant odour. Its gentle formula makes it ideal for sensitive underarms or skin after hair removal. Biotherm Deo Pure soothes sensitive underarms and minimizes the risk of allergy or other skin problems which may be caused by some antiperspirants. It contains an active substance with triple mineral complex which provides a long-term effect of dry underarms for up to 48 hours. It is alcohol-free and hypoallergenic. Effects: • does not leave stains on clothes • absorbs quickly and easily • long-term protection against perspiration • does not block sweat glands Ingredients: • aloe vera – soothes the skin • orange extract – improves the skin's tone and texture • corn extract – refines rough skin in the underarms Skin type: The anti-perspirant stick is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. How to use: Apply to underarms as often as needed.   read more

La Roche-Posay

Description: La Roche-Posay Physiological Deodorant Roll-on for sensitive skin acts against odours for 24 hours. It is formulated ...without aluminium salts and fully respects the natural balance of even the most sensitive skin. It doesn't block regulation of body temperature and its high efficacy makes your skin feel instantly fresh. La Roche-Posay Physiological Deodorant contains thermal spring water which is a source of many rare and healing elements, such as selenium, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. It is alcohol-free, paraben-free and has a delicate, unobtrusive scent. La Roche-Posay Physiological Deodorant treats your skin to long-lasting freshness and smoothness it really deserves. Benefits: • 24-hour anti-humidity and anti-odor efficacy • refreshes • soothes • does not irritate the skin Ingredients: • Perlite – fights against humidity • Zinc Gluconate – stops the growth of bacteria which cause odours • Allantoin – anti-inflammatory properties Skin type: Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and hypersensitive. How to use: Apply evenly to dry and clean underarms as often as needed. Allow to dry before putting on your clothes.   read more


Description: Vichy Deodorant Roll-on inhibits hair regrowth and it is gentle for all skin types, especially sensitive. The deodorant treats the skin after shaving, soothes irritation and provides sufficient comfort. It slows down hair regrowth and allows to space out shaving sessions. Vichy Deodorant Roller Anti-Hair Growth has a pleasant fragrance. It effectively reduces odours and significantly diminishes skin moisture. A gentle texture of the deodorant refines the skin texture and does not leave a greasy film. Effects: • fights against odours • reduces skin moisture • treats the skin after shaving • slows down hair regrowth • spaces out shaving sessions • does not leave a greasy film Skin type: Perfect for all skin types, How to use: Apply on the underarm area as often as needed.   read more


Description: Lancôme Bocage Roll-On leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean for a long time. This practical roll-on deodorant pro...vides antibacterial protection and contains substances that prevent sweating. It does not leave white marks on clothes. Ideal for sensitive skin. The roll-on applies just the right amount of product for maximum comfort. Alcohol-free. Try long-lasting freshness with Lancôme Bocage Roll-On! Benefits: • provides antibacterial protection • brings a long-lasting fresh sensation • doesn't leave white marks on clothes Ingredients: • Déo-Relais™ System – provides antibacterial protection • Aluminium Salt – anti-perspirant action, decomposes sweat to prevent odor Skin type: Perfect for all skin types. How to use: Apply to underarms at any time during the day. The deodorant should be used right after showering.   read more


Description: Extremely efficient Garnier Mineral Invisi Calm Antiperspirant Stick provides 48-hour protection from sweat and odour...! The special formula of Mineral Invisi Calm Antiperspirant is enriched with natural minerals that continuously absorb sweat. Allantoin soothes irritated underarms after shaving and the unique oil-powered technology prevents white stains on clothes, allowing you to get dressed immediately after the application. The pleasant scent of Garnier Mineral Invisi Calm Antiperspirant accompanies you from morning to night. Alcohol-free, paraben-free. Benefits: • up to 48-hour antiperspirant protection! • eliminates unpleasant odours • soothes the underarms after shaving • doesn't leave white marks on clothes • keeps you fresh • lets the skin breathe Ingredients: • Natural Minerals – constantly absorb perspiration • Allantoin – soothing properties • Oil-Powered Technology – prevents white marks on clothes Skin type: Perfect for all skin types. How to use: Apply evenly to the underarms. Use as often as needed.   read more

Helena Rubinstein

Description:Helena Rubinstein Nudit roll-on antiperspirant efficiently and over a long period fights sweating and unpleasant smell...s. It treats a sensitive skin very softly and soothes it. Helena Rubinstein Nudit antiperspirant leaves no traces on your clothes. It refreshes your skin and makes it pleasantly soft. It smells delicately and has a pleasant, soothing effect. Helena Rubinstein Nudit roll-on antiperspirant offers the optimum combination of reliable protection and fine treatment. Effects: efficiently fights sweating and unpleasant smells for 48 hours refreshing soothing no irritation of skin Type of skin:Suitable for all types of skin, including a sensitive skin. Application:Apply evenly on a dry skin in your armpits. Allow to dry up completely prior to putting your clothes on. read more


Description: Biotherm Deo Pure Roll-On prevents sweating and unpleasant odour. Its gentle formula makes it ideal for sensitive und...erarms or skin after hair removal. Biotherm Deo Pure soothes sensitive underarms and minimizes the risk of allergy or other skin problems which may be caused by some antiperspirants. It contains an active substance with triple mineral complex which provides a long-term effect of dry underarms for up to 48 hours. It is alcohol-free and hypoallergenic. Effects: • does not leave stains on clothes • absorbs quickly and easily • long-term protection against perspiration • does not block sweat glands Ingredients: • chamomile extract – soothes the skin • micronised chlorhydrate – prevents odour Skin type: The roll-on is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. How to use: Apply to underarms as often as needed.   read more


Description: What makes MEDIBLANC Whitening unique? MEDIBLANC Whitening not only whitens your teeth, removes all impurities and se...diment and keeps your breath fresh for a long time; it also represents a combination of unique processes and ingredients, which cannot be found in any other toothpaste and thanks to which you can enjoy the feeling of perfectly clean teeth. What is more, it is extremely gentle to your oral cavity. Its basic principle is a three-phase process. Phase 1 – SoakingThe usual amount of time spent on dental hygiene is a couple of minutes. During this relatively short period the tooth surface should be moisturised, rich foam should be created and the active ingredients, which capture plaque and leftover bits of food, should be evenly distributed. This is why MEDIBLANC Whitening contains foaming substances which have excellent moistening ability and make the cleaning process efficient. Moreover, the active ingredients can rise through capillary action, which enables them to reach badly accessible areas of your mouth! The unique formula of MEDIBLANC Whitening can prevent the growth of micro-organisms, which helps eliminate halitosis. Phase 2 – Effectiveness of Ingredients and CareThe maximum whiteness of your teeth is guaranteed thanks to dental micronized silicates. Thanks to their special design (they do not have sharp edges) and size (just 10 microns on average) tooth enamel is not damaged, the abrasiveness is low, the whole process is extremely gentle on tooth enamel and your teeth will be absolutely clean without any damage. Furthermore, the functionality of the silicates is based on the fact that every particle captures up to twice its own weight in impurities! This is how the maximum brushing effectiveness is achieved. To improve enamel protection and strength, we also used calcium phosphate in its micronized form, which makes the process of storing minerals in teeth more effective, i.e. mineralization becomes faster. This process can take up to 5 minutes with regular toothpaste! Phase 3 – Long-lasting FreshnessCompared to any common toothpaste, MEDIBLANC Whitening guarantees an extra long-lasting feeling of freshness, which you can enjoy long after brushing. This toothpaste contains micro-encapsulated ingredients of natural sweeteners, menthol and peppermint in a patented formula, which are gradually released during the whole process of brushing, so that the feeling of freshness does not disappear in a couple of seconds. MEDIBLANC Whitening toothpaste also provides gentle care for your oral cavity. It does not contain any artificial sweeteners, SLS/SLES or irritating preservatives. It’s free of fluoride, peroxide, and parabens. It does not cause dry mouth. If you use MEDIBLANC Whitening regularly, you will achieve maximum cleanness, protection and whiteness which cannot be provided by any regular toothpaste, and you will have the feeling of perfectly brushed teeth. Effects: perfect whitening for your teeth thanks to special silicates cleans badly accessible areas of your mouth strengthens tooth enamel eliminates halitosis guarantees a long-lasting feeling of freshness provides the feeling of perfectly brushed teeth provides gentle care of your oral cavity thanks to natural ingredients Ingredients: micronized silicates – unique particles 10 microns in size, which capture up to two times the amount of impurities of their own weight They are extremely gentle towards tooth enamel, which is thanks to the fact that they do not have sharp edges. micronized calcium phosphate – makes the process of mineralization faster and more effective. Strengthens and protects to read more


Clarins Body Specific Care, 1.7 oz, Deodorants and antiperspirants for Women


Description:Vichy Dépilatoires hair removal cream perfectly remove hairs from your skin. It has a pleasant texture which is easy t...o spread without running down your skin. Use its practical spatula to easily remove hairs. Vichy Dépilatoires is suitable for removing hairs under arms or at the bikini line area. Enriched with thermal water from Vichy and almond oil with nourishing and soothing properties. Apply to perfectly remove hairs and make your skin fine and elastic to touch. Get rid of unwanted hairs quickly and easily using this exclusive Vichy Dépilatoires hair removal cream! Effects: perfectly removes hairs nourishes and soothes skin leaves skin fine and elastic Composition: almond oil – nourishing and soothing thermal water from Vichy – contains 17 mineral and 13 trace elements, soothing and firming effects, significantly reduces the signs of skin irritation, protects skin against free radicals, boosts the immunity of skin Type of skin:Suitable for all types of skin. Application:Spread evenly on desired parts of skin. Apply in a sufficient layer and leave in for 4-6 minutes. Use spatula to remove the cream in gentle motions. Wash off with water. read more


Description:TIGI S-Factor Style molding wax helps you create the hairstyle you like without losing the natural look of your hair. ...This light creamy wax is easy to wash off with water. With TIGI wax your hair will be flexible, yet holding the required style. The moisturizing elements of S-Factor will provide your hair with necessary moisture you'll appreciate not only on hot summer days. Effects: natural look of your hair flexible hairstyle good hold Composition: natural carnauba wax – for flexible hold and structure Type of hair:Suitable for all types of hair. Application:Put a small amount on your fingers and softly apply into wet or dry hair to create required style. read more

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