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Love-Less Ash
$239.99 $219.99

Cheetah II Ash Vac, at last, a vac that can suck up warm and cold ashes! Using a fire-resistant hose and a specially designed filt...ering system for ash, the Ash Vac solves the problem of removing ash from woodburning stoves and fireplaces safely. The first filter is flame retardant for precautionary reasons. While the second filter traps sub-micron particles (ash) and has a special snap spring assembly allowing for easier cleaning. The Ash-Vac features a 5' flame-resistant hose, 3 gallon capacity container, and a powerful 6-amp motor. Comes with a one year warranty and includes one set of filters. This unit is 20 high, has a 1 1/4 diameter hose opening, and holds up to 3 gallons of ash. Love-less Ash Company History Out of the rural, coal-mining town of Price, Utah, Love-Less Ash Company was founded in July of 1988. Mike Loveless invented the original Ash Vacuum in 1983 because his wife, Colleen, had had it with the dust that was associated with their wood stove. The original ash vacuum was used for 5 years in their home while friends and family wanted one just like it. Finally, they ventured into the business of manufacturing ash vacuums for resale and did it in a one-car garage. Mike handled all research and development while Colleen handled the business end of things. Mike received his first patent in 1989, his second in 1993, his third in 1997 and his 4th in 1999. The first Ash Vacuums produced, were attachments to another vacuum source. They had a fire retardant filter and the customers home vacuum acted as the second filter. The original vacuums were well received but some stove owners needed time to get used to the concept of VACUUMING the ash from their stoves. It had not been successfully done before this time. In 1990, a motorized unit was introduced and was exactly what the public wanted. The Cheetah was introduced and has been modified to be the Cheetah II. It is now the standard size for ease and convenience in the market place. The Cougar was introduced in 1999 and is also a quiet version of the Cheetah II. In April of 1997, a second specialty vacuum was introduced to market. This was a 16 gallon Dustless Wet/Dry Drywall Vacuum. It had been on the drawing board for 3-4 years. Wet/Dry Drywall Vacuums will handle the very fine dust such as sheet rock and sanded concrete dust and the consumer can change from dry to wet and back to dry applications without changing the filters and still maintain great suction. The 16002 was introduced in 1998 and the Quiet 16004 QV hit the market in 1999. The Turbo Drywall Sander was introduced to market in November of 2000. It was 3 years in the making. This new tool is revolutionizing sanding drywall. This sander is powered by the suction of our drywall vac. The head vibrates to do the sanding for you while the tube draws the dust right into the vacuum. The remodeling industry has been asking for a product like this for years and we are pleased to have it available. Now a totally dust free solution to a very messy job. The company has changed its manufacturing facility three times. It moved from a one-car garage to a new and larger shop, to the facility it is in presently. We purchased an ash vacuum cleaner for our pellet stove on the advice of a friend. He mentioned that he used a Loveless Ash vacuum and was well pleased. So we decided to shop around and found a good deal on one from a local dealer. We were happy with the order process, pricing and the speediness of the delivery, but none of that could compare to our overall pleasure for the product itself. This thing works wonders, was quick to put together and great on function. Id recommend this product read more


15 Watt double pole Vacuum Cleaner Bulb Hoover, Eureka - 2 PackFits the following models - may fit other models - check your bulb ...first that it matches us with this bulb.Hoover 1170 Hoover 1176 Hoover 1178 Hoover U6003 Hoover U6003-001 Hoover U6007 Hoover U6039 Hoover U6039-030 Hoover U6041 Hoover U6049 Carpet Pro CPU1T Carpet Pro CPU2T Fuller Brush CPU1T Cirrus CR68 Cirrus CR78 Cirrus CR88 Cirrus CR89 Cirrus CR99Eureka & Sanitaire S647B Eureka & Sanitaire 5071E Eureka & Sanitaire 1756A Eureka & Sanitaire 4351A Eureka & Sanitaire 4440A Eureka & Sanitaire 6865A Eureka & Sanitaire 4380AT Eureka & Sanitaire 4381AT Eureka & Sanitaire 4480AT HEADLIGHT VICTORYFor 1780, 1920, 1940, 1960, 3930, 3940, 3970, 3980, 4320, 4340,4350, 4370, 4380, 4390, 4440, 4450, 4460, 4470, 4480, 4490, 4640,4660, 4670, 4680, 4690, 5040, 5130, 5180, 5190, 6810, 6820, 6840,6850, 6860, 6870, 6890, 7520, 7540, 7570, 8290 series vacuums. Eureka & Sanitaire 4481AT read more


Works With: 7600 Series Bravo C6446 SC6484 C6446AT SC6484AT Commercial Excalibur Upright Vacuum Cleaner 57940-1 E-57940-1 Descript...ion: Light Bulb. Fits Models 7600 Series Bravo, C6446, SC6484, C6446AT, SC6484AT, Commercial Excalibur Upright Vacuum... read more

Fantom Drives

Works With: Fantom 1100 Fantom 1200Fantom 52-7600-06 Description:Fantom 1100, Fantom 1200 Vacuum Cleaner Light BulbFantom Model 11...00, Fantom Model 1200 Vacuum Cleaner Light Bulb14volt, 6watts2 pins at bottom base of bulb52-7600-06 read more


Oreck Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Light Bulb HR-3500 Replacement light bulb made to fit a variety of different models of vacuum. vacuum cleaner light bulb fits models from Bissell, Hoover, Kirby, Oreck, and More! Fits Bissell Pure Air, Pure Air... read more


Eureka Light Bulb. Fits Models 7600 Series Eureka Bravo, C6446, SC6484, C6446AT, SC6484AT, Commercial Excalibur Upright Vacuum Cle...aner OEM Eureka Part 57940-1 E-57940-1.Vacuum Cleaner Light Bulb. read more


Includes low profile, premium urethane weight-mated sanding pad. Optional vacuum conversion kits are available to easily convert n...on-vacuum tool to self-generated vacuum tool or central vacuum tool. Blue lever identifies 3/8 (10 mm) dia. orbit, used... read more


Detail-oriented and designed to tackle most nooks and crannies at home or in the car, this tool kit includes the necessary accesso...ries--including brushes and extensions--to assist your Shark in cleaning even hard-to-reach places. From Shark. read more

$303.66 $219.58

Includes low profile, premium urethane weight-mated sanding pad. Optional vacuum conversion kits are available to easily convert n...on-vacuum tool to self-generated vacuum tool or central vacuum tool. Blue lever identifies 3/8" (10 mm) dia. orbit, used... read more

Ashes to Go

Start Enjoying Your Fireplace Again. The fastest easiest way to remove ashes from your fireplace. It's never been easier to enjoy ...your wood burning fireplace. Ashes to Go is a unique fireplace insert tray that collects the ashes from your fireplace and allows you to quickly, cleanly dispose of them in only a few minutes. No mess. No fuss. Fits seamlessly into most fireplaces. Durable, lightweight construction. Lid seals ashes in and prevents messes. Trap door allows ashes to be "poured" easily. The Ideal solution to an age old problem. There's nothing like a warm fire on a chilly night to add beauty and romance to a home. Cleaning up the ashes after the fire has finished is a completely different story. The ash buckets, shovels and brushes clutter your living room year round and the ashes that swirl into the room when you use them are a constant problem. Ashes to Go makes these problems a thing of the past. The low profile tray inserts easily under your grate and collects the ashes as the fire burns. When the ashes have cooled, cleanup happens in three easy steps: 1 - Lift the grate and put the lid on the Ashes to Go tray to prevent ashes from spilling. 2 - Carry the tray by the side handles to a trash receptacle. 3 - Open the trap door and pour the ashes out. Ashes to go unclutters your living room fireplace and make cleaning up after a fire simple, fast, and clean. Try it and you'll never go back to the buckets and shovels. read more


Works With: Victory 4300 Series 4400 Series 6990A 6975A 4472AT 4393A 48815 21-7605-02 Description: Vacuum Cleaner Headlight Bulb O...EM Part Fits Victory 4300 Series, 4400 Series, 6990A, 6975A, 4472AT, 4393A 48815 21-7605-02 UBO Online Shop is a... read more

Kenmore Sears

10 Vacuum Cleaner Bulb for Kenmore 5240, 52410, 20-5240, 20-52410, 4370018 Brand New - Unused PartsFor Kenmore Powermate & Progres...sive Vacuum Cleaners Replaces Part Numbers: 5240, 52410, 20-5240, 20-52410, 437001815 Watts, 130 Volts Includes (10) 15... read more

Love-less Ash

Love-Less Ash 50001 Dustless TURBO SanderCreate a safer and more comfortable work environment while also boosting productivity by ...using the Love-Less Ash 50001 Dustless TURBO Sander. When combined with a powerful vacuum this sander can take care of all your drywall sanding jobs while also capturing 99% of the dust created by sanding. Its lightweight design, extending pole, and rectangular sanding head make it ideal for getting into those hard to reach places that conventional sanders can't handle.Faster and more aggressiveSpeed your job up with this sander. It has several features which allow it to work faster and more aggressively than competitors. Between the re-engineered air turbine in the orbital head operating at 10,000 RPM and the new sandpaper with aluminum oxide crystals, you'll be impressed at how quickly and effectively it works.Reaches tight places and cornersUnlike traditional sanders with a round head, this sander has a rectangular sanding head. This allows it to reach corners and other tight places that other professional sanders simply can't reach. Now, you don't have to keep swapping tools out to get the job done.Lightweight designCarrying around those old sanders can get absolutely exhausting when they weigh a ton. Designed from the ground up to be lightweight, this sander weighs less than five pounds, making it significantly easier to work with and more ergonomically friendly.Weighs less than 5 poundsRectangular sanding head6' extending pole10,000 RPM orbital headCreates a safer and cleaner work environmentIncludes everything you'll need to get to workCaptures 99% of airborne dustCreate a cleaner and safer working environment by using this dustless sander. With a unique design that pulls air in from all four sides of the sanding head it's able to capture 99% of drywall dust before it can disperse into the air. It makes your job that much easier by preventing extra messes from being made.Extension poleNot only do you have the rectangular head to assist you in reaching those corners or tight spots, the pole extends out to a length of 85 inches. This allows you to easily reach high places like the upper corner of a wall or detail work around doors.Includes accessoriesEverything you'll need to get started on your job is already included. The sander comes with the sanding head, extension pole, sandpaper in 4 grits, bearing oil, hose adapter, hand sander adapter, static dispersing wire, and an owner's manual. read more

$1,279.00 $978.44

The MOB is one of the most elegant modern Bathroom Vanities around. This 60 Inch model comes with a reinforced Acrylic sink, Marin...e Veneer Constructed Console that is fully moister and water proof, with high quality European DTC Hardware, that provides smooth soft-closing operation drawers.Included in the price:Marine Veneer Wood Construction Console (Water and Moister Resistant)Integrated European Soft-Closing hardwareReinforced Acrylic Composite Sink with Rectangular Chrome OverflowAluminum HandlesInstallation HardwareAny Mirrors, Faucets or Pop-Drains in the pictures are NOT included in the price.Features:Two Functioning Drawers and Two DoorsCabinet comes Fully AssembledRich Durable FinishSoft Closing Hardware on All Doors and DrawersCountertop Pre-drilled for a Single Hole FaucetSink has OverflowStyle: Modern1 Year Manufacturer WarrantySpecifications:Vanity Base Material: Marine Wood VeneerVanity Countertop Material: Reinforced Acrylic CompositeNumber of Sinks Included: 1Number of Doors: 2Number of Drawers: 2Sink Installation Type: IntegratedSink Material: Reinforced Acrylic CompositeHandles Material: AluminumVanity Base Color/Finish:High Gloss Gray OakVanity Dimensions:Cabinet: 59 W x 18.5 D x 19.5 HSink: 59.25 W x 18.75 D x 4 HOverall Dimensions: 59.25 W x 18.75 D x 23.75 H* All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. read more


Apply a few drops of fragrance to water vacuum bags or filters water air purifiers aromatherapy or humidifiers and your home will ...smell greatpulliApply a few drops of fragrance to water vacuum bags or filters water air purifiers aromatherapy or... read more


Works With: Eureka 1756A Eureka 4660AT Eureka 4670AT Eureka 4670AT-1 Eureka 4672-1 Eureka 4672ATV Eureka 4674AT Eureka 4675AT Eure...ka 4675AT-1 Eureka 4640AV Eureka 4641ACV Eureka 4641ACV-1 Eureka 4654AT Eureka 4654BT Eureka 4654BT Eureka 4654BT-1 Eureka... read more


Works With: Evolution 6100 Evolution 6200 Evolution 6400 Evolution 6500 Evolution 6600 Evolution 6700 Evolution 6707 Evolution 610...0C Evolution 6500C Evolution 6508 Evolution 6502Z Evolution 6707 Evolution EZT Evolution 6100E Evolution 6709Z Evolution... read more

Native Trails
$1,698.00 $1273.50

Overall dimensions: 30L x 18W x 10.25H in.Handcrafted of NativeStone40% lighter than standard concreteChoice of finishDrop-in inst...allation3.5 in. drain hole. The smooth glamour of this Native Trails Farmhouse 3018 NativeStone Kitchen Sink brings a fresh sense of durability and styling to the classic farmhouse sink. This kitchen sink is gorgeous as a traditional apron front yet may also be installed behind a cabinet with no apron showing. You may even install it with the rim partially above the counter. This concrete kitchen sink is artisan-crafted of NativeStone, which is an innovative, remarkably strong blend of cement and jute fiber. Available in select finish options. Color: Ash. read more


Portable Carpet Extractor with Heater, Cleaning Path 12 In., Power Source 110V, Solution Tank Capacity 10 gal., Recovery Tank 10 gal., Pump Pressure 100 psi, Vacuum Motor 2 Stage, Material Polypropylene, Cord Length 50 ft., Standards ETL,... read more

Native Trails
$548.00 $411.00

Interior dimensions: 11 diam. x 6.25H in.Overall dimensions: 14 diam. x 7H in.Made of NativeStoneChoice of finishInstallation: Und...ermount or drop-in2 in. drain hole. The Native Trails Malibu Bar Sink lives up to its iconic name in style. This versatile concrete bar sink creates a stir, indoors or out. It features a deep, circular shape perfect for chilling beverages. Install it as an apron-front sink to show off the sleek lines and organic beauty or as a drop-in or undermount to make it a bit more discreet. The sink is artisan-crafted from NativeStone, a blend of cement and jute fiber that is surprisingly lightweight yet ultra-durable in the kitchen. Available in a variety of finishes. Color: Ash. read more

Ingersoll Rand
$126.25 $124.95

features and benefits: 12,000 rpm free speed for swirl-free finishes durable, lightweight composite design weighs less than 2 lbs.... pad diameter: 6" lubrication free motor this vacuum-ready, low vibration model produces an ultra-high quality finish and... read more

Dyno Exchange

Ash Honey - Impact Collection, AC3, Unilin Click, 48" x 5 5/8" x 12.3mm, 14.83 sqft/carton, 33.5 Lbs/carton, 60 cartons/pallet, 88...9.8 sqft/ Pallet"Enjoy every step!" Here at Dyno Exchange, we are dedicated in providing our customers with quality products, services that you can trust, and improvements to your living space.Our ultimate goal is providing products that bring your living space closer to nature and allowing you to enjoy every step of your life. Our unique exclusively designed products are in compliance with industrial standards and regulations.Our R & D department has been focused on developing multi-functional, innovative, and eco-friendly products with cutting-edge technology to meet your needs.We are committed to sustaining natural resources, using eco-friendly materials, and supporting sustainable forest management practices. read more

Matthew's Fan

Cool down modern spaces with this 3-blade ceiling fan. In gray ash tones, the blades feature a paddle shape to move air effectivel...y and six speeds for optimum comfort. Number of Light: None Number of Blade: 3 Product Features: UL Listed, Remote... read more


Low profile, premium urethane weight-mated sanding pad. Optional vacuum conversion kits are available to easily convert non-vacuum... tool to self-generated vacuum tool or central vacuum tool. Drop-In Motor available to reduce costly down-time associated... read more

Ingersoll Rand
$127.30 $124.47

The IR4152 sets a new standard in elite automotive finish work. This fine 3/32e orbit sander helps set the standard for high quali...ty paint finishes. The IR4152 utilizes a precision ground counterbalance to reduce vibration. The lubrication-free motor... read more


10,000 RPM National Detroit DAQ-6 is truly two-tools-in-one, easily changing from a Rotary Disc Sander to Random Orbital Sander the flip of a switch Ideal for metal applications; great on composite materials Excellent for automotive work, such as... read more

MS International

Add a splash of contemporary styling to your decor with the Silver Ash Veneer Tumbled Travertine Mosaic Tile. This attractive wall... tile features an arrangement of 5/8 in. thick, seemingly random length tile strips on a 12 in. x 12 in. mesh sheet that makes installation a breeze. With contemporary gray shades, this tile creates a distinct pattern for kitchens, bathrooms and other residential or commercial spaces. Note: Inspect all tiles before installation. Natural stone products inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in color, shade, finish, etc. It is recommended to blend tiles from different boxes when installing. Natural stones may be characterized by dry seams and pits that are often filled. The filling can work its way out and it may be necessary to refill these voids as part of a normal maintenance procedure. All natural stone products should be sealed with a penetrating sealer. read more


The Smart Hub is a powerful induction burner that can plug into any power outlet and instantly give you the capabilities of a kitc...hen range. What makes it revolutionary is the gold plated contact module that allows various Smart Tops to dock with the Smart Hub so that the two recognize each other and communicate seamlessly all without the need for batteries or recharging. The first Smart Top is the Precision Smart Top, designed to heat liquid to a precise temperature and keep it there. This allows you to do sous vide, but the design also allows you to cook in the top without plastic bags. Now you can use precision temperature control for infusions, delicate broths, whole chickens, culturing yogurt or sprouting grains. The induction burner is capable of delivering up to 1500W for extremely fast heating, but can also maintain temperatures with as few as 2W. Induction heats the pot directly, eliminating the inefficiencies associated with transmitting heat from electrical and gas stove tops to the pan. Precisely calibrated to measure the temperature of the water bath to within 0.1 Degree C (0.18 ), giving you greater control over cooking your food. There's no need to babysit those 48-hour ribs, just press the button and go. The spacer plate keeps food off of the bottom of the bath and the adjustable rack holds your food in place, allowing for even cooking on all sides. Vacuum Sealer Using patented punch and seal technology with liquid detection, the Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer is the best out-of-chamber vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking enthusiasts. Not only does the Oliso Pro Vacuum Sealer automatically seal dry food, it is the best way to vacuum seal liquids and marinades without the use of a large and costly chamber vacuum sealer. Ultimate Control over Cooking Temperature. Oliso PRO Smart Hub Induction Cooktop with Precision Smart Top Removable 11 Qtr. Sous Vide Oven and Vacuum Sealer Bundle - Ultimate Control over Cooking Temperature. read more

Cleform Tool
$46.49 $39.94

A dustless hand sander that features the patented DuraSoft handle in a unique ergonomic shape Adjustable air control, and pivoting... elbow 220 grit sanding screen 12" hose Material: Metal Color: Multi read more

Unique Bargains
$10.99 $5.47

Suction Cup Capacity: 3g, 18g, 40g; How to use: Choose the Suction cup you need access on the tp of pen; Press the rectangle knob ...before you sucking, release it to produce vacuum suction force to pick up IC; Put the IC on a proper place press down the... read more

Unique Bargains
$18.99 $9.04

The drill press quill return spring is good replacement for many existing quill spring on 12 inch drill presses, this is the chrom...e housed spring that returns the quill to the top after you have completed drilling. Used to all kinds of vacuum cleaner... read more

$49.99 $23.99

The VRT1 is designed for small and dusty projects in drywall, wood, glass, ceramic, Styrofoam and a variety of similar materials.For the first time ever, you can transform your wet/dry vacuum into a versatile turbine-powered rotary tool.... read more

Ingersoll Rand
$249.85 $124.99

Product Features The IR4152 sets a new standard in elite automotive finish work. This fine 3/32 orbit sander helps set the standar...d for high quality paint finishes. The IR4152 utilizes a precision ground counterbalance to reduce vibration. The... read more


DYB69029 Features: -Specifications .26 HP; rear exhaust; max. air flow 16 scfm @ 90 PSIG, length 7-3/4 ; height 3-1/2 ; sound leve...l 83 dBA; weight 2 lbs. : 6 Central Vac Dynorbital Silver Supreme Sander - 3/16 Diameter Orbit. Product Type: -Orbital... read more



$274.00 $202.70

A small tool that's big on performance 3/16" (5) orbit with 8,000 RPM Premium urethane hook-face pad included on all models Design...ed for efficient finishing of composites, fiberglass, and painted and metal surfaces Lightweight and compact Rectangular... read more


A dustless hand sander that features the patented DuraSoft handle in a unique ergonomic shape; Adjustable air control, and pivotin...g elbow; 220 grit sanding screen; 12" hose read more

Ingersoll Rand

This vacuum-ready, low-vibration model produces an ultra high-quality finish and connects to central or portable vacuum systems Th...e 4151 extracts dust and particles through and around the pad, keeping foreign matter away from the motor Virtually all... read more

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