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Acculine Pro
at Walmart

The AccuLine Pro 5-Point and 2-Line Laser with Detector by Johnson combines the benefits of a dot, line and cross beam laser into instrument. With a working range up to 300 feet using the included detector, this construction laser is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. The self-leveling combination laser is accurate within ±1/8 inch at 50 feet and is an ideal tool for all alignment and leveling tasks. ... Five-Dot Laser with Cross Lines ... There are 5 points and 2 cross lines on the Johnson combo laser. The beams project points up, down, forward, left and right, while the lines are vertical, horizontal or cross line. The dots and lines can be controlled separately, so you can choose how many of each to project based on the task at hand. ... Johnson Laser Detector40-6780 ... The combination laser package includes the Johnson Line Generator Laser Detector for use with the laser level while in pulse mode. Accurate within ±1/64 inch, the laser receiver read more

Acculine Pro
at Sears

Durable mount easily affixes laser level to a wall or track. Standard 5/8 screw bolt fits most laser levels. Large hand wheel prov...ides fine adjustment for alignment. Graduated housing in inches and cm. Use for installing drop ceilings. Includes:... read more

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