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A home's foyer need not be an afterthought. It can be as warm and welcoming as any other part of the house, greeting guests and beckoning them to come in and make themselves at home. We've rounded up some of our favorite foyers to show off how these small spaces can express big hospitality.

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    A Bit of a Butler

    The slimmest possible table -- supported by graceful iron legs -- stands at the ready, hoping to catch keys or a cup of coffee. A wall mirror echoes its curlicue lines but delights with an out-of-the-blue chalky hue. A tote or backpack can slip inconspicuously underneath for easy pick-up or drop-off.

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    Asian Influence

    This vignette packs a lot of punch in just a sliver of space, as pieces with Oriental flavor gather just inside the front door. The chest of drawers provides surreptitious storage as well as a landing spot for mail, keys, or a cup of coffee. The mirror offers a person one last look before heading out the door.

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    On the Wild Side

    Touches of the exotic rev up this entry, where a Dutch door -- painted red on the exterior, white on the interior -- gives way to a foyer wide enough for a console table stacked with red-lacquer boxes and Chinese vases. A zebra-print ottoman fits snug underneath for a fierce touch.

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    Easy Entry Organizer

    Turn a bookcase into beautiful entryway organizer with these simple steps.

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    Small but Mighty

    A 3-foot stretch of wall between two doors in this entryway could've easily been overlooked and ignored, but artwork and a diminutive stool give it purpose and presence, practically asking people to stop for a moment and take a look around.

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    At Each Turn

    Every few steps in this eclectic entryway, there’s something new to behold. Note that the wood-plank flooring is laid to resemble a rug runner, directing the eye down the hallway to the staircase. Along the way, you'll pass by a corner table laden with a sculpture and a minimalist Lucite table levitating beneath a piece of industrial metal salvage.

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    Versatile Vanity

    A dresser-and-mirror combo in this foyer resembles a bedroom vanity, with its abundant storage and boudoir lamps. It allows one last check of hair, makeup, and outfit in bright, natural light before dashing out the door.

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    Sight Seeing

    Even a narrow hallway hemmed in by a staircase can host a small display. Here, a narrow runner ushers people down the hallway past a pretty sight, a demilune table of wood and glass cradling a few small knickknacks. Framed artwork gathers overhead.

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    Full of Grace

    Gorgeous traditional wainscoting anchors a demilune table in rich wood. It hoists a bowl overflowing with hydrangeas and a chorus of silver candlesticks, which echo the glint and glimmer of the mirror behind. Such a gracious way to welcome visitors into a home!

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    Under Covers

    It looks like a linen-skirted table awaiting the mail and other just-in-the-door deliveries, but those flax-hued drapes conceal ingenious storage for shoes and boots. It corrals all footwear in one place and keeps the family from tracking mud and leaves throughout the house.

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    Touch of Romance

    It’s no surprise that this round-top door -- which looks straight out of a fairy tale -- opens to reveal an entryway dressed as sumptuously as a princess. An amber glass chandelier casts warm light over a cozy window seat, lushly trimmed curtains, and low stool plumped with a velvet pillow.

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    Suited in Scale

    This shallow niche in an outsize foyer asks not just for a statement piece; rather, it begs for an exclamation! A boxy velvet-and-wood settee, oversize round mirror, and stretched-tall paneling fits the bill; all are just as roomy in scale as the entryway itself.

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    A Place for Everything

    A wall brimming with bright and colorful coats, bags, and scarves lurks just to the right of the equally cheery front door, poised to collect outerwear and shoes from every member of the family. Having plenty of hooks for jackets, a spot for keys and sunglasses, a clip for outgoing mail, and a bench for putting on or taking off shoes means that all of these activities can take place in a snug slice of space.

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    Restraint Reigns

    A handful of items united by clean lines and a bit of sheen make a mighty statement in this foyer. A swipe of red velvet and dot or two of violet bring the vignette to life.

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    Just a Taste

    Piled with pillows and resting at just the right height to highlight the gorgeous wall paneling, this cushioned bench isn't so much practical as pretty: It gives visitors a taste of the home's decor upon stepping in the door.

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    A Country Corner

    An extra-wide foyer lets this little corner blossom into a cozy window seat bathed in natural light. A bamboo table snugged on one side holds a metal-shaded lamp, which can illuminate the space once the sun fades away.

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