Finished Basement Remodeling Tour

Photo tour of a finished basement remodeling project with natural woods and a vaulted ceiling.

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  • Natural Wood and Vaulted Ceiling

    French doors and windows line one side of this remodeled basement, filling the space with natural light and providing easy access to the outdoors. The beam structure of the vaulted ceiling complements exposed beams and rough plaster finishes found throughout the house.

  • Stairs and Built-In Bookshelves

    The homeowners wanted the basement to feel connected to the main level, so there is no door at the top of the stairs. A pivoting door and sliding panel at the bottom of the stairs help control noise. Built-in bookshelves line the stairs to maximize storage.

  • Storage with Custom Cabinets

    Storage was a priority in this basement remodeling. Custom cabinets include open shelves for display and closed cabinets for storing electronics, videos, and games.

  • Soundproofing with a Pocket Door

    The finished basement was designed to be both soundproof and open to the upper level. A pocket door can be opened alongside the stairway or closed to keep noise from traveling upstairs.

  • Entertainment Center and Custom Cabinets

    Custom cabinets contain the entertainment center and hide all the audio equipment, including surround-sound speakers.

  • Windows and Pool Table

    The basement family room has plenty of space for a regulation-size pool table and is a popular hangout for the homeowners' kids and their friends. Generously sized windows allow natural light and scenic views. Hardwood floors, rough-hewn wood beams, and exposed-brick walls ground the space.

  • Pool Cue Storage

    A small storage niche designed to house pool cues matches the custom cabinetry throughout the basement.

  • Window Seat

    A corner window seat in the sunny basement offers a perfect perch for pool players or book lovers.

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