Basement Storage Ideas

Storage space is often a necessity for basements. Find ideas here to determine what type of storage would work best for you.

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    Storage with the Stairs

    Built-in shelving is a practical and visually appealing way to display personal items or hide other items inside cabinets. Here, the maple cabinetry fits in beautifully with the floors and railings. Slanting downwards with the stairs, the look is both unique and sleek. Obtain a similar look by finding what finish would look best with your home decor.

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    Hide Clutter Behind Cabinetry

    Basement storage is made simple with wall-to-wall cabinetry. Here, the light color provides a beautiful combination with the light colors of the walls and flooring. Open shelving creates lots of space for storage boxes and files. Plenty of closed cabinetry hides clutter, too.

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    Double-Duty Entertainment Center and Storage Space

    Because the basement is often an entertainment hub, plenty of storage is needed for games, videos, or other household items that are not needed year-round. This two-in-one design acts as both an entertainment center and storage space. Open shelving in the middle proves perfect for the television, stereo, DVD player, and other technology. Cabinet doors hide what lies above while drawers hold DVDs below.

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    Coat, Bag, and Shoe Organization

    Organizing coats, shoes, and backpacks is a snap with this simple storage area. Cubbyholes are provided for shoes, while coats and bags hang neatly on hooks. Simple baskets make it easy to pull out needed items while hiding any clutter. Create a similar look by installing a storage space that blends with the color of your walls. Be sure to consider how many bags, coats, and shoes will be stored when determining what size would be best for your family.

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    Storage for a Basement Play Area

    One of the great things about storage space in finished basements is that it adds both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Here, white cabinets are perfect for the colorful decor. Plenty of drawer and cabinet space hides clutter and stores craft supplies for the basement play areas. Open counters are ideal for workspace or storing extra items.

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    Storage in the Laundry Room

    To make the most of space, a basement laundry room can double as valuable storage space. Here, woven baskets sit atop simple shelving to provide space for laundry items or other household objects. Installed curtains can be drawn to easily hide any clutter.

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    Organize Your Clutter

    Create a unique look for your storage shelving with a stairstep look that declines with the railing. Here, the shelves are all open for easy access to everything stored there. Space is used for books, DVDs, and collectibles that are proudly displayed.

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    Wine Storage in the Basement

    Some basements offer a room for storing wine, such as this basement cellar. Aged boxes sit atop one another to create a perfect atmosphere for the room, with a weathered look that goes great with the wine storage. The simple design can be easily redone in your basement with some aged wood in various colors. The boxes are the perfect size for storing wine, and the separate compartments make it simple to organize wine by flavor.

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    Built-in Shelving for a Perfect Look

    Built-in shelving in the basement can make storage space look like part of any old wall. This floor-to-ceiling storage matches the color scheme and acts as both a storage space and a wall. Plenty of closed cabinetry below hides clutter, while open shelving organizes books and displays personal items.

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    Match Your Shelving with Your Decor

    Make your basement storage fit in with your decor by finishing it in the same color as your other trim. This built-in design is both practical and beautiful. The dark paneling is a perfect match with the flooring and is a perfect contrast for the creamy color of the walls. Boxes and baskets hide clutter while the open shelving is still available for displaying personal items.

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    Colorful Kid-Friendly Storage

    Because basements are often used for entertaining, bright colors can add a fun twist that is perfect for children. Here, vivid colors cover the walls and shelving to create a fun and unique atmosphere. The storage space is painted in a brilliant yellow that is a beautiful contrast from the blue and green adorning the walls. The open shelves are ideal for organizing clutter and housing games. For easy access for children, be sure that the shelves are low enough for them to reach.

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    Beautiful Basement Storage Cabinets

    When it comes to basement storage, an image of boxes piled in an unfinished basement often comes to mind. However, it does not have to be that way. This finished basement boasts of beautiful white cabinetry that is perfect against the creamy walls and wood flooring. The drawers and cabinets hide any clutter that might be behind them while the piece above can be used as a display board.

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    Storage with Style

    Organize basement storage with fun colors. Here, blue baskets stand out against the light green paint to add contrast to the design. Hooks hang on the doors for extra storage. If placed in a closet or small room, the space can be easily hidden, too.

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    Save Space with Built-in Storage

    Built-in storage is often ideal for the basement, as it doesn't seem to take up any space. Here, white storage cabinets hide clutter, while the open shelving above is perfect for displaying personal items. The bright white proves a beautiful contrast against the sunny walls, and adds both a practical and stylish element to the room.

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    Double-Sided Storage for Beauty and Practicality

    Add both a beautiful and a practical element to your basement storage space with side-by-side open and hidden storage. This recessed space's white finish matches the other wood paneling in the room.

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    Efficient Use of Storage Space

    To efficiently use space in your home, add storage next to the stairs. Here, the shelves are finished in the same stain as the wood flooring, set apart with white dividers that organize the whole thing.

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    Storage for Books

    For those with way too many books, walls filled with open shelving are the best way to go. Books line this basement office and are easy to find when necessary. Similar shelving units are ideal for basement offices and homes with a plethora of knowledge to display.

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    Stairs as Storage

    When considering storage space in your basement, get creative in your design. This unique storage unit doubles as fun seating for kids, who can climb up to reach the cozy cushions above. The open shelves are perfect for housing blankets that can be easily obtained on those chillier days. Woven baskets are perfect for hiding toys or organizing books. The bright white colors are a beautiful contrast to the wood floors and burnt orange walls.

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    Add a Unique Twist with a Cutout Window

    Floor-to-ceiling basement storage space can go a long way toward getting your home's clutter under control. The open shelving in the top right houses books and finances, while a small cutout window on the left lets some sunlight in. The countertop can be used to display personal items or as a work space.

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