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Decorate your living room using ideas from our favorite spaces. Browse photos of living rooms to discover new decor ideas, fresh color schemes, and smart furniture arrangements. Then start creating a living room that suits your needs, whether you want a calming space to relax, a room to have fun with family, a well-appointed space for entertaining, or a space that serves a combination of activities. From the grandest living rooms to the most intimate family rooms, you'll find looks in every decorating style: traditional and classic, modern and fun, cottage and sweet, plus ideas for Tuscan, country French, and eclectic living rooms. Discover ways to bring color into your living room, and find rooms and color schemes starring your favorite colors, including green, blue, red, and beyond. Plus, get ideas on how to pull a room together and how to choose furniture, colors, accessories, window treatments, and flooring that will come together to create a beautiful room that you'll love to spend time in. Living room decorating is easy when you draw inspiration from our favorite spaces.

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Plan a Furniture Arrangement

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Top Kitchen & Bath Redos

You voted. We listened. We've gathered your most-loved kitchen and bath makeovers from Facebook and Pinterest for some serious before-and-after inspiration.

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Small Room Ideas

It's time to embrace your small spaces. You'll be surprised by how much style and function you can pack in with these dos and don'ts.

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Vintage Kitchen Ideas

Whether inspired by a 1940s diner or an old-world scullery, vintage kitchens offer charm and contemporary convenience. See how these designs reference the past while beautifully accommodating modern needs.

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Great Room Arranging

When your kitchen, dining room, and living space are all in one open floor plan, arranging the furniture can be tricky. These tips make it easy.

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Quick Bedroom Updates

Give your bedroom a decorating boost this weekend with one (or all!) of these five do-it-yourself projects.

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Basement Conversions

If it feels like your home is bursting at the seams, renovating your basement to include a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchenette might be the solution to finding more space without building an addition.


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    • Let There Be Light

      Renovating a basement to include a kitchen allows you to move entertaining downstairs. This walkout makes use of the natural light available, but installing light-tone and glass-front cabinets is a good trick for brightening a windowless basement, too.

    • Graphic Solution

      Got a finished basement in need of an update? Try painting over the wood paneling. Here, large blocks of wall were taped off, then painted complementary colors.

    • Make It Interesting

      Since most unfinished basements are just a box beneath the home, think of adding architectural elements when remodeling, such as the built-in wall niche and angled ceiling shown here.

    • Don't Forget Storage

      Remodeling your basement means losing some storage space, so make sure you include built-ins wherever possible to accommodate the items you still need to store out of the way. Here, dual built-ins "frame" the bed and have niches in the side to serve as bedside tables.

    • Ideal Situation

      Think functionality for any type of lower-level entertaining space. Will you serve family dinners in the basement or just a few drinks to friends? Do you only need a refrigerator to hold beer during the football game or is a full bar more your style? Whatever you decide, renovate your space accordingly, making sure everything you need (including stemware, snack bowls, and wine) is right at your fingertips.

    • Embrace the Dark Side

      Use the lack of natural light in your basement to your advantage by creating a dramatic space with modern wood paneling and stone.

    • Light Direction

      Plan to add several new light fixtures to your renovated basement to combat darkness in the space. Recessed lighting unobtrusively shines on work areas and pendent lamps provide more direct illumination.

    • Make It Real

      Don't forget the luxuries when remodeling a formally gloomy space such as a basement. Hardwood floors, molding, and unusual elements (like the shuttered wall shown here) all help to make the basement feel more like home and less like an afterthought.

    • Choose Your Style

      If you decorate your home all in one style, why not try something different in your soon-to-be-renovated space? Here, a steel pole supporting the display case and brushed nickel hardware create a contemporary, streamlined style.

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      Something New

      An open shower may not be practical in a high-traffic main level, but here, in the more secluded basement bathroom, you can take risks. The stone used in the divider wall and shower stall adds sophistication.

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      A walkout basement yields plenty of opportunities for creating a space you wouldn't know was once underground. Here, contemporary design is used to match the lack of architectural elements in the space. Artwork and a built-in display shelf are striking enough on their own.

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      Minor Addition

      In another walkout basement, French doors take full advantage of the natural light and outdoor view. An outdoor room extension seems a proper use of the space.

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      Room for All

      Use the open space in an unfinished basement to carve out the kitchen floor plan you don't have room for on the main level. Add lots of cabinets, built-in storage hutches, and possibly even a pantry if you have the space.

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      Use Every Corner

      A counter backed against a staircase wisely uses what could have been dead wall space. Before installing a counter, ask yourself if you'll need a small refrigerator, a dishwasher, or just a place to store extra dishes. Let your answers guide the type of counter you install.

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      A Suitable Welcome

      Placing the guest room in the basement is a win-win situation. Nobody gets bumped from their bedroom, and guests are far enough away from the main level that they don't feel like intruders. Plus, you gain the convenience of an extra bathroom.

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      Easy Access

      Cabinets devoted to holding stemware save you from storing the less-used items in the main-level kitchen. Pull-out drawers in the cabinets ensure that every inch of storage space is easily accessed.

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      Loosen Up

      Basements, which are cooler and darker than above-ground rooms, are a natural choice for storing wine. Take advantage of blank wall space and install these angular wine bottle shelves.

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      Sprawling subterranean spaces often go unused. Increase the square footage of your home by upgrading your basement. Use these inspiring tips and affordable upgrades to launch your own basement transformation.
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