Add living space to your home by putting the attic to good use. Reference these attic decorating ideas to add a bedroom, home office, or living room to your top level. Pitched ceilings can be a benefit -- especially when detailed with dormer windows or built-out with savvy storage cabinets. Further personalize your attic space by creating some of our fun home accent projects, wall art ideas, or quick and easy pillows to increase the coziness of the room. Insulating an attic can be a do-it-yourself project, too. If you're looking to add storage space rather than living space, learn how to make the most of your attic with strategic organization so that you can store more. Follow our tips for getting it insulated properly the first time so that you can enjoy your new space for years to come and enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency. If you'reconsidering a full-scale attic remodel, we've collected inspiration for that, too. We have tips for remodeling and working with contractors and builders. Whether your attic is already finished or a blank slate, we have remodeling and updating ideas for you.


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