A Storybook-Inspired Nursery

This precious nursery showcases the 12 gifts of love parents give their children.


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    • The Gifts

      As any expectant parent knows, the weeks prior to the birth of a new child are full of busy preparation, not least of which is putting together a nursery for the child. This room design was inspired by the storybook The Twelve Gifts of Birth by Charlene Costanzo. According to the story, every child is given 12 gifts -- including imagination, beauty, joy, and wisdom -- by his or her parents.

    • Special Message

      A passage from The Twelve Gifts of Birth graces the wall space above the bed. White furniture helps to tone down the bright pink, green, orange, and yellow color scheme.

    • Themed Accents

      A basic symmetrical shelving unit with varied cubby sizes accommodated the word lengths. Painting the background of each cubby a different color adds depth and visual interest. The custom-fit cabinets give the room a hint of modern style and also supply loads of storage space.

    • Bold Style

      The designer's focal-point project was a window seat flanked by bookcases that created a place to display these 12 gifts on large felt blocks. The bright colors in the plaid bedspread and coordinating lime-and-pink quilt will last until this room is updated for a teen resident. A matching twin bed and crib leave room for an eventual sibling to share the space once baby transitions to the "big girl" bed.

    • Cute and Quotable

      To create a painted quotation on the wall, choose a fun font and use a projector to aim the phrase onto the wall, then carefully trace and paint the letters. Use a level to square up each line of text, then apply painter's tape to keep everything straight as you trace and paint.

    • Mix and Match

      Mixing fabrics and patterns gives the room an eccentric feel and allows for a color switch in the future.

    • Flower Power

      The changing table sits underneath a mirror surrounded by painted floral motifs.

    • Tower Storage

      Perfect for diaper necessities right now, this versatile storage unit will transition to hold toddler toys and books later.

    • Divine Inspiration

      The storybook The Twelve Gifts of Birth by Charlene Costanzo inspired the design of this thoughtful and colorful room.

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