Nurseries for Multiples

Planning a nursery for more than one baby can multiply the fun as well as the challenge.
Double Delight
The cribs convert to toddler
beds for extended use.

How do you design a nursery that will be home to both a boy and a girl? Decorative artist Anne Pamfilis tackled this dilemma head-on in a nursery for the Baltimore Symphony Decorators' Show House.

Her plan integrates subtle pinks and blues. She normally avoids these stereotypical colors, but, she says, "I wanted to show how you could decorate a room for a boy and girl, and it could be in harmony."

Leaving doors off the
closets allows easy access.

Pink and blue come in the details; the room's foundation is actually gender-neutral: yellow-and-white striped walls, white woodwork, white painted furniture, and wood floors.

A multicolor gingham fabric is used for the window treatments, crib dust ruffles, and changing-area details and accessories.

On the cribs (which convert to toddler beds), the gingham pattern is carried to the bumper pads in pink and blue. Different sheets distinguish each baby's area: blue stars for the boy and pink pigs for the girl. These motifs play off the pig mobile overhead and the sculpted star rug below, which Pamfilis had made at a local designer flooring store.

At the windows, Pamfilis lined each multicolor valance with either pink or blue fabric. The simple squares hang from tension rods, with a flap tacked back. Underneath are shutters she purchased unfinished from a home center and then painted.

For a changing table, Pamfilis topped a dresser with a changing pad that can be removed when the twins move out of diapers. Like icing on the cake, touches of metallic silver on the mirror, picture frames, and shelves over the closet tie the whole scheme together.

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