Room Arranging

Learn how to arrange living room furniture with these easy tips and savvy layouts. Whether your room is long and narrow or small and square, we have smart ideas for furniture arrangements that are versatile and will make the most of your space. Living rooms often have more than one function and arranging your furniture to suit these functions is key to a pleasing space. We'll show you how to create conversation areas that are oriented toward a focal point, whether it's a TV or media center, or fireplace. Browse these photos of living rooms to see spaces that are divided into zones, such as a conversation zone, a craft or game zone, and a media zone. While the placement of furniture is key when arranging a room, the types and sizes of furniture pieces are also important factors. We'll show you how to incorporate the right amount of seating and accent furniture, alongside essential storage pieces, such as bookcases. Try your hand at arranging furniture with our Arrange-a-Room tool, where you can place furniture with just a click of your mouse.


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