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Decorate your living room using ideas from our favorite spaces. Browse photos of living rooms to discover new decor ideas, fresh color schemes, and smart furniture arrangements. Then start creating a living room that suits your needs, whether you want a calming space to relax, a room to have fun with family, a well-appointed space for entertaining, or a space that serves a combination of activities. From the grandest living rooms to the most intimate family rooms, you'll find looks in every decorating style: traditional and classic, modern and fun, cottage and sweet, plus ideas for Tuscan, country French, and eclectic living rooms. Discover ways to bring color into your living room, and find rooms and color schemes starring your favorite colors, including green, blue, red, and beyond. Plus, get ideas on how to pull a room together and how to choose furniture, colors, accessories, window treatments, and flooring that will come together to create a beautiful room that you'll love to spend time in. Living room decorating is easy when you draw inspiration from our favorite spaces.

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Yellow Living Rooms

Brighten a dull living room by working yellow into the palette. This warm, versatile color adds an instant ray of sunshine to any space and is easy to incorporate into your current color scheme.


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    • Cheerful Yellow

      For an outdoors-inspired space, start with a sunny yellow wall color. Incorporate sky blue and grass green accents to complete the scheme. Doses of white, in trimwork and ceramic accents, lend a crisp edge to the natural look.

    • Bold Yellow Sofa

      Paint isn't the only way to get the benefits of yellow in a living room. Here, a bold yellow striped sofa adds a punch of color to the room. It pairs with navy blue accents in the stripes, pillows, and window treatments to feel balanced. The somewhat subdued patterns leave plenty of attention for the colorful glassware collection on the other side of the room.

    • Natural Inspiration

      Draw inspiration from nature when choosing yellows for a color palette. Here, the daffodil color of the yellow accent pillows and the chair slipcover echo the forest-inspired picture on the mantel. The greens and neutrals are also from that artwork. For more nature inspiration, consider the yellows of daisies, tulips, sweet corn, wheat, fall leaves, or goldfinches.

    • Cobalt and Yellow

      This predominantly two-tone color scheme updates the classic yellow-and-blue combo to give it a fresh twist. Here, a light yellow on the walls buddies up to a striking cobalt that frames black-and-white photos. Lower in the room, the yellow turns a bit more vibrant on pillows and the lamp base, while the blue gets in touch with its turquoise side. A neutral beige sofa lets this colorful yellow-blue pairing keep all the attention.

    • Strength in Subtlety

      While creamy yellow and white provide a soft scheme, a strong accent can create a punch that ensures the pairing won¿t fade into obscurity. Here, chocolate-brown velvet chairs and an animal-print ottoman add depth to an otherwise subtle space. Gold accents, such as the mirror above the fireplace, introduce glamour to the living room.

    • A Summery Room

      This lovely room combines sunshine yellow and a light sage to capture the light, breezy feel of a summer's day. The fireplace wall gets extra attention with its contrasting green paint and the clever circular motif that repeats the drapery pattern. The yellow walls lend subtle background color that lets the green accents pop.

    • Formally Yellow

      Yellow can take on an elegant vibe when the tone is just a step or two up from white. In this airy space, abundant natural light and high ceilings are the stars. The walls serve as a supporting character, painted a shade of butter yellow, as do the subtle yellow accents.

    • Frame Bright Art in Yellow

      Art galleries know a neutral backdrop lets the artwork shine. This room shows that a neutral background doesn¿t have to be white. A warm yellow wall color emphasizes the hues in this graphic, unframed piece. Lighter shades in subtle yellow-and-white patterns add interest to the white furniture without detracting from the star of the room -- the bold painting.

    • Accent Wall

      Yield-light yellow will make visitors come to a full stop when you use it as a bold accent wall. Here, it¿s incorporated with generous doses of white -- on other walls, the ceiling, the sofa, artwork, and tables -- to mitigate the drama. Graphic black accents weave into the scheme to emphasize the geometry of this modern space.

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      Liven Up

      Golden yellow walls lend this living room a sunny disposition. To make the extra-tall room feel less imposing, a band of white trim breaks up the yellow walls and introduces a subtle accent. Another primary color, red, helps the chairs make a bold statement, while the browns in the sofa and window treatments anchor the room's scheme.

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      Buttercream Walls

      Light buttercream yellow unites this large living room. It starts on the walls and echoes in the gingham curtains and the striped rug. The lighter yellow backdrop allows artwork and a lively animal print on the ottoman to take center stage. Adding black accents will give a yellow room more zing. Just be careful not to add so much black that you mimic the decorating equivalent of a bumblebee.

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      Pastel Perfection

      This beach-inspired room introduces a pastel yellow to emphasize the home's peaceful qualities. By pairing the yellow with other pastels, the room relies on pretty patterns to add contrast. Here, the chairs' romantic floral with a yellow background plays off of the couch's graphic plaid, the striped pillows and throw, and the tiny gingham on the ottoman. Tip: Be careful not to overdo pastels, or your room will start looking too cute.

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