Living Room Color Ideas: Neutral

Neutral colors can be the perfect base for any living room. Find ideas here about how to design and decorate your living space to bring your personal style to the room.

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Beige-Gray Walls with a Glossy Finish

    Neutral colors can provide a perfect base for your living room decor. The living room walls are painted pale beige-gray and trimmed in glossy white to set a fresh, clean, uncluttered tone. Architectural salvage atop the mantel introduces patina, texture, and surprise. Add contrast with dark pieces, such as the glass-top coffee table in this room. The fireplace adds contrast and light, as well as spark.

Color on the Mantel

    Add a flash of color to your living room with a centerpiece above the mantel that draws attention. This room boasts a brilliant blue and earthy red that provide just the right amount of color to the otherwise neutral room. Small throw pillows and other accent pieces add to the color palette. Creamy color furniture is both inviting and classy.

Texture with Accents

    Plush, creamy furniture proves to be both beautiful and welcoming in this contemporary living room. Add texture with patterned pillows, lamp shades, and small furniture pieces. Silk panels over crisp white sheers lend softness and style to the windows. The dark coffee table combines with the fireplace for a hint of contrast.

Light Tones for a Classic Living Room Design

    One of the great things about a neutrally colored room is that the scheme lends a light and airy appeal. Bright throw pillows of coral and pink add a spark of color in this room. A mid-1800s wine-tasting table in fruitwood joins an inlaid pine chest to ground the light room and give a nod to classic elements. The sheer curtains complete the room and are perfect against the creamy walls.

Texture on the Walls and Floors

    A great way to add style and pattern to your neutral living room is through textural treatments on the walls and floors. Here, the carpet and walls both have simple textures that add to the casual style of the room. Flowing window treatments add beauty and provide a privacy option, while dark accent pieces give an ideal amount of contrast.

12th-Century Style in the Living Room

    One way to add style and a personal touch to your living room is through the floors. Here, an area rug sits atop hexagonal tiles that set the tone for the rest of the room. The old-world style of the floors creates the perfect backdrop for fine antique pieces, such as the French-style coffee table in this living room. Details on the table and cabinetry add texture while plush seating offers both comfort and 12th-century style.

Simple Touches for Bold Contrast

    Simple touches are sometimes all that is needed to add contrast and texture to your living room. Here, pillows covered in antique French fabrics stand out against cream upholstered pieces. Softly textured walls add a unique style and give the room an elegant appeal. Old-world cabinets and frames add to the timeless appeal.

Color with Draperies

    When determining how to furnish your neutral living room, be sure to incorporate a splash of color for simple contrast and a fun twist. Here, a light pink toile pattern finishes the draperies that serve as the main color accent. A striped chair beautifully offsets the creamy smooth sofa, while a patterned area rug and pillows add a bit more texture.

Elegance in Neutral Shades

    A neutral living room sets the tone for an elegant and timeless look. Smooth beige walls offset the patterned carpet to add classy appeal in this living room. Patterned pillows and furniture pieces provide just the right amount of texture. Creamy living room furniture is ideal for a neutral setting; it is both inviting and beautiful.

Living Room Designs with French Appeal

    The fireplace and mantel are the focal points in many living rooms, regardless of color. In a neutral room, make sure your fireplace pops, as does this carved limestone version. Plenty of patterns and textures blend in this French-style living room through the furnishings and flooring. The detailed patterns combine with French pottery accents to create a casual and distinctly French appeal.

Decorating with Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood flooring can set the tone for beautiful living room decor, as in this home. Clean white furniture is paired with crisp French doors and windows for a unique contrast. The doors and windows allow ample amount of light to bounce off the wood floors, creating a warm atmosphere. An area rug and indoor plants add texture.

Ceiling Beams for a Unique Twist

    A unique and fun way to add style and texture to your living room decor is via the ceiling. Here, the beamed ceiling crowns the decor, and the crisp white contrasts beautifully with the classic hardwood floors. An open floor plan means the living room opens to the spacious central hall for an airy feel. Patterns on the furnishings add texture and fit well with the French style of the decor.

Neutral Tones with Grand Appeal

    Grand appeal can be easily obtained in a neutral living room. Here, crisp white arched doorways pair beautifully with the color on the walls. Plush furnishing in both white and green add color to the room while adding to the formal look. Simple touches, such as the area rug and stitching on the chairs, add a bit of style and texture. The arched doorways combine with the plush furnishings for a sense of grandeur in the brown-and-green color scheme.

Grandeur with Windows

    Add light and beauty to your living room with oversized windows that allow sunlight to bounce around the room. Here, the windows rise nearly 25 feet and bring a sense of grandeur to the room. Smooth and plush furnishings add to the contemporary design, while patterned pillows contribute contrast. Rough-textured structural pillars accentuate the room's verticality. Create a similar look in your living room with a wall of windows that connects the interior with the outdoors.

Fireplace as the Focal Point

    When your fireplace serves as the focal point of your living room, ensure that it is both beautiful and practical. Camargue stone details the fireplace in this room, adding a dash of texture and creating an ideal backdrop. Creamy window treatments offer style and the option of privacy. Creamy upholstery adds to the neutral decor and completes the look.

Style with French Doors

    Add style to your living room with French doors and windows that blend the outdoors with the interior. Open beams on the ceiling provide a twist on the traditional style. An area rug layers softness over the hardwood floors and adds a bit of texture to the room. Plush living room furniture beckons visitors and homeowners to relax in the comforting atmosphere.

Furnishings that Reflect Your Unique Style

    Be sure to add a personal touch to your living room with pieces that reflect your style. Here, a large-scale custom coffee table made from African pine adds international flair to the understated living room. Simple checkered patterns on the carpeting, pillows, and silk Roman window shades tie the room together. The dark coffee table pairs with light furnishings for beautiful contrast.

Clean and Crisp Living Room Design

    Crisp lines and cool contrasts can set the tone for a neutral living room. Here, hardwood flooring pairs with crisp white accents on the fireplace for a clean and contemporary look. Creamy walls set the backdrop, while patterned furnishings add a touch of style and texture. Simple accents, such as the painting on the mantel and potted plant on the coffee table, add to the simple decor without cluttering the space.

A Blend of Old and New

    Blend old and new style in your living room to create a unique design that reflects your personality. This living room boasts of abstract art, a Chinese needlepoint rug, and a pair of Regency rosewood-and-gilt curule stools covered in bold modern graphics. The look is unique and beautiful, combining the elegant with the exotic. The plush couch and creamy walls create a perfect backdrop and tone down the patterns in the room.

Neutral Tones for Classy Style

    Neutral tones are ideal for a classy and elegant living room decor. Here, sheer window treatments create a chic backdrop, while the creamy sofa boasts of deep red accents to add color to the room. The beige carpeting provides a hint of texture and ensures softness beneath bare feet. Personal touches on the coffee tables and walls add both style and personal flavor while completing the sleek look.

Add Drama with a Dominant Painting

    An excellent way to make your living room welcoming and stylish is with ample amount of lighting. Here, oversize windows ensure that sunlight casts the room in an inviting glow. A dramatic painting on one wall acts as the focal point. Gilt furniture and rich materials provide a luxurious appeal, and the soft champagne shades add just a hint of color while keeping with the neutral tones.

Contrast with Different Shades of Color

    Dark gilded drapery in this living room is a beautiful contrast to the light and creamy walls. Add contrast to your neutral inspired living room with different shades of a color. The large carpeted area brings softness and style to the room, and is accented with patterned pillows on the furnishings. Wood side tables pair with wood accents on the furnishings to complete the look.

Blend Styles for a Distinct Look

    Mix styles to create a unique look in your living room. This home features subtle Asian influences and traditional upholstered pieces to create an eclectic look. Ornate detailing on the tables and furnishings add texture to the room and are perfect against the tile flooring. Several pillows and comfortable fabrics soften the formal decor.

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