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Green Living Rooms

Spruce up your living room by incorporating the color green. From mint to sage to lime, there is a perfect shade of green for every style.


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    • Define with Green

      In an open floor plan, soft lime-green accents provide visual separation between the living room and kitchen. Neutral colors in the kitchen create a simple backdrop for the living room¿s punchier palette, which consists of warm earth tones with a pop of lime green. Selecting just a few green pieces, such as an accent chair or lamp, allows you to change your palette with ease.

    • Attention-Grabbing Greens

      Don¿t be afraid of lime green. It draws the eye into a room and adds definition to your decor. It pairs particularly well with neutrals so the colors don¿t compete with each other. The lime-green chair and basket command attention in this neutral living room.

    • Accent with Green

      A few colorful elements set against a backdrop of neutrals add instant personality without going overboard. An accent chair and throw pillows offer subtle ways to insert the fresh feel of green in a classic design.

    • Contemporary Green

      Mix patterns and solids to create unexpected color combinations. In this living room, sky blue and orange accents complement the lime-green furniture to create a modern feel.

    • Refresh with Green

      One way to achieve a crisp and clean feel in a living room is to keep the color palette simple. Choose one or two green accents to offset a palette of creams, beiges, and browns. Potted plants and cut flowers add their own touch of green while bringing a bit of nature indoors.

    • Warm Greens

      Wood floors and cabinetry balance the vivid yellow-green walls and sofa in this contemporary great-room. Brick red complements the green tones and adds warmth. Repeating the same colors throughout a great-room helps to connect the different spaces.

    • Inspired by Nature

      For an elegant feel, choose a palette of muted earth tones. Mint green and chocolate brown make a perfect pair. Select accents within the same color family to turn your living room into a restful retreat.

    • Pull Colors from a Painting

      Let a favorite piece of art to determine your living room's color scheme. The different shades of green in the landscape painting above the mantel repeat throughout this room. Having the painting as a focal point allows the different greens to interact without competing for attention.

    • Accent Wall

      Painting just one wall a vibrant shade of green revives a dull room without a major color commitment. The bold color of the Kelly green accent wall gives this living room a retro-chic feeling. The bright green contrasts with the more subdued tones of orange and yellow in furnishings and artwork.

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      Fun Furniture

      This chartreuse vinyl sofa pops against the bright white walls and window treatments. An antique etched-glass mirror contrasts with the modern furniture for an eclectic, whimsical look.

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      Paint the Ceiling

      To create a sense of intimacy in a large room, paint the walls, ceilings, and trim the same color, A warm shade of pea green strikes a traditional note in this elegant living room and references the home's natural surroundings. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring in abundant sunlight, which helps keep the look bright and crisp.

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      Modern Mix

      The refreshing color combination of black, white, and lime green works well in a contemporary space. Use these three colors interchangeably in furnishings and accessories to create a cohesive look.

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