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No longer just a formal space, a living room is often a gathering spot for the family to relax and unwind and spend time together. We'll show you how to create a casual, well-decorated space that keeps practicality in mind with the use of durable fabrics, sturdy furniture, and plenty of storage for your family's gear. See how to seamlessly integrate a media center into your family room or living room, complete with plenty of storage for controllers, game systems, and other components. Get inspired by the photos of our favorite family-friendly living rooms that showcase gorgeous color schemes and creative design ideas that are never short on style or decor ingenuity. See how to create a comfortable space without sacrificing style. Learn how to give your living room a dose of personality and character with DIY projects, budget ideas, and easy updates. Use My Color Finder to help you choose the perfect paint color for your family room before you pick up a paintbrush.


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