Laundry Room Storage Solutions

Control clutter in your laundry room! Here are 14 ways to keep an orderly, efficient wash room.

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Laundry Room
A Solution with Style

    A space-saving stacked washer and dryer in this closet-turned-laundry area leaves plenty of room to install shelves for storage. If your laundry closet lacks a door, like this one, conceal it with a cute, colorful shower curtain suspended from a shower rod. The curtain solution hides the otherwise visible laundry room, a definite plus when guests visit.

Practical Pull-Out

    See-through shelving in a slender pull-out unit is designed to fit into tight spaces and put otherwise wasted space to work. A metal pegboard holds assorted laundry and cleaning tools, and the wire shelves keep supplies organized.

Shelf Helpers

    Put the space in your cabinets to better use with a hanging wire shelf unit that hooks onto a cabinet door. Gather laundry supplies in cute containers to organize the shelves in a smart and stylish way.

Corner Storage

    A freestanding pot rack, originally designed for the kitchen, works just as well in the laundry room, with bowls and canisters on its shelves instead of cookware.

Open Shelving

    Stash overflowing laundry baskets in open cubbies. They'll look neater, and the air circulation will help prevent mildew and odor problems.

Style and Function

    Think outside the box for laundry storage that's as handsome as it is functional. Antique breakfronts, hutches, apothecary chests, or library bookcases are candidates for conversion into a laundry center. Deep drawers keep less attractive supplies out of sight. Cloth-lined baskets organize items and present a pretty face on shelves.

Space Solutions

    Fold-out drying racks are a space-conserving solution for a cramped laundry room. They provide the function of standing drying racks but take up far less space. Hang an ironing-board holder on the back of the laundry room door to save valuable floor area while adding a touch of color to the otherwise plain door.

Storage for Tight Spaces

    Because you can't afford to waste a sliver of space in a tiny laundry room, take storage as high as you can with shelving. Keep the design simple to prevent the room from feeling overcrowded.

Organize with Baskets

    Use matching baskets to organize laundry room necessities. Removable cloth liners protect the baskets from spills and can be washed as needed to keep them fresh. Use attractive boxes to store laundry room essentials, such as sheets or towels. Label the boxes so you can find what you need without lifting a lid.

Custom Storage

    If you're looking to install custom cabinets to make your laundry room beautiful and efficient, use a mix of cabinetry options. A combination of glass and wood doors and open and closed shelving provides versatility, which is key to well-organized storage.

Appliance Drawers

    Some manufacturers of washers and dryers thoughtfully provide storage drawers in the base of the appliance. If you're shopping for a new washer and dryer and your laundry room is short on space, keep this feature in mind.

Boxes and Baskets

    Corral clothes-care supplies in cute metal or plastic bins that clean up easily if anything drips or spills. Organize other household and laundry items by type in attractive containers and label them so you can find things quickly.

Build Your Own Laundry Station

    A pair of stacked shelves flanking the appliances offer stylish storage. You'll need a miter saw to make the joints on the molded base and cap of each unit, but pre-cut shelving and furniture legs from a home improvement center offer shortcuts for most of the construction. Build the units so they're slightly taller than your appliances so you can rest a slab of solid surfacing or laminate countertop on them for a work surface.

Clear Canisters

    Giant economy-size boxes of laundry powder save you money, but wrestling with the large container every time you wash clothes can be a chore. Consider transferring manageable amounts into clear canisters that you can keep on an open shelf. They look pretty (and a pretty laundry room is nicer to work in) and are easier to handle.

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