Laundry Room Storage Projects

Wash away clutter in the laundry room with these storage tips and tricks.

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    Laundry Cabinet

    Here, a collapsible clothes rod is attached to the cabinet for additional hanging space and the iron is safely stored in a wall-mount cooling rack. Keg-size containers have been replaced by smaller bottles of ultraconcentrated formulas that take up far less space and clean just as well. Be sure to read the directions so you use the right amount.

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    Suspended Storage

    Get dirty clothes off the floor by sorting them in bags suspended above the washer and dryer. Also, easily transport laundry supplies with a shower caddy. Fill with small bottles of detergent, softeners, dryer sheets, and other laundry liquids. Include tools such as measuring cups and a lint brush.

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    Pegboard Cabinet Doors

    Replace solid cabinet doors with pegboard, which boosts ventilation and storage options. Gather tips and special care instructions with a clamp affixed to the pegboard. Use wire hooks to create dedicated hanging spots for lint rollers and other tools. Repurpose pencil canisters as door-mount holders for brushes and spot cleaners.

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    Laundry Center

    This laundry center has plenty of storage takeaways. Here, wire racks stand alone inside the armoire and put sprayers, glass containers, soaps, and ironing supplies in plain view and within easy reach. A former belt-and-tie organizer screws to the inside of the door to keep fragrant sachets at hand. A dry-erase board communicates the weekly laundry schedule and special care instructions.

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    Clothes Carriers

    Baskets with handles, tucked neatly in a stand alone shelving unit, are convenient for family members to haul clean clothes back to their rooms. Canvas or plastic hampers will also do the trick. The same systems aids with dirty clothes. Provide a hamper for each member of the household.

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    Collect Pocket Finds

    Always make sure to check the pockets of clothes before you wash to avoid damage that crayons or coins might do to the washer, dryer, or garments. Label flip-top jars and use them as a catchall for any pocket finds, clothespins, or sewing accessories.

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    Build a Folding Table

    Combine a pair of matching bookshelves with a tabletop or slab of laminate countertop to create a full-service laundry center in minutes. If necessary, screw decorative feet into the bookcase to ensure that they're approximately half an inch taller than your appliances.

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    Hooked on Storage

    If your laundry room lacks enough depth for a traditional clothing bar, mount multiple double-hooks to a wall.

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    Dual-Purpose Laundry Cart

    Separate laundry in a multibag rolling hamper and speed up wash day. Get even more out of the hamper by topping it with a flip top folding board or padded ironing board.

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    Button Holders

    A hodge-podge of buttons gets organized in style with a set of measuring cups from the kitchen accessories section of a home center. Sort the buttons by color or keep one large cup as a catchall for any buttons that may come loose during washing.

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    Handy Rolling Cart

    With so much to do in a laundry area, there's no room for wasted space. Here, a 9-inch-wide cart holding laundry supplies and towels puts the area between the dryer and wall to good use. The cart has wheels so it can easily be moved.

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    Attractive Storage Boxes

    Enhance the decor of your laundry room while establishing additional storage. Here, matching boxes and metal buckets, all with easy-to-read labels, keep clutter at a minimum and reinforce the red-and-white toile theme of the room. Cabinet doors keep dirty clothes organized and out of sight.

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    Pulldown Ironing Board

    Clear up floor space by installing a pulldown ironing board that's built into a cabinet or wall. Or stash the board in a tall cabinet that features a cutout in a top shelf.

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    Handle with Care

    Everyone has a collection of clothes that need special treatment, whether it's spot removal, dry-cleaning, or hand-washing. Allocate a special basket or bag to handle these garments.

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    Detergent Cabinet

    Store detergent--lots of it--in a plastic trash bin attached to a cabinet door that's hinged at the bottom. It tilts out for easy access, while a bracket lets the door open only 45 degrees to eliminate worries about spillage.

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    Easy Access

    Display an array of detergents (and catch those pesky drips) with a rubber-top lazy Susan. Repurpose a pencil canister to hold spot cleaners.

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