Stylish & Efficient Laundry Rooms

Enliven your laundry area with these laundry room decor ideas, and add efficiency with smart organization strategies. Whether your have a small laundry room or an expansive space, these tips are sure to pep up and organize any size and type of laundry room.

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    Laundry Revamp

    A laundry room doesn't have to sacrifice style for function. Savvy storage and design choices can yield a custom look that's all your own. Create a laundry room you'll love by painting the space a favorite color and hanging a few pieces of artwork.

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    Small Laundry Room Ideas

    Do you have a laundry room that's on the smaller side? Just take a few cues from this small laundry space and your room will be stylish and storage-smart in no time.

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    Handsome Cabinetry

    A single window once limited this laundry space's storage potential, but small cabinets came to the rescue. Without blocking out too much natural light, the short cabinets add enough space to keep laundry supplies nice and tidy. A large countertop is the perfect spot for folding laundry. This laundry space is tucked into a kitchen corner, and the same cabinetry was used throughout the whole room for a seamless, integrated look.

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    Stacked Solution

    This compact kitchen had hardly any room for a laundry -- until a space-saving solution put everything in its place. Stacking the washer and dryer cut space needed for laundry in half, giving storage and work space to the kitchen. And the elegant beveled-glass door smartly conceals the washer and dryer.

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    Eye-Catching Patterns

    Striking wallpaper instantly defines a space, while looking trendy and playful. Choose a pattern that matches your color scheme for an effortless way to accent your laundry room's decor. A cream and black floral design keeps with the dark hardware and appliances and pops against the green painted cabinetry.

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    Multipurpose Zone

    This handsome haven is more than just a laundry room -- it's also a handy gift-wrapping area. A beaded-board panel was installed to bridge the space between the washer and dryer. A large countertop provides plenty of room for folding clothes or wrapping gifts. Open shelving enables easy access to project supplies such as paper, ribbon, bows, and scissors.

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    Compact Solutions

    Curtains aren't just for windows or the shower; they are also an inexpensive alternative to closet doors. Here, a curtain installation adds pizzazz and provides a seamless transition from the hallway to the laundry room. Use curtain rings to make opening and closing the curtains easy. Thoughtful touches -- such as a sink nook, stacked appliances, and a foldable drying rack -- are compact solutions for a small-scale laundry room.

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    Sorting Bins

    Hanging laundry bags makes it simple to presort laundry on a daily basis. This setup also takes up no floor space -- a real plus in a small area.

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    Simply Striped

    Thick horizontal stripes make a room look wider. Neutral wall colors and modern artwork about the washer and dryer give this laundry room a punch of personality.

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    Beautiful Built-Ins

    Built-in cabinetry boosts storage capabilities and looks beautiful in this laundry room. Glass panels on overhead cabinets and modern tubular hardware are easy updates that add a big dose of style. A tall cabinet such as this one is well-suited for storing ironing equipment and larger household items such as a vacuum cleaner or step ladder.

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    Utility Zone

    Not only is this laundry room easy to navigate, but its layout makes for easy living. The sink can be put to work as a garden center, a dog-washing stand, or a place to soak clothes. A wide surface for folding laundry and cabinetry above the appliances make this an ideal laundry room.

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    Hobby Haven

    With a few simple furnishings, this laundry room was transformed into a family-friendly office and work space. A small table in the center of the room accommodates everyone's work needs and doubles as a place for folding clothes. Open shelving and a wall-mount pegboard corrals craft and project supplies in easily accessible locations.

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    A Lesson from the Kitchen

    Designed with kitchen utility in mind, this laundry room makes great use of space, and everything is arranged on one wall. The washer and dryer tuck under a countertop like a dishwasher, providing a workspace above for folding clothes. A large sink is on-hand for quick cleanups or soaking clothes waiting for a spin through the wash.

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    Color Refresh

    Using a bold color palette is an effective way to boost the aesthetic of an otherwise all-white room. This rich red hue introduces flair in a space that's all about function. Open shelving and folding surfaces ease the task of processing laundry.

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    Tile Backsplash

    Add an instant focal point to your laundry room with a colorful backsplash. This design was made from an assortment of painted ceramic tile installed behind the sink and folding area. Blue, white, and rustic orange give this space some much-needed pizzazz without overpowering the neutral colors in the rest of the room.

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    Organize with Baskets

    Use baskets to organize laundry room essentials so you can find what you need at a glance. Removable cloth liners protect the baskets from spills and can be washed as needed to keep them fresh.

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    Thrifty Fix

    Thrifty solutions resolve storage issues without breaking the bank. A blend of modern appliances and vintage furnishings, such as these distressed wooden cabinets, lend this laundry room an authentic aesthetic. Salvage shops are great places to look for custom pieces to add character to your space.

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    Signature Touch

    These barn-style doors were topped with magnetic chalkboard paint for a customized way to close off the laundry room. A message center adds interest and practicality, plus it's a fun way for your family to communicate.

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    Mosaic Masterpiece

    Before a tile backsplash was installed, this laundry room was drab and uninspiring. Now, the rich hues of this earthy mosaic add welcoming depth and warm the space between blocks of cabinetry.

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    Storage for Tight Spaces

    Because you can't afford to waste a sliver of space in a small laundry room, take storage as high as you can with custom shelving. The angled ceiling in this laundry room puts storage to the test, but well-spaced shelves allow plenty of room for stacking towels and detergent without making the area feel overcrowded

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    Neat & Tidy

    Tucked behind a door, this laundry room was given a tidy look with a few simple updates. Having a counter above the washer and dryer streamlines the laundry process by doubling as a folding and storage area. Glass detergent jars and a canvas bin corral small, easy-to-lose items within reach. A pretty window treatment is a welcome perk that keeps the room light and bright.

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    Contain Clutter

    Streamline your laundry process by making organization part of your routine. Start by designating one low-profile location, such as a wide armoire, to corral regularly used items. Use bins and baskets to prevent smaller items from getting lost. Plus, using bins ensures organization -- and easy access.

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