Laundry Room Makeovers

Blend style and function with a laundry room makeover that uses do-it-yourself projects, smart storage solutions, and more to fit all your laundry needs. If you're looking for quick and easy updates to increase the efficiency of your laundry room, check out our helpful tips and create a better laundry room on a budget. DIY storage projects such as refinishing cabinets and wardrobes will leave your space stylishly organized, while our free downloadable labels will keep laundry items in proper order. Add even more style to your laundry room with fun wall stencil ideas, fabric curtains, wall art, and storage basket ideas. Want to create the perfect laundry room from the ground up? Check out our laundry room design basics to learn about efficiency, practical utility placement, and other helpful extras that you might not have considered. You can even create a multitasking space that functions as a drop zone, entryway, laundry room, and storage area with help from our inspirational spaces.


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