Creative Dorm Room Decor

Don't let white walls and plain floors take over your dorm room; add your own style with creative projects.
Color and Style Solid Bedding

Bedding is an important part of your dorm room, since most students spend a lot of time studying and relaxing on their bed. Try a solid comforter with patterned sheets or mix patterns like a stripe with a floral. You can never have too many pillows! Choose different colors and textures to add spice to your bed.

Be Graphic

Create a large rug on a budget by lining up two smaller, identical rugs. This extra-large rug will save you from buying a bulky roll of carpet, since most schools do not provide rugs. Another trick to craft a large rug is using sample carpet tiles from a home center. Pick out different colors and create a large pattern to suit your fancy.

Original Artwork

Spice up blank walls by designing your own artwork. Be whimsical or bold, whichever suits your style. Use colored construction paper to cut large patterns, then glue to a solid background. Showcase your masterpiece in large frames around your room.

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