Fresh Solutions for Kid Clutter

From inexpensive shelving to pricey built-ins and from closet redos to underbed storage, these clutter-busting solutions might just inspire you to tackle the storage problems in your kids' rooms.

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    Wall Cubbies

    Display cubes can be arranged in any configuration for customized storage. These were painted light and medium blue and filled with the child's precious keepsakes.

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    A Case for Storage

    Placed side by side, bookcases with large bases -- designed for use in a mudroom -- become storage central. Toys can be displayed on open shelves while doors conceal the clothes.

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    Corner Cabinet

    Make the most of a corner by filling it with storage. This unit has both closed and open storage and incorporates a pair of window seats as well.

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    Colorful Totes

    Whether for toy storage or out of season clothes, bright cords with snap-on hooks connect baskets with their labels. Use these on a shelf or in a closet for cheap and totable storage.

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    Simple rolling bins replace a typical toy box and allow the bins to be moved from room to room to be near Mom and Dad.

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    Multiply for Fun

    Convert four plastic crates into one big toy caddy that lifts from the floor to a closet shelf when playtime ends. Use plastic zip ties to connect the crates and add an elastic cord with hook ends as a handle. Sort lightweight plastic toys into the bins.

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    Personalized Cubbies

    A basic symmetrical shelving unit with varied cubby sizes accommodated the word lengths. Painting the background of each cubby a different color adds depth and visual interest. The custom-fit cabinets give the room a hint of modern style and also supply loads of storage space.

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    Home at the Ceiling

    Exotic animals and rich colors come alive in this newborn's nursery. A shelf installed near the ceiling keeps stuffed animals and toys out of reach until baby is old enough for them.

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    Room for Sisters

    A free-standing bench or toy box is a budget-friendly alternative to a built-in window seat. Just fit the top with a cushion and pillows. Transform open shelves into neat storage by using lined baskets to hide the toys.

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    Green Living

    Whether your furniture is new or used, unite the pieces with color. The lime green of the dresser and tall chest pops against fresh blue walls.

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    Annexed Space

    Installing a bank of cabinets in unused crawlspace provides oodles of storage. Cabinets with pullout baskets, open shelves, and see-through fronts mean toys are accessible to kids, but clothes, shoes, and other items can be hidden behind closed doors.

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    Look High

    Hang a display shelf high on the wall to keep your child's treasures in view. These items will be out of the way when your kids are toddlers and can serve as a changing arrangement of trophies, artwork, and outgrown stuffed animals as the years pass.

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    Underbed Buckets

    This small room has oodles of storage thanks to built-ins along one wall and a handy storage bin system that fits neatly under the bunk beds.

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    Transform a Nook

    An awkward nook of space gets a storage redo with a few simple shelves, bin storage up high, and twin drawer units underneath. The TV shelf was mounted at desk height so the space can be used for homework once school starts.

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    Shoe Bag Rethink

    Canvas shoe bags, typically used behind closet doors, can be hung with standard drapery rings and clips. The openings are just the right size for pens and rulers as they are for small toys and treasures.

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    Detailed Dresser

    In a room that's large enough, a dresser can be a great addition. Fill with clothing, CDs, or games, and it will be useful for many years. This one is detailed with orange frames around each drawer front.

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    Hiding in Plain Sight

    Large white wicker baskets offer handy storage for bulky items such as toys or out-of-season clothing. To cut down on dust, look for storage bins with lids, or simply drape a rectangle of fabric over the top of each basket.

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    "So Big" Storage

    New cabinets, built to look original to the house, offer much-needed storage space all the way up to the ceiling. In addition, drawers built under the window seat provide handy places to keep toys at child level.

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    Kids' Room Window Seat

    Here's how to make a comfy hideout, complete with built-in storage cubbies and a work surface for coloring or homework.

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