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Will having a dedicated spot for homework transform your kid into a straight-A student? Probably not, but it will make getting it all done a lot more fun!

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    Clever Craft Space

    An adjustable crafts table has cubbies for beads, paintbrushes, and other accessories. The tall craft cupboard acts as a one-stop shop for art supplies, including glitter, markers, and paint.

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    Chat Room

    A preteen's desk has entered the computer age (and an era of all kinds of gadgets). A message board and display cubes take their cue from the orange, cork-covered wall behind them, ready for tacking up anything anywhere on the wall.

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    Don't Underestimate Storage

    A large desk with plenty of cupboards, drawers, and shelves is perfect for a preteen's penchant for keeping everything. Make a plain white desk fun by adding funky colored accessories and a fun desk chair.

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    A Sweet Side

    A massive built-in desk with plenty of storage is perfect for homework, projects, and journaling.

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    Exciting Color for a Teen Room

    A bolt of yellow fabric energizes the homework and computer area. A handful of brightly hued accents keeps this functional space as warm and cheery as possible.

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    A Study in Suspension

    A partially suspended desk adds clean, curvy lines to the modern room and also allows easy vacuuming and pickup. You'll need a little hardware know-how to make it -- find our easy-to-follow instructions below.

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    A favorite fabric inspired the playful flowers and vine, which were painted freehand using a variety of brushes. You also can use stencils to get a perfect floral flourish. A brightly painted desk and chair help pull the color scheme off the walls and into the room.

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    Going Custom

    Custom built-ins take advantage of almost every square inch on this angled wall. Bright accents in red and blue keep the look from being anything but boring. Front and center, a bulletin board keeps notices handy. Supplies and files are neatly tucked behind doors or in drawers.

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    Attic Refresh

    Cupboard and drawer units have been combined with wall-mounted cubbies for a built-in look. This one is for craft supplies and games, but it could easily be adapted to a child's room as a desk, dresser, or TV cabinet.

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    Tucked Away

    Turn a wide closet into a desk area for the computer. Open shelves are inexpensive to install and can look neater when outfitted with storage boxes. A rolling cart holds supplies nearby, yet can be moved out of the way if needed.

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    Kids' Room Adjustable Desk

    Here's how to make a desk designed on a modular cube system for easy construction and adjustable height.

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    Study Zones

    Labeled, floor-to-ceiling storage and a quiet corner desk turn any room into a kid zone.

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