Kid-Friendly Closet Ideas

Functional and fun storage ideas make it easy for kids to keep closets organized and clutter-free.

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    Storage Tips for Kids' Closets

    Think small when organizing clothes closets for young kids. Small drawers, cubbies, and storage bins make it easy for kids to find what they're looking for without making a mess. Keep clothing in short stacks in shallow drawers so they don't have to riffle through huge piles. Put toys and books on open shelves in plain sight where they are easy to grab and put away. Use baskets and boxes to keep small items orderly. Keep these storage containers small, too, so they're lightweight and easy to search through.

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    Storage Solutions for Two

    When kids share a closet, strategic design can keep peace. The symmetrical layout in this closet gives each boy his own custom storage area, starting with a center tower of drawers and adjustable-shelf cubbies. Big, bold labels on foam-core board playfully designate ownership of each drawer. An equal amount of open nooks across the floor provide plenty of organization space for shoes. One shelf is accessible for each kid's folded clothes. The higher shelves store seasonal items and display mementos. Two levels of clothes rods on each side provide hanging storage that can be adjusted as the kids grow.

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    Make the Most of Storage Space

    Little kids aren't reaching for their own hanging clothes. Make the most of the space in the top of the closet by positioning clothes rods where Mom and Dad can easily reach. This toddler's closet staggers two rods. Today's ready-to-assemble storage cubes come with mix-and-match options -- cubbies, drawers, and shelves -- to fit your needs. Arrange a set in the lower storage space, then trim the stacked cubes with quarter-round molding. Add a piece of painted plywood across the top to create a finished, built-in look.

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    Choose Closet Storage That Grows

    To design kids' closet storage that grows with them, opt for wire closet organizers. The repositionable components can easily be rearranged to accommodate bigger clothing and different types of accessories as kids grow. Need more hanging space? Reassign a slide-out drawer unit as a desk organizer and add another clothes rod in the closet. Many systems have specialty pieces you can add later, such as shoe shelves and hanging baskets.

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    Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

    Maximize your closet's storage potential with these easy and efficient solutions.

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    Make It Easy to Get Organized

    Make sharing a closet struggle-free for kids by clearly designating ownership. Label baskets, storage bins, and drawers with name labels or tags that identify each kid's domain. Or, in a solo closet, label types of clothing and accessories to keep things organized. Color-coordinated containers can do the trick, too.

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    Easy Ideas for a Custom Closet

    Perk up a plain-Jane walk-in closet with custom touches to add practicality and personality in a kid's room. Change out standard bifold doors with ones fitted with tempered-glass windowpanes. Then attach a length of colorful fabric on the inside of each door panel for a decorative touch. Inside, outfit one wall with drawer and cubby storage arranged around a bench seat where little ones can put on shoes by themselves. To get a built-in look without heavy construction, arrange a sturdy cushion-topped toy or blanket chest between two narrow bookshelf towers or modular storage cubes. Hang a colorful piece of art or kids' drawings over the seat.

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    Stylish Closet Design Ideas

    Several clever closet design ideas make this bedroom feel larger, with a storage space pretty enough to go doorless. A snappy green coat of paint livens the space and incorporates it into the room's decorating scheme. Stacking drawers and shelves provide easy storage that stays clutter-free. The ready-to-assemble storage units can be reconfigured to accommodate longer hanging clothes in the future.

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    Get Kids Involved

    Let children be a part of the organization process and you just might be surprised by how willing they are to help declutter the space and keep the closet organized. Encourage little ones to tell you how they'd like to sort and store their favorite items. Work together with older kids to get organized, then turn them loose to decorate the space. The tween resident of this closet dipped sponge pieces in a rainbow of paint colors to playfully polka-dot the walls. Decorative hatboxes and painted wooden bins on the shelves corral her belongings.

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    Clothes Closet Curtain Call

    Sure, closet doors are a practical necessity, but they're also boring and sometimes cumbersome for little kids. For a creative option, remove the door and hang a curtain rod just above the door frame. Add a decorative curtain that easily slides. The bright fabric panel disguising this closet opening features a barn-door design to fit the farm-theme bedroom.

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    Clever Closet Storage Cover-Up

    In this closet door makeover, the old doors were replaced with new particleboard panels cut and painted to resemble an armoire. If you're not comfortable using a jigsaw, embellish the front of existing doors with foam-core board cutouts.

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    Do More with Standard Closet Storage

    Cut clutter in a reach-in closet by tweaking a standard closet system, no remodeling needed. First, designate the existing clothes rod and high shelf (where only parents can reach) for out-of-season clothes and items for safekeeping. Then add a second clothes rod or shelf (or both) along the bottom portion of the closet to store everyday clothes where kids can reach. Use the floor space for shoes, toys, and even a laundry hamper.

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    Plan Your Storage Space

    Closet organization in a kids' closet is not all that different than in your own master closet. Plan before you organize. Purge outgrown clothes and unused toys, inventory everything you want to store in the closet, and think about how your child can most easily access things. Then come up with a closet design that fits those needs. A modular closet organization system offers great variety for storing hanging and folded clothes, shoes, hats, accessories, and toys. With careful planning, low clothes rods can be removed to allow for longer hanging clothes in the future. High shelves can transition from off-season storage to everyday space as the child grows.

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    Keep Storage Easy

    Hassle-free equates to clutter-free in kids' closets. Keep commonly used items in plain sight to make it easy to fetch them and put them away. In this closet, simple open shelves are perfect for lining up shoes and hats for grab-and-go access.

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    Have Fun with Storage

    Make it fun to stay organized. Treat kids' closets to practical touches that mimic their room's decorating theme or play to their favorite interests. This young sports fan, for instance, has room in his walk-in closet to display favorite ball caps. A decorative border of helmets and balls lines the ceiling. And he can even change sneakers on a locker room-style bench. Be creative and play up the theme, installing a basketball hoop above a clothes hamper, for example.

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    More Than Just a Closet Makeover

    Kids might not appreciate a walk-in closet like adults do, but it helps to rethink the space as a mini bonus room. A small-scale remodeling project in this dormer-space closet knocked out a section of wall to make room for toy-storage cabinets and a child-size window seat. With hanging and cubby clothes storage on the left wall and extra floor space to the right, this walk-in closet now doubles as a perfect pint-size secret hideaway.

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    Small-Space Smarts

    Good things come in small packages, even small closets. Make the most of a small closet in a kids' room by first giving it a pretty perk-up with wallpaper. If space is too tight to install a closet organization system, bring in a short dresser instead and add a row of hooks to a section of wall.

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    Kid-Savvy Storage Tips

    You've cleaned out the kids' closets and have a new plan to keep the storage space organized. But how do you ensure all your efforts don't go down the drain faster than you can close the closet door? The key to teaching kids to keep an organized closet is making it easy for them to do so. Try these storage ideas:

    -- Keep clothing rods to a minimum, saving this space for special clothes. It's much easier for kids to put away folded clothes in drawers and baskets.

    -- Use color-coded storage boxes and labels to visually remind kids where things go.

    -- Choose storage bins without lids to make it easy to see contents and get items in and out.

    -- Line wire baskets with fabric to prevent small items from slipping through the wire grid.

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