13 Kid Clutter Solutions

The key to a tidy room is to control the clutter and make cleanup enjoyable. Bright colors naturally pique children's curiosity and sense of adventure, and these 13 storage solutions can play into the fun.

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Girl window storage
Bin There, Done That

    When playtime is over, large, colorful bins below the window seat make cleanup a breeze. Involve the kids in designing their storage systems so they will feel ownership and pride in keeping the room tidy.

Hide and Seek

    Underbed storage is great for keeping toys hidden yet accessible. The key is to keep items contained rather than scattered. The floor is a hot spot for child's play so it makes sense to provide storage there for easy cleanup. Suitcases make great storage under the bed and get used when you're not on vacation.

Shelf Life

    Anything you'll use regularly when taking care of baby should be readily accessible. Likewise, store things rarely used someplace higher or lower, or in another room altogether. Consider labeling shelves and bins for easy storage.

Vertical Leap

    Use vertical space in your child's room or closet to its full potential. Install movable shelves to grow along with your little one. Consider keeping a step stool handy to reach items stored up high.

Underbed Storage

    Give old dresser drawers a new spin with paint, hardware, and corner casters. These easy-roll bins fit below a bed; store sweaters, blankets, or toys; and thwart kids' haphazard kick-it-under-the-dust-ruffle cleaning routines.

Picture Perfect

    Save time during cleanup by labeling containers. Labeling is the most important step in organizing any space, yet it's often overlooked. For young children who can't read, make picture labels of the items stored. Even simpler, choose clear containers so kids see what's inside.

Dressed for the Day

    A brightly painted cabinet and simple stenciling can eliminate morning "what to wear" hassles. On laundry day, your child can fold and organize clothing into outfits for every day of the week.

Play Up Their Interests

    Let your child help customize storage units. You'll be amazed at the creative ideas they generate and it's a great way for you to teach good habits. Try repurposing outgrown items -- such as a changing table -- as shelves.

Pocket Change

    Favorite books, stuffed animals, or blankies should be kept readily available for those scary, stormy nights. A do-it-yourself pocket tucked under the mattress can be made using numerous materials. Or stash these items in hanging organizers for accessories or shoes.

Shelf System

    Built-ins will work as your child grows. Items displayed can be changed as their tastes change. Revamp furniture from your own childhood by adding a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.

Bin There, Stored That

    Most kids won't take the time to line up their shoes, boots, or skates, but they might toss them into bins. Finding shoes is easier when they know they're tucked in a bin and it makes cleanup a breeze.

Room to Grow

    Simple baskets on shelves organize nursery components. The baskets' contents can change as your child grows. Remove the baskets later to make way for books and other more grown-up accessories.

Create Special Zones

    Design zones in your kids' rooms by storing like items where they're used. Areas such as this "drama zone" can store dress-up clothes on hooks along with include a mirror for play. Try labeling a shelf, drawer, or container for each day of the week so your child can organize outfits.

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