Shared Spaces: Kids' Rooms for Two (or More)

Shared spaces take a bit of extra planning, but the result can be a room that'll create lasting memories.

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    Fun Times Ahead

    Here's a new twist on bunk beds: Rather than having both beds point the same direction, place them perpendicular to one another. Coordinating bedding lets each child express his or her personal style. A black modular unit and cubbies above each bed provide ample storage space. Bedding, furniture, and toys in a bold orange color palette create a fun atmosphere.

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    Mod Squad

    Sleek lines and organic shapes give this room for two a modern edge. This pseudo bunk bed is full of function and style. The lower bed's platform frame provides plenty of toy and clothing storage with a large pull-out drawer below. A funky ladder leads to the higher bed. Adding an accent wall color and task lighting creates the feel of a separate space for the top bunk dweller.

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    Great Divide

    In shared rooms, bunk beds aren't always the answer. Separating these beds allows each to have its own storage unit. The area rug not only provides a natural diving line, but it also provides the color palette for the room. Each bed features linens and accent pillows in colors inspired by the rug. Vintage accents, such as the painted picture frames and scroll wall art, give the room cottage charm.

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    Vroom to Grow

    Stripes appear nearly everywhere in this happy kids' room -- walls, window, pillows, bedding, cushions, and even the bunk beds themselves. Note the sophisticated look of the wall and window treatments, making for a smooth transition to more mature teen furnishings in the future.

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    See. Spot. Fun!

    Tackling tween decor can be a challenge, but not if you remember four tricks of the trade: Add bold colors, do away with a theme, give your tween a say, and create a hangout space. A circle border, polka dot bedding, and a spotted lamp shade give this room a cohesive look without following a traditional theme.

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    Tween Dream

    Just as the name implies, tweens are caught between the kid world and teenage life, so they need a space that also fits both stages. Bold colors on the painted bunk bed, graphic area rugs, and bright walls create a playful backdrop. A black desk and white accent chairs ground the bold color scheme.

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    Pink for Two, Please

    A mini social butterfly would be right at home in this room fit for entertaining. A set of iron twin beds allows for sleepovers. A refurbished, Victorian-look antique nightstand was chosen for its size and subtlety, appearing dainty against the softly patterned wallpaper.

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    Sophisticated Tastes

    Cater to the maturing tastes of your kids by toning things down with a blue-and-white color scheme. White iron beds and mix-and-match patterned bedding lends a country French touch to the space.

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    Road to Style

    A car theme gets a sophisticated update in this room. Black bunks, each with a book rack and wall lamp, include red blankets that relate to the room's highway wall art. In the carpeting, ribbons of roadway create fun places for play.

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    Boy-Girl Style

    A backdrop of yellow stripes plays host to two sides of this shared space -- each sporting a coordinating hue of either blue or pink. A two-tone rug underfoot also unites these two colors, making a perfect room for a boy and a girl.

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    Pirate Room for Two

    Nautical details abound in this all-boy room. A pair of boat-shape twin beds (complete with sails) are perfect for these two young pirates!

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    Custom-designed bunk beds include lighting, bulletin boards, and desks. On the far wall, a hockey-theme mural provides plenty of interest and style, but can be painted over as the children mature.

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    Camp Room

    Chunky log furniture creates a summer camp theme in a room that sports red and green. A playful pup tent, picnic table, and pinecone chandelier add even more ambience.

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    A Bug-Inspired Room for Kids

    An insect-pattern bedding fabric served as the inspiration for a colorful room. Easy-to-stencil embellishments on furnishings add whimsical touches in unexpected places. Winged creatures cut from fabric flutter atop windows dressed with white wood blinds.

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    About a Boy

    A mix of plaids, stripes, and star fabrics combine to create a cozy bedtime retreat for two brothers. Navy curtain panels at the beds' corners help set off this area in its own little nook.

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    Brotherly Love

    Brothers share this bedroom; its crisp red, black, and white scheme is lively without seeming juvenile. Featuring an upholstered headboard with piping detail, the bed is one of a pair. Each bed includes a pull-out trundle for overnight guests.

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    From Dark to Decorated

    A once-dreary attic was finished into a bright space with the addition of dormers and drywall. A children's suite features handmade cypress beds and toy chests as well as upholstered headboards courtesy of Mom.

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    Built-In Beds

    While these bunks sport the look of a playhouse, their function is primary. The corner placement packs a lot of utility into a small space, leaving more floor area for play, study, and clowning around.

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    Sister Act

    Three lilac twin beds are dressed with a mixture of florals, dots, and delicate stripes for cottage charm for three lucky little girls.

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    Triplets in Tow

    A trio of sweet cribs sit beneath a decoratively painted ceiling in this baby room. Comfortable upholstered seating areas make the space usable for adults as they care for the triplets.

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    Mellow Yellow for Three

    Soft paint colors on wall and ceiling help unify this room for three. While the lamps and pillow shams repeat on each bed, the quilts and bed linens are unique for each child.

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    Paint It!

    Have fun in a shared bedroom with paint. Watch this video and learn how to paint a room like a pro.


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