Creative Headboards for Kids' Rooms

Give your kid a one-of-a-kind headboard they will love.

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    Artists' Gallery

    Put children's artwork on display by turning their headboards and walls into an art gallery. Create a colorful backdrop by painting a plain headboard one solid color. Next, hang children's artwork in a grid formation. (You can also use images from a favorite book for the headboard display.) On the wall, affix a short length of rope between two eye hooks and use clothespins to hold projects in place.

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    Knockout Headboard

    Give a bedroom a welcoming touch with a door-turned-headboard. Purchase a plain pine door from a home center, paint the door, and top with molding.

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    Fit for a Princess

    This massive headboard is the perfect fit for a little girl who loves to play princess. To keep a regal look, the scallop design at the top of the headboard looks like a castle with a modern twist.

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    Letter Perfect

    Think of this headboard as alphabet soup for your tween. Find vintage and new letters at flea markets, online auctions, catalogs, or signage shops.

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    Technicolor Bedroom

    A bright bed frame and headboard fill a tween's bedroom with vibrant color. Pink posts draw attention to the bed. A large artist's canvas hung between the posts highlights the head of the bed. This artwork is a quick and easy project, and the colorful stripes bring together all the colors in the bedroom.

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    Found Treasure

    Have fun with a plain wooden headboard by turning it into a treasure map. The off-white base color creates an aged look. Small icons scattered across the headboard complete the theme.

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    Utterly Posh

    The wavy design of this upholstered headboard adds a playful touch to the bedroom. The chic design is topped off with large orange buttons to complement the room's color scheme.

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    Perfectly Framed

    A bedroom that boasts robots on the walls, stars on ceiling, and color everywhere requires a headboard that's just as creative. Two large shadow boxes are all it takes to top the bed and continue the room's creative motif. Hang multiple frames side by side to cover the width of the bed. Fill each frame with fabric or decorative paper that complements the theme on the wall.

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    Write It Out

    To dress up this simple headboard, paint a quote from a book in a cheery and whimsical font to match the room's theme.

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    On Fire

    Take a fire truck theme one step further with a firehouse headboard. A wall mural is a great way to top a bed and add to a room's theme. Here, the fire truck bed is pushed against the wall and the brick firehouse mural surrounds it.

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    Sweet Canopy

    Finish off a girl's fairy tale room with a sweet canopy and headboard. A scalloped headboard looks like a scene from a storybook and fills the majority of one wall. To complete the look, long curtain panels fall from a cornice hung near the ceiling and frame the bed.

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    Theme Friendly

    Homeowners used Madonna's first children's book, The English Roses, as the theme for this one-of-a-kind room. To get this look, feature a life-size version of an image from the book on a headboard.

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    Sail Away

    Complete a nautical theme with shiplike beds. Water waves painted on the wall and a life preserver ring are simple ways to top the bed. They complete the scene without taking away from the sail at the foot of the bed.

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    Young Green Thumb

    Inexpensive plastic fishbowls were used to create this unique headboard perfect for the kid who loves to play outdoors!

    How to Make It
    -- Wrap wire under the lip of each bowl, twist to tighten, and form a small loop.

    -- Attach each loop to a nail in the wall.

    -- Fill the bowls with the plants of your choice.

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    Map Quest Headboard

    Your kids can dream about future travels with this easy-to-make map-covered headboard.

    How to Make It
    -- Gather your paper maps.

    -- Use decoupage medium to adhere them to a tired old headboard.

    -- Then let it dry.

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    Sleek Storage

    This modern headboard is equipped with built-in storage for your tween to display his most prized possessions.

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    Kid Friendly and Cozy

    This headboard looks like a giant pillow. It's so soft and fluffy, you won't have to worry about your little one jumping on this bed!

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    Double-Duty Bookcases

    These sleek built-ins offer tons of storage for books and sports memorabilia. A wavy shelf spanning the middle of the bookcases adds visual interest in this teen room.

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