Kids' Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Design a toddler-friendly bedroom that's fun, fresh, and grows with a little girl.

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Bold Bedroom Design

    Pay special attention to surfaces when designing a room for your little girl. In this setup -- created inside Lucky and Co., a full-service design store in Charlotte, North Carolina -- no surface is left untouched. A graphic rug, playful sayings stenciled on the top of the wall, and bulls-eye artwork are bold and fun.

Great for a Little Girl

    This little girl's room puts every bit of space to good use. A built-in bed with a handy trundle is the focal point of this gender-neutral space.

    Inexpensive kitchen cabinets used as nightstands flank the bed. The simulated-marble counter material on top is durable and adds a pop of color. Decorative drawer fronts attached to the trundle bed tie the custom look together.

Murphy Bed Maximizes Floor Space

    To leave ample floor space for play, consider adding an old-fashioned Murphy bed. Flowing tulle camouflages this bed when it's in the up position, and takes the place of a headboard when the bed is down. Plushy ottoman seating adds even more softness to the color-saturated girl's room.

Perfect Princess Room

    This space works now for a little princess and later for a growing tween, with a flexible approach to the regal theme. Window treatments hung at ceiling height add an illusion of grandeur.

    To change the look in the future, the pink bedding can be swapped out and the dot-fabric panels hung straight.

Cottage-Style Spot

    Bright colors and a fun use of a circle motif spur a young girl's imagination. This design element is varied and repeated from floor to ceiling with a decorative wall treatment, the quilt pattern, and a bold round rug -- even the trim on the valance and beads on the lampshade follow the theme. White scalloped-edge furniture and muted colors in the quilt create a soft, lived-in cottage look.

Storybook Style

    A favorite book can inspire the design for a young girl's bedroom. The illustrations from Madonna's first children's book, The English Roses, was designer Christy Kauffman's inspiration for this girl's room. The tromp l'oeil half-circle window and fanciful headboard add to the fairy-tale feel of the room.

The Tame Side of Wild

    For a sophisticated little girl with a hint of the wild side, a room of palm-treed walls and fun nature-inspired fabric is a suitable choice. This room was inspired by Sharon Watts' heartwarming illustrations of fictional monkey Emily's world in the book Emily Goes Wild! by Betty Lou Phillips, an author known for her decorating and design books.

    A sheer, multi-layer corona over the bed adds sophistication, while a mirrored dressing table with a curvy stool provide the perfect place for a little girl to play with make-up now and, perhaps, apply make-up for real in the future.

Spice Up Blue and White with Orange

    Make a traditional color scheme little-girl friendly with a splash of citrus. In this traditional blue-and-white bedroom, the accents of orange add pop and fun. The major elements in the room -- the wall, the bed, and the side table -- are in blue so the space remains restful.

    In the future, other bright accent colors can be swapped in to accommodate the changing tastes of a growing girl.

A Touch of Timelessness

    Adding antique or salvaged pieces to a kid's room adds coziness and warmth. In this bedroom, the green antique bookshelf was an estate sale find. Its finish mimics the hues in the space's fabrics.

Hand-Painted Wall Designs

    A tangy trio of watermelon pink, lime green, and lemon yellow brings out the glow in this garden party bedroom. The room was designed with a crib and a queen-size bed, so it's ready to grow with the child.

    A fanciful pink fabric with images of flowers, watering cans, and bugs supplied the inspiration for the wall's hand-painted images. The designs were first drawn and then painted using fine-tipped artist brushes. Latex eggshell paints ensure a washable finish.

Hot-Pink Room

    This bold, hot-pink room is a good match for a little girl with a spunky personality. The geometric-pattern rug complements the larger squares on the walls, but the rest of the furnishings are kept simple.

Shabby-Chic Retreat

    Stylish casual is the rule in this relaxing bedroom. Creamy yellow and warm white create a backdrop for bunches of cheery painted cherries.

    To re-create this chic bedcovering, collect vintage handkerchiefs and use a tight-stitch on a sewing machine to attach the squares to a bed quilt.

DIY Decorating

    With a touch of inspiration and a bit of artistic talent, create a girl's room that's magical and one of a kind. This fanciful room was created through a grand project in which parents and daughter served as designers and artists. Some of the creative details include magnetic wall paint and the child's original drawings on bedding.

Butterfly Garden Room

    A toddler's sunny disposition inspired this sunny personal retreat. Handmade fabric and tissue butterflies flutter throughout the room and are an interactive element.

    Delicate floral patterns decorate the bedspread and the sheer fabric of the breezy, ruffled bed skirt. To mute the silver bed frame's reflective quality, the skirt material covers the headboard and footboard.

Angled Wall Solution

    If you have a room with sharply angled walls and think a patterned wallpaper will make it seem too claustrophobic, think again. This bold pink-on-green toile wallpaper appeals to kids, and the print is one they can grow old with, too. Childlike accents such as the rocking horse and stuffed animals win a little girl's heart.

Flower Power Room

    Inventive colors and perky accents combine to create an irresistible preteen scheme in this bedroom. A practical, multicolor, ready-made quilt, with its purple, green, and yellow squares, provided the palette.

    The sham's polka-dot ruffles reappear with the plaid on the window treatment tiebacks. Whimsical flowers sprout from boxes under framed mirror "windows" and at the tops of curtain panels. Giant dragonflies hold back the curtains.

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