Kid's Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Design a girly bedroom that's fun, fresh, and grows with your little one.

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    Pretty in Pink and Green

    A peppy palette of pinks and yellow-base greens is playful, but it also transitions from toddler to teen. The mix of patterns knows no age barrier and provides plenty of other color options for makeovers later on. For example, the soft sage or fucshia in the bedding could easily translate into a wall color, and the room would still sport a cohesive design.

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    Storage for Girls

    No matter what piques your daughter's interest, she probably needs plenty of storage for her treasures. Take a cue from the kitchen for organization. Kitchen cabinetry works well in kid's rooms. Here, semicustom cabinets act as a built-in around the bed, and drawers beneath the bed take advantage of untapped storage space.

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    Lovely Lavender

    This pinky purple is a go-to color for girls' rooms, but you can give it a unique twist with thoughtful application. Pair it with soft neutrals and hints of vivid pinks for a classic-meets-glam vibe. A look like this works well for a teen, and later on it can suit a guest room. The classic furniture pieces suit either purpose, and simple switches can introduce more subdued accent colors and bedding.

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    Colorful and Fun

    A foundation of sleek white offers a modern look, while vivid sherbet green and lipstick pink add youthful personality. While a two-color scheme is simple, sometimes adding a third color can make the room sing. Leaving room for additions also lets you incorporate a favorite, of-the-moment color. In this space, bedding with the room's pink-and-green scheme features a bit of blue, which also makes a splash on the storage boxes atop the dresser.

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    Sophisticated Baby

    Baby nurseries don't have to be swathed in pastels and animal motifs. For a more sophisticated look, start with a foundation of warm and soothing grays, and use geometric or abstract patterns. In this nursery, a single pattern on the window treatments and bed skirt furthers the minimalist vibe. Look for ways to take advantage of every nook in kid's rooms. Here, a changing table tucks perfectly into a small nook, leaving more floor space in the core of the room for playtime.

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    Tucked Away

    Look to your attic for space to grow. If a remodel is involved, tailor the basics of the room to suit your home's style. For example, if you have a farmhouse, use warm, rustic wood on the walls and floor. That way, the space willl blend seamlessly with the rest of the home, should it be used for another purpose down the road.

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    Just Dance

    Themes are common in kid's rooms, but if you'd rather avoid them, look for more subtle ways to carry a theme. For a ballet enthusiast, dress the room in shades of pink, plenty of ruffles, and a few nods to her passion, such as a display of tutus and a piece of art, rather than a whole ballet-slipper bedding set and suite of accessories.

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    Pretty in Purple

    For shared bedrooms where the occupants don't see eye to eye on color, find one hue that appeals to both parties and let each choose an accent color. For multi-hue schemes, include plenty of white -- such as white furniture and window treatments -- to tame the color confluence.

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    Pattern Panache

    Be bold with pattern-mixing in a girl's bedroom to create a space with youthful energy. Like in other rooms, keep scale in mind and mix large, small, and medium-scale patterns to achieve balance. In a shared bedroom, repeat the same patterns from bed to bed and create a symmetrical setup.

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    Get the Blues

    While blue is the go-to color for boys' bedrooms, that doesn't mean it's no-girls-allowed. Whether you choose to go vibrant, pastel, or dark, use organic or floral prints, billowy window treatments, and layers of bedding to give the hue a feminine edge.

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    All Kinds of Color

    In a room with plenty of bold colors and prints, scale back the wall color to invite serenity into the space. Look for a white with undertones of a color used in the room. Here, a white with a pink cast provides a break in the action while blending with the room's cheeky pink accents.

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    Spice It Up

    Make a classic color scheme little-girl friendly with a splash of citrus. In this traditional blue-and-white bedroom, fun accents of orange add pop. The major elements in the room -- the wall, the bed, and the side table -- are in blue so the space remains restful.


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