Eco-Friendly Boy's Room

The mission: Create a healthy, allergen-free environment using earth-friendly materials without sacrificing the fun factor.


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    • A Natural Start

      Natural materials such as wood, cork, and cotton make up every possible aspect of design in this fun boy's room. These earthy materials hold less dust and release less off-gassing than synthetic materials, so everything from the easy-clean cotton pennants and bedding to the hardwood bunk bed, floor, and furniture keeps out irritants and looks great at the same time.

    • Reading Nook

      Filled with deep cubbies for storage, this built-in unit encourages a love for organization. The natural cork provides traction on the step; a small wall sconce and loads of throw pillows make this a cozy hideout and reading space.

    • Material Know-How

      Both the cork and the natural fiber baskets emit less off-gasses than plastics, meaning less chance of allergy irritation. The wood floor is manufactured and installed without glue.

    • Corner Office

      With the cushions removed and a seat pulled up, the cozy reading nook becomes a large work surface for crafting artwork or doing homework. Wood blinds let in a lot of light without collecting dust the way traditional drapes would.

    • Rotating Art Gallery

      Display new artwork whenever you want with bright-color clipboards mounted on the wall. Paint a block of color (make sure to use low-VOC paint) to set apart this display area even more. Of course, these glass jars, metal clipboards, fiber baskets, and wood cubbies are all nonallergenic.

    • Face Time

      Make a one-of-a-kind piece of art by sending in a photograph with color samples to They'll send back a personalized Warhol-esque printed canvas ready for hanging.

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