Kids' Bedroom Ideas for Boys

Create a toddler's bedroom that's fun and high-energy for a young boy.

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  • Firehouse Theme

    Create a bedroom that's fun and high-energy for a young boy. In this space, Dad's career as a firefighter inspired the fun antique-style fire truck bed. Both father and son have room to curl up or stretch out on the long window seat.

  • Summer Camp Retreat

    Adventures await in this bedroom outfitted like a carefree summer camp. Wooden strips and the walls behind them are painted to create the illusion of wainscoting and give the walls a rustic cabin feel. The walls can easily transition to fit alternative tastes as the young inhabitants grow older.

  • Allergy-Free Zone

    When designing a room for a boy with allergies, choose elements that are both easy to clean and fun. In this space, wood blinds and a solid-wood floor were chosen because they contain less formaldehyde than other flooring products, and they don't hold dust like carpet or fabric. The walls are painted with low-VOC paint in tangy orange.

    Easy-clean cotton pennants and bedding also are suited to keep out irritants. Basic pieces, such as the full-size bed under the twin bunk, can stay with a young boy as he gets older.

  • Ocean-Themed Room

    Got a budding marine biologist in the family? Create an underwater-style oasis that suits his love of the sea by using plenty of blue and nautical accents. Fishy decor will keep him smiling, and new bookcases and storage features make parents happy. The metal loft bed frame, built in ship-shape style, is accented with fish magnets.

  • Sports Theme is a Safe Play

    Take a cue from your son's favorite sports to inspire his bedroom's design. Here the walls are an ode to a boy's love of basketball with encouraging messages and quirky characters.

    The bed only looks free-floating. It's anchored safely to the floor by a pedestal that's hidden underneath. Square polka-dot bolsters add the wow factor.

  • Sky-High Style

    An open-sky mural and aviation accents give this boy's room the feeling of a never-ending air show. Vintage planes flying in formation diagonally across the quilt and a red-and-blue pelmet with pennants caps the French doors that open right into the backyard play space.

  • Creating Harmonious Shared Storage

    Organization is the key to keeping the peace in a room shared by two young boys. This smart closet setup shows storage solutions that prevent sibling squabbles.

    Stacking quick-change items such as T-shirts, shorts, and jeans in open cubby spaces makes them easier to grab after school-and easier for you to put away. Two levels of hanging rods make smart use of vertical storage space. Look for adjustable rods so you can place them within each child's reach now and adjust them as the boys grow.

    Big, bold labels on foam-core board clarify which drawer belongs to whom. Red rickrack along the edges is a fun detail. The name labels are attached to the drawer fronts with double-sided tape.

  • Making Classic Playful

    Add fun touches to lighten up a classic style that will last for years. This boy's room features a playful interpretation of traditional blue: horizontal-striped painted wall finish and drapery panels fabricated from an inventive leaf-print fabric. The classic furniture, which will last any style change, fits right in.

  • Construct A Style

    This decorative wall painting of a bucket truck was inspired by a little boy's love of construction machinery. Choosing colorful, playful red-and-blue plaid bedding adds to the cheerful look. By putting the bed and mural in the same corner of the room, bedtime becomes something a little boy now looks forward to.

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    Under the Sea

    Friendly sea creature paintings and stuffed animals hung from the ceiling bring this aquariumlike room to life. To separate sea from sky, the top half of the walls are light blue and the lower half were painted a deeper shade. The blue-and-white bedding complements the sea scene, and gauzy white curtains provide privacy while creating an undersea glow.

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    Outdoorsy Hideaway

    Colorful bedding covered in bugs, frogs, and leaves inspired this room's various creepy-crawly artwork. The old saying "Don't let the bedbugs bite" is stenciled above the bed, upping the space's cute factor. The hand-hewn headboard and nightstand continue the outdoorsy theme.

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    Nostalgic Kids' Room

    If you're tired of the primary colors that usually rule kids' rooms, try a softer palette like the one in this green-and-cream room. Warm, faded hues of 1940s print calendars inspired this space that brings to mind simpler days of ice cream trucks and games of "kick the can." The snug Pullman car-style bed invites youngsters to curl up and dream of adventures to come.

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    Rev Up a Room Design

    Little boys come home with all engines revving, so a bedroom inspired by vintage cars is the perfect place to garage their dreams of the open road. A highway-inspired rug is a creative, interactive play feature. Swing-arm bedside lamps are handy for reading a bedtime story at lights-out, and road signs function as wall art.

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