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No matter the size, your family's home office can be functional and free of clutter. Tour these home offices to find pretty and practical design ideas and simple solutions for staying organized.

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    Family-First Focus

    This home office is the perfect fit for an active family. A pair of corner desks and mix-and-match modular storage units line the walls, keeping the room open and providing plenty of work space for each member of the family. The versatile modular units can configure to store just about anything. White, beaded-board paneling wraps around the room, making the space brighter and creating additional storage on the deep ledge.

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    Put Walls to Work

    Taking advantage of vertical space in the room, an acrylic pegboard keeps office essentials in order. By removing these items from the desktop, the work space remains free of clutter.

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    DIY Cell Phone Home

    To keep track of electronics such as cell phones and music players, a metal bread box was transformed into a sleek charging station. To make this station for your home office, cut a hole in the back the box using a drill with a bit made for cutting metal. Make sure the hole is large enough for a plug to thread through. Inside the box, place an outlet strip along the back and conceal it and the chargers with a box made of foam-core board cut to size and covered with fabric.

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    Character-Rich, Storage-Thick

    Here, a cozy corner in the living room serves as a family's home office. The charming corner office uses elements found around the house to maximize its storage and style potential. On the walls, fabric-covered pin boards add color and display space for photos, lists, and notes. Borrowed bowls, tumblers, and silverware surround the space, holding thumbtacks, paper clips, pens, and more.

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    Kitchen Finds

    A vintage muffin tin keeps small items separated and contained inside the desk drawer. For deeper storage, try a popover pan.

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    Purposeful Vintage Pieces

    A rarely used food dome and platter found a job in the office storing the checkbook and calculator, making bill-paying a fancy occasion. Old drawer pulls screwed to the wall make clever hooks for reading glasses and keys. You can use curtain clip rings to hold papers, mail, etc.

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    Functional Forks

    Mismatched forks -- hung with self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastener dots -- create an interesting wall display for the office, holding important business cards, receipts, and other notes.

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    Silver Service

    Seldom-used silver pieces were removed from the dining room hutch and put to work in the home office. With a variety of sizes, these pieces can organize mail, clips, spare change, address books, and electronics.

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    Lovely Living Room Office

    This small living room can accommodate work, relaxation, and entertaining without feeling disorganized. Clever furniture arrangement left one of the walls open for a stylish and smart home office.

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    Dramatic Desk

    A long desk along one of the walls serves as the home office. The desk offers plenty of work space for two or more people. A convenient file cabinet on wheels keeps mail, bills, and work essentials organized and hidden, allowing stylish details to fill the tabletop and blend with the rest of the living room. When the homeowner has guests over, the area can easily transform into a buffet or bar for a special occasion.

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    DIY Office Table

    The lovely long desk that serves as the center of office activity was actually an easy, low-cost DIY project. A melamine tabletop was simply screwed to curvy table legs (both from IKEA) and then sprayed with white paint. To give it a dramatic look, black grosgrain ribbon was glued (with spray adhesive) around the table edge.

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    Functional Furniture

    This pretty and practical home office makes work time enjoyable. A modular desk unit (consisting of separate base cabinets, corner desk, and hutch) offers plenty of counter and storage space. These furniture pieces are perfect for families because the separate units look like custom furniture, yet they are easy to rearrange and can grow as needed.

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    DIY Bulletin Board

    Memo boards provide a personal touch and are conveniently hung near the corner desk area to display photos, invites, and mementos. To make these bulletin boards, remove the glass and backing from picture frames and cut foam core to fit. Then, wrap the foam core with your choice of fabric and paint the frame if needed.

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    Bonus Space

    A bonus to this handsome and handy home office? An extra workstation! A cluttered closet was converted into an extra work space by removing the doors and installing inexpensive MDF at standing height.

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    Mad for Magnets

    Magnetic primer was applied to the back wall of the closet, allowing magnets to display photos and mementos from vacations and special events. Labeled storage keeps work essentials in order in both the bonus work space and the main desk area.

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    Sensible Spare Room

    This small spare room serves a big-time role as home office and guest room. To keep the room from feeling cluttered, the designer chose appropriate-size furniture, simple accessories, and smart storage units. A soft color palette and white painted walls reflect light and make the room seem larger. A love seat provides a comfy spot to read and converts into a twin bed when guests pay a visit.

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    Two Are Better Than One

    Two separate closets -- outfitted with shelves -- provide the perfect amount of storage for the small room. One closet houses office supplies and serves as a charging station for electronics. The other closet holds a flat-screen TV and more colorful storage boxes. Curtains can be drawn to hide the closets when not in use.

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    Love the Labels

    Metal file cabinets -- painted orange to match the room's decor -- store important documents and are safely hidden behind an extra curtain attached to the bottom shelf. Labels inside file cabinets and on storage boxes also make it easy to stay organized.

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    Distinctive Desk

    With the closets bearing the storage load, a space-conscious writing desk -- free from bulky drawers -- works well in the double-duty room. The desk has a simple yet stunning frame that can double as a dressing table when guests occupy the space. A small tray on the desk top keeps writing utensils, note cards, and stamps organized and close at hand, while a bulletin board creates a colorful display of lists, pictures, and mementos.

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